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Are you a manager who works in a small first company? Do your team members belong to different parts of the world and do you have a problem developing global team building ideas? If you are one of these leaders, you must know the significance and the difficulty of bringing your team together. The dispersion of remote teams across regions and time zones limits the informal connections that bind teams who share a physical workspace. However, because remote workers also experience loneliness and isolation, workplace team spirit and well-being are much more crucial.  


Many managers will organize lengthy team-building activities and happy hours to bring their staff together. But since they prevent teams from completing tasks and force them to gather outside regular business hours, these lengthy sessions are frequently inconvenient. Here in this article, we have summarized 6 global team-building ideas you can use to bring your team together!  

1. Online Pictionary  

Pictionary is a game loved by all, and you can engage all your employees through this filial team-building idea! You may host a more organized Pictionary game with virtual cards and a drawing board on certain websites. Individuals will use lines or geometric shapes to create a sign on the digital whiteboard of the video conference software for this exercise, which they will subsequently share with their coworkers. It is frequently hilarious to be under a time constraint to finish a sketch and display it on camera. Players may enjoy guessing the drawing and getting points for accurate responses.  

2. Wellness Manifestation Sessions  

The wellness session for remote workers involves several wellness-related activities. The guide first gives some background information on the topic and leads a few exercises. One example of how mindfulness practice may start is with a five-minute guided meditation session. Before the actual session begins, the teacher will go through the fundamentals of mindfulness, including what it is, why it is helpful, and how to practice it. This global team-building activity will help to manifest some peace around the workplace, and you will see that your employees will feel relaxed.

The expert will also offer advice on how to use belly breathing to relax before a team meeting or job interview. Yoga, routines, and financial well-being are a few more wellness pursuits. Some physical activity is always a good idea to get people engaged.  

3. Virtual Scavenger Hunt  

Here is a global team building you never thought you could play virtually. Scavenger hunt, yes! All you have to do is list goods people could have in their homes for the scavenger hunt game. After then, instruct the participants to look for each item one at a time quickly. Players who find an item first or the most things before the game ends will receive points. This exercise is practical since it needs few materials and little planning.  

Here are some ideas of the items you could ask the candidates to look for in their homes:  

  • Soda bottles  
  • Kitchen utensils  
  • Bathroom Supplies  
  • Vegetables/Fruits  
  • Sports Goods 

This exercise might highlight the connections and passions that teams from different places have in common. They might be surprised to find different versions of the same things they have around the world, which can help connect them. Team members could be shocked to learn that a different version of a product they have exists.  

4. Virtual Bonfire  

This next global team-building idea is both fun and promotes inclusivity.  

You will host a video chat for the “virtual bonfire” when each employee tells ghost stories, plays Mad Libs, and perhaps even burns candles at their computers to simulate a campfire. This one will be well-liked by everyone if you frequently have review sessions at the end of the day or week. You might end your sessions with a humorous campfire story or game to get attendees in the mood for camping. This practice also promotes camaraderie and increased familiarity among employees.

These conversations may be an excellent method for international coworkers to get to know one another as most nations have thriving storytelling traditions, laugh about it and enjoy the different stories of different cultures.  

5. Two Truths and a Lie  

Playing Two Truths and a Lie is a great way to showcase your team members’ originality, comedy and rich personal histories. This game may be played in big groups; however, if your team has more than 20 players, consider separating into separate rooms. Now, what do you have to do in this global team-building activity? Here are the simple steps that you have to follow: 

Before the meeting, have each team member list two facts and one lie about themselves on a piece of paper. You have to make sure these tales are personal rather than professional. The facilitator must read each pair of two truths and one lie aloud in front of the group throughout the meeting. All the candidates must determine which facts are actual and which falsehoods and have each team member make a guess. The contestant who has the most accurate guesses will win.  

This activity will create a fun-filled environment and allow the candidates to get to know each other personally.  

6. Who Would You Invite to join your global team building?

A “Dinner Party” quiz game gets new team members to share attractive personality traits. The game might go for five minutes or more. Ask each group member to pick three people. They could be living or dead and invite you to a dinner party at the start of your first meeting. Ask them to justify their decision, mainly if it is original. This global team-building idea could be used as an ice-breaking activity and help the participants understand the personality of their fellow team members.  


Global team building

The development of cohesive teams is crucial for fostering a healthy workplace culture. These intelligent suggestions for encouraging connections and participation can either help teams attain their full potential or cause them to lose motivation. Many people now work remotely, and while shared identity and communication can mitigate the impacts of separation, it is clear that what works for one team may only sometimes work for another.

The factor that stuck out to me as being crucial to do right is leadership/management. At the same time, various methods exist to personalize or engage a team because each individual is unique and may have their demands. Leaders that support their team and understand the value of global team building produce better performers.  

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