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Almost everyone owns some electronic devices. This means that almost everyone has access to social media and is either putting out content or viewing content. Any source of entertainment is being delivered through these platforms, as well as most businesses. I bet you more than half of every business available advertise themselves through one or multiple social media platforms. A lot of businesses are fully dependent on these platforms, And all their income solely comes from outing out regular content on these platforms.

Now, if you are reading this, then you are probably looking into becoming an influencer. Whether it’s for leisure or it’s a hobby, or it’s a business, the basic steps to doing so are the same. Becoming an influencer may seem very intimidating and overwhelming at first. You’ll find yourself comparing your content to a lot of highly followed influencers or asking yourself questions like: “where do I start?” “am I up for this?” “how to grasp people’s interest enough to get them to follow me?”. All of your questions are quite reasonable and expected. But as we go through the basic steps together, you will find most, if not all, your questions answered. So let’s jump right in.

The six main steps needed to become an influencer

Make a set of goals

Before starting, the most important thing is to have a vision. You need to have a set of goals, or a clear image of what you want your page should look like and what platform(s) you want to use. For example, if you want to upload videos on YouTube. You need to have a brief outline of what your videos are going to be out. And not necessarily every detail but just a main overview of your aesthetic per se.

Setting up goals or ‘a vision’ is more of a creative process than a technical one. Start by just letting your mind drift off. And start scribbling any idea that forms in that time on a piece of paper. They shouldn’t be fully-fledged ideas or even coherent. Just scribble your thoughts. By the end, you should have a paper full of random ideas. Then you should start developing each one, mind mapping is a great technique to do so.

Select your Niche

Next up, you are going to need to pick an audience. Your audience should fully depend on what content you have decided upon. For example, you can’t have content about business tips and advertise your content in a way that would attract kids or teens. Your focus is going to be adults or late teens. The platform you also use determines which age group is going to look at your content. For example, if your target group is generation Z., your focus shouldn’t be on Facebook or LinkedIn, it should be on platforms like YouTube, tik tok, and Instagram. But the age group isn’t the only thing determining your audience; it also correlates to interests. For example, if you are putting out content for teens and your page is about art, you are going to have to find a way to attract artist’s attention or those interested in art, not writers, for instance. That may seem like an obvious thing to do, but it would amaze you how many influencers have not thrived because their content popped up on people’s pages that don’t share the same interests.

Content is king to be an influencer

Now once our base is set, we are going to have to focus on content and advertisement. Your content should be inviting. Luring people is key. It would help if you used phrases that will keep people curious enough to click on your page and look through it. Your content should be interesting enough to keep the person on your page and lead them to press that follow or subscribe button.

Get on Social Media

Now once you’ve completed all the previous steps, you are going to find yourself with an organized, coherent page that has a decent amount of followers or subscribers. In this step, I’m going to teach you how to keep said followers/subscribers on your page and how to lure more followers/subscribers to your page.

The key here is consistency. As a follower/subscriber, I wouldn’t want to follow a page that has a chaotic uploading schedule and inconsistent content. You need to have a fixed uploading schedule as well as the posts that have the same energy or are on the same level. If we were talking on YouTube, for instance, you wouldn’t want a video with 100 views and another with 8000 views.

Get engage with your followers

Another very important thing you need to remember is that you should always be in contact with your followers and keep an open ear by listening to what they have to say you remained connected to them. For example, you should try to answer and like as many comments as possible or ask for recommendations for your next post or ask for some constructive criticism.

Monetize being an influencer

Finally, we are going to be discussing how to profit off of being an influencer. Now many people are influencers just for the entertainment factor they get out of it or because they are pursuing a hobby. However, several other people are an influencer for a living and get all their income off of being an influencer, and here’s how. Everything mentioned previously sets a base for being able to profit from being an influencer.

On Instagram, the best way to make money is by getting sponsorships from several companies. As for YouTube, you could start a Patreon. This is somewhat an extension to your channel where your subscribers pay a small amount of money monthly to get extra content and special video. Moreover, you can make money off of sponsorships.

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