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Did you come across this page to figure out how to destroy your business? We aim to show you the dos and don’ts that you have to do in a business to make you successful. Here you can learn what you have to do right while learning about what you have been doing wrong all along that has destroyed your business!

So, here are a few things that will guide you on what NOT to do in a business!

Hire Your Relatives or Your Friends

If You want your business to fail initially, the ultimate recipe is to hire your friends or relatives to work for you. By the time you’re in the endgame, you will either be done with your business or your relationships.

Relationships are fragile and have to be treated with care. At the same time, tough decisions have to be taken in business. You cannot run a business; make tough decisions while keeping your close ones happy. At one point or another, you will have to choose a side, which is when your business or relationship will suffer. If you want to learn about how to destroy your business, the easiest way is to hire your friends or family to work for you.

Let Your Clients Push you Around.

You have a specific business because you provide expertise. Your clients come to you for your expert opinion because they do not have any expertise in that specific field, and yet they want you to do your job exactly as it pleases them. They might want you to execute their ideas, which you think are not suitable, and yet they end up doing exactly what they say.

We’re sorry to inform you that you have learned how to destroy your business. Yes, the customer is always right, but you need to differentiate between the right customer and the customer pushing you around. There is a reason they come to you for your expert opinion, so stand up to it and be confident about what you’re doing! Don’t let your clients push you around.

Give Endless Discounts

Do you think that giving endless discounts will increase your sales? Or will more clients follow if you keep on giving them discounts? No, it is a simple trick on how to destroy your business instead. Ask yourself, what will you earn if you keep on giving discounts to your customers?

Instead of giving discounts, build your company a brand image that attracts people to come on board because you provide exceptional services or products and not because you give discounts to them.

Hire Employees with Zero Creativity

You might think hiring employees who have the same mindset as you and who will only say ‘Yes Sir’ is the best-suited employee for your company. However, you might be wrong. Employees trained to do whatever their bosses tell them to do have zero creativity and may even lead to destroying your business in the future.

You need to hire employees who dare to point out the places where you’re wrong, tell you that your ideas need improvement, and propose new, improved ideas—hiring employees who only praise you when you present new ideas is something you need to notice. You do not want people around you who have no creativity. They will only bring your business to the ground if all they know is how to take orders from you!

Treat Your Employees Like Garbage

If you want to learn how to destroy your business in a short time, you can start by treating your employees like garbage. Make their life a living hell at work, so much that all they want to do is quick. When not treated with respect at work, you will notice that your employee’s morale will fall, and their need to work hard will decline too.

When an employee’s productivity falls, they are no longer giving their full potential to their job. So basically, they are not performing well on the job they were hired to do. You will see that the overall productivity of your company will fall when your employees are demotivated. So, if you want to destroy your business, start bitterly treating your employees, and they will make sure that your business suffers!

Order People Around

The key to how to destroy your business is to become an ignorant leader. Can you spot any ignorant leaders around you? Here is what you will find an ignorant leaders doing; they will only care about their ideas and make sure everyone agrees with them. They will boss you around, not listen to your problems and make you do things in a way that you will not agree with. Most importantly, they will ignore any problems that you bring to them.

So, do you spot any ignorant leaders around you? Do you spot an ignorant leader in you? If so, you need to change your attitude as soon as possible because we assure you your employees despise you. They only work for you because they have no other option, and given a chance; they will leave your business if a better opportunity comes their way. How can you make the best of your resources when you ignorantly treat your resources? Your employees are probably just giving you 50% of their actual potential. Imagine all the changes you could make around your workplace if you changed your attitude and started listening to them!

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