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In this article, you will get to know, How to be Tactful, and how you can master your mind for that.

What is meant by tactful?

How to be Tactful means delivering a truthful, honest opinion to another person without hurting his/her emotions and feelings. It is a way to preserve and maintain a relationship without offending the person. More often, straightforward people tend to hurt others’ emotions due to harshly communicating the truth.

The art of tact and diplomacy teaches a person to maintain and preserve a relationship without creating a rift in the relationship. It provides room to deliver feedback without cultivating grievances and misunderstandings in relationships. Isaac newton beautifully described the art of diplomacy in the following manner:

Why being tactful is important?

Here we are talking about Why being tactful is important?

1. Delivering bad news:

Some people lack the ethics and manners to deliver bad news without harming someone’s feelings. The bad news has to be delivered in a tactful manner keeping the other person’s sensitivity in mind. Thus, delivering critical opinions and bad news to someone requires the art of being tactful and diplomatic.

2. Increasing credibility in a social circle:

How To be tactful

Being tactful increases a person’s credibility and reputation in a social circle. The art of communicating without offending someone creates a win-win situation for both parties. A tactful person displays a higher level of maturity, professionalism, integrity, and morality.  The moral conduct of the person is elevated when tactful and diplomatic. Other than that, the person adopts proactivity in communication.

3. A show of good manners:

A tactful person displays good manners and moral conduct. The prestige and reputation of the person are enhanced in people’s eyes. Verbal communication always represents and showcases how a person was raised. If the communicator tends to be harsh and undiplomatic, then people blame the parent’s nurturing process.

4. Helping in avoidance of conflict:

A tactful person has the quality of avoiding conflict and confrontation in relations. In precarious dilemmas, the chances of rifts and conflicts are higher. But the state of being diplomatic and tactful helps in overcoming the chances of confrontation with the people. So the diplomatic person has a higher chance of avoiding direct confrontation and conflict with people.

5. Increasing mutual respect:

The art of being tactful increases the mutual respect between two parties. Since no harsh or aggressive exchange of communication takes place. The exchange of healthy communication in a tactful manner boosts the mutual respect between the parties. Thus, it becomes a win-win situation for both parties. The respect and self-esteem of the parties are taken into consideration in highly precarious situations. The diplomatic exchange paves a way to be respectful and tactful in the communication exchange.

Methods of diplomacy and the art of being tactful

To sum up, the methods on how to be tactful, the following picture is the gist of the whole discussion below:

1. Ask for Specifics and Examples:

By this, we mean to be mindful of uttering words. One should learn to speak minimally about the concerning issue. This will make the person careful of his/her words. The talkative person loses command over the selection of words in the communication. To learn the art of being tactful, one should always stay specific in terms of asking for an explanation.

2. Open-minded and non-defensive:

One should always adopt an open-minded state rather than thinking in a narrow approach. The state of being open-minded always provides a gateway to be non-defensive in communication. By non-defensive we mean, to be tactful in the involvement of non concerning issues. More often, a naïve person tends to be involved in non-concerning issues of others. They do not mean to be non-defensive toward needy ones. It means to keep oneself intact of others’ manipulative issues.

3. Evaluate your shortcomings in behavior:

Examining your behavior in order to overcome the shortcomings will be highly helpful in learning the art of being tactful and diplomatic. Our certain types of behavior and attitude harm others’ peace. You ought to be mindful of evaluating our shortcomings in our behavior in order to address them.

4. Learning to be assertive in tone:

One of the highly needed methods in learning the art of diplomacy is the trait of adopting an assertive personality. An assertive personality knows how to convince others easily. He/she has the quality of convincing others to see their point of view without offending their feelings. Likewise, an assertive personality knows how to say no to the things that cannot be managed or performed by them. Saying no in an assertive manner does not offend people in communication.

5. Learning body language and gestures:

How To be tactful

Some people’s facial expressions convey a greater level of frustration and disappointment, which resultantly causes resentment between the parties. The facial expressions must be learned to give a friendly, polite countenance to the person. The countenance has a greater effect on the other person. Thus, in learning to be tactful and diplomatic, one must be mindful of his/her body language and facial expression.

Thus, the art of being tactful and diplomatic requires a high level of tolerance and patience to endure the differences. One must be open-minded to accept the differences in personalities and attitudes. He/she should not yearn and seek perfection in people. Every person is different from the other. The tactful person has the idea of communicating tacitly.

The tactful dealings help them to win many hearts in the social circle. Likewise, shortcomings or critical opinions regarding another person can be conveyed easily. Aggression in tone only leads to making enemies rather than winning the hearts of the people.  

In management and leadership, a person needs to learn the art of being tactful and diplomatic. Because, without these qualities, a person loses credibility and recognition among people. Being diplomatic and tactful becomes necessary in the professional field.  Thus, it must be nurtured and adopted while communicating with the people tactfully.

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