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how can I change my life and be happy? How we define happiness differs from each other, or let’s say, the satisfactory feeling in our individual lives brings happiness. Have you seen the wealthiest people complain of lack of peace of mind or them facing lots of challenges in their lives even with all the money they have? Someone might be rich and at the same time not happy, and someone else might not have half of what this rich person has and still live happily. The only thing that is constant in life is change. There are many things that can cause a change in a man’s life.

How Can I Change My Life And Be Happy?

Factors That Can Cause Change


We are all emotional beings and can be affected by a crisis. A crisis is an unstable situation, a time of unfavorable and unusual incidents which is sometimes unpleasant and traumatic. This might lead to a change of course in the behavioral traits and habits of the person or people involved.

A person who just suffered from a fatal heartbreak from a lover will not see the importance of staying loyal to a future lover, or someone whose business turned upside down might not see the reason to start all over again. Depression might set in during those moments of crisis and might cause a temporary or permanent change to their course in life. HOW CAN I CHANGE MY LIFE AND BE HAPPY?


Bad Decision Making:

We do things for reasons. It’s either for personal gain, someone’s (people’s) satisfaction or to escape downtimes. A bad decision made in life may lead to changes in one’s reasoning and the way one views things. Bad decisions, at times, lead to regrets and unforgiveness. Sacrificing for someone else and the person later backstabbing you will reduce or eliminate trust.

Societal Pressure:

Society has a way of changing who we are to believing what they want. Society is full of hypocrites that judge based on their sentiments and judge things that they have no idea about as bad. One of the things that make people suffer in silence is the fear of them being accepted by society. One who fears what society would say will not be able to operate at his full potential.

Cultural and Religious Beliefs:

What is real religion? So many questions have been asked about what is the real religion or should we just take up a religion based on geographical location or based on the truth? We have seen people switch from one religion to the other, seeking peace and answers to questions in their hearts. Religious beliefs tend to change us from who we are and lead us to believe in laid down rules and principles. Who made these rules and principles? So many unanswered questions.

  • Exposition to Hidden Truths: Growing up, we learn some ideologies about life. These depend on location, religion, and cultural beliefs. Some of these truths become confusing and misleading when some hidden truths begin to surface. This might cause changes.

To change means that you have seen a better way to live happily. Change is a constant thing; adapting to the changes happening around us makes our living easier. We are all surrounded by elements of change and we cannot avoid it.

The more we run away from change, the harder our living becomes. The effect of change cannot be underestimated, and this is what makes our living enjoyable. There was a time when there were no mobile phones and writing letters and faxing was the prominent means of communication, and then there came the era of social media and smart gadgets.


How Can I Change My Life And Be Happy?

Find Meaning and Purpose in your Life: A meaningless life is a useless life. You cannot appreciate a meaningless life. Before you can change and live happily, you must first appreciate what you have. Some people have ended up taking their lives because they don’t find any meaning in it, so they say to themselves, “Why am I still living”.

When you appreciate your life, you will find meaning in it, and then you will want to become better. A life of purpose is a life in which one doesn’t give up no matter what he might be going through. Try and figure out what is important in your life. What gives you happiness? Why is your life important to others? This gives you direction and purpose. It

Doesn’t seem easy:

  • Especially for people who have gone through a lot of downtimes, but to live a good life, you must find meaning and know the worth of your existence.

Draw Out Your Visions in Life:

  • As kids, we all had the dream of becoming someone great and important. I remember my siblings singing we wanted to become medical doctors, lawyers, pilots, and so on. But as we grew older, these dreams began to fade away due to our ineffectiveness, bad decision making, and exposure. Only a few become what they decided they want to become.
  • Some people’s lives are tied to their parent’s decisions. To become happy, you have to draw out your visions and the things you want to accomplish. This will guide you in decision-making and will also encourage you to do better in areas where you are lacking. After drawing it out, paste it where you can see it every day. This will act as a daily reminder for you not to lose focus and keep you believing in your dreams.

Let Go of the Past:

  • The past is a bad tool if you live in the past. It keeps reminding you of what happened and reduces your zeal to forge ahead. It brings regret and also fills up the mind with bad memories of past occurrences. It makes a person feel busier than he is and makes them miss out on the good of their current world. Such people find it difficult to talk to people. They prefer to be alone. Let go of the past. It is not possible to change the past. You still have the present and the future to enjoy. The past is behind us (we don’t have control over it). Why not just let it go? There is hope in your present and future life.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone:

  • The comfort zone creates satisfaction of what you have and experience currently when you could have more. The comfort zone doesn’t help to improve lives. It rather makes you settle for less. Stepping out of your comfort zone means challenging yourself to do better in your life, career, and family. What are those things you are scared to do? Write them out and try doing them.

Develop a Thick Skin to Disappointments:

  • To stand strong and unmovable in life, developing a thick skin toward disappointment will surely help. Don’t expect too much from people. Reducing your expectations from people will reduce the effects of their disappointments. Know that, with or without them, you can do a lot better. This gives a better sense of self-dependence and confidence.

Explore Happiness:

We are in a modern age where you can easily search for things on search engines. Make use of the medium to look for things that can make you happy. Technology is one of the ways by which you can connect to the world even in your closet and feel happy. What are those things you want to be doing when you are less busy or during your leisure time that will bring you happiness? Find out. I am not a game freak, but I play games a lot. This gives me happiness even when I am not happy. I can

easily connect with friends all around the world to play online video games. It might be you traveling to see some exciting places or hanging out to relax and make new friends.


Stay Away from Bad Influences:

  • The people that make the biggest impact in one’s life are the people that are close to us. They influence about 60% of what happens in our lives. Some friends and pals do not see anything good in you. They discourage you and create a bad atmosphere around you. These are not the set of people that you need. Change might involve cutting away from bad friends and associates who are a bad influence on you.

Be Yourself:

  • Living your life to please someone else will only frustrate you and make living very hard. This is because you are living to satisfy their happiness instead of making yourself happy and fulfilled. A fulfilled life is a happy life, and this can only be done if you are not living to please other people.

There are essential decisions for you to make in life, and part of it is choosing to be happy irrespective of what you are passing through. Part of this is changing and adapting to situations around you. With a positive attitude and the right mindset, you have all it takes to live a happy life. Starting all over again is one of the greatest setbacks to changes because of the fear of the unknown. Choose the things that motivate you.

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