Do you have a problem with remembering important stuff? Do you feel like you forget specific memories, and no matter what you do, you cannot remember them even when you try? If this is the case with you, you can try and learn how to build a mind palace to help you remember things that you tend to forget. A mind palace will help you store information in your brain and allow you to revisit it, and help you remember.

Here are some simple steps to help you learn how to build a mind palace. Enjoy reading them!

1.   Choose a Place to See How To Build a Mind Palace

First of all, you have to choose a place you’re most familiar with. It could be a place you’re fond of; however, you must select a location that you’re highly familiar with. Someplace that your mind knows inside out, and you will be able to walk around in your head. The trick is that you should be able to be in that place with your eyes closed, and with the visual, your mind provides you with, you can learn how to build a mind palace!

Your first choice could be your home, a home where you currently live, or you used to when you were a child. You need to make sure that you remember the place’s details, and you will see that your memory will start to create wonders.

Instead of just visualizing a picture of your place, you need to imagine a walkthrough. You can learn how to build a mind palace more accurately and with more details if you close your eyes and imagine a walkthrough because you will be able to recall items in a specific order.

Examples of Places for Mind Palace

Here are some examples of places you can choose as your place when learning how to build a mind palace:

  • Your childhood home
  • Your former school or college
  • Streets of your city
  • The scenery that you remember

2. Note Distinctive Features

How To Build a Mind Palace?

Now you need to visit your mind palace and think of all the distinctive features you can find there. Let’s assume your mind palace is your home, and so when you walk in, what is the first thing you see? Yes, it’s the front door. You open the front door; which room do you walk in first?

Now, you’re in the first room, and what’s the first thing you lay your eyes on? It could be anything; a wall picture, a piece of furniture, anything! You must wonder what importance a bit of furniture holds and how it can contribute to building a mind palace. Everything that you see in your room will have a piece of information. Each of them will contribute to becoming a memory slot, and you will use it to remember things!

You must remember the interior of the place or the rooms in your memory palace because each piece of furniture, picture, aspect (big or small) will contain an amount of information that you’ll be saving. The better you memorize, the better it will be to learn how to build a mind palace!

3. Remember Your Mind Palace

For you to learn; how to build a mind palace, you need to imprint the whole place in your mind. You need to commit fully to your memory, and for that, you need to do everything! However, if you’re a person who remembers visual reality well, then this won’t be a problem for you, and you will learn to memorize every inch of your mind palace without much practice.

Tips to Remember Your Mind Palace

Here are some tips that can help you memorize or imprint your mind palace in your mind:

  • You can walk through your original inspiration and notice all the distinctive features, note them down or repeat them loudly so that your mind remembers them.
  • Always look at the features of a place from the same view. Do not look at it differently.
  • If you’re not in touch with your inspired place, create a version of it in your mind that you can remember.
  • You can write down the features of the place o paper and go over it again and again so you can remember.
  • The best way is to close your eyes and visualize the place in your head; you will see that you will start to develop a clear picture of your business over time.
  • Try to go over it over again from time to time because you must overlearn your memory palace.

4. How To Build a Mind Palace By Linking Memories?

Now that you have learned to memorize and walk around your palace, you need to associate information with the things inside your mind palace. The mind palace technique works best with visual associations. The next step is straightforward. You need to take a graphic from your mind palace (known as the memory peg) and associate it with some information or a memory that you would want to remember.

You can use the distinctive feature in your mind palace to associate something valuable. For example, the pink sofa in my living room will contain the passwords to my bank accounts. Or the right drawer of my bedside table has some childhood memories with my dog. You can choose which memory belongs where.

All you have to do is focus on your memories and go over the palace to see where you have placed what to help you memorize quickly. It’s pretty simple to learn how to build a mind palace, and all it takes is a little bit of dedication.

5. Revisit Your Mind Palace

There is nothing more you need to do to learn how to build a mind palace except revisit your mind palace to make sure you do not forget where you kept each memory. It would help if you did a little rehearsal by visiting your mind palace from time to time.

Previously, we recommended that you always start from the same route and go in one flow; the reason behind this is that you will never forget the information in sequence. When you tend to recall information or memories in a row, there is less chance of ignoring them. This is the whole purpose of the mind palace. A mind palace helps you remember the information that you have stored in your mind in the same sequence you are walking into your mind palace. So, when revisiting your mind palace, always go from one end to the other, replaying the scenes in your mind and recalling the information you have stored in your mind palace. You will see that you will learn how to build a mind palace if you adopt these simple steps.


This article taught us how to build a mind palace in just five simple steps. First, you need to choose a place that could be your mind palace. You can select a site close to your heart; remember to select a location to memorize the details. Next, you need to learn about the distinctive features of your mind palace and note them either in your memory or on paper. You should go over them again and again before you reach the next step on building a mind palace.

The third step requires you to remember the visuals clearly. Next, you need to associate memories or information with the things inside your mind palace, and lastly, when you’re done building your mind palace, you need to revisit it again and again!

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