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Before we discuss how to get rid of pride, there are certain things we must know and understand. If the meaning and understanding of a thing are lacking, abuse is inevitable. What is Pride? With the help of a dictionary, Pride can be defined as a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admitted. It can also be said to be a feeling that you respect yourself and deserve to be respected by others. Another part of the definition of pride has the feeling that you are better than others.

How To Get Rid Of Pride? There are so many definitions of pride, there are some positive and negative definitions. Pride on the positive side is a sense of satisfaction due to achievement. Often pride and ego are interpreted the same way depending on the context of the situation. Pride is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that is good and healthy for motivation and encouragement.

For instance, one who takes pride in the quality of the goods or services they provide will not take anything below par. Pride can be negative when someone has the feeling that they are superior to others. Pride can make one think about himself and his gains only all the time. While the result of positive pride is satisfaction and fulfilment, a negative sense of pride leads to arrogance and bad relationship among people.

Pride often brings about self-admiration, which in the end leads to such people thinking that he is superior to others. As rightly said above pride and ego can be used interchangeably but they can also mean different things. An egoistic person would not accept someone to have equal importance as himself because ego beclouds him with a lot of self-admiration which leads him to look down on people.

This same scenario can happen to one who is filled with negative pride. Pride might appear positive and negative; excess pride is very bad for the growth and development of a person. Nearly everyone loves to hear the word, “I am proud of you”, or “You make me proud”. On the opposite side are self-centeredness and obsession which will lead to a person’s destruction.

Signs Of Pride

Here I’m going to explain the Signs Of Pride:

When You Think About Yourself Alone All The Time


The most common signs of pride are when someone thinks about himself and the gain he could get from something alone. One who doesn’t think about how he could benefit others or how his acts could be very dangerous to the rest of the people around him is proud. A proud person does things that only give him or put him at advantage over the rest.

This doesn’t mean that one cannot engage in things or activities that will make them stand out, a proud person holds a dangerous advantage over the rest of the people around him. Pride doesn’t make the exhibitor see from other people’s perspectives, they don’t care what effect their decision has on people. Before you can get rid of pride, you need to be able to identify this.

When One Thinks He Is Not Proud

Another sign of being proud is one not accepting to be proud or doesn’t think he is proud all by himself. We don’t judge ourselves when it comes to inter-relationship characters and behaviors, it is people that will tell us if we are good, hospitable, humble, proud, hostile, and so on. When one doesn’t accept that he is proud or feels like he is not proud, the person is proud. It is people around us that can tell what behavior we have.

Behavior is who we are when dealing with people but our character is who we are when we are in our closet. It is essential that you search through your mind and ask questions; how can you get rid of pride if you don’t know that you are proud?

When One Doesn’t Take To Correction

One of the elements of pride is not admitting wrongdoings and taking to corrections. Proud people do not see anybody above them, so they don’t take anybody’s advice or admit their wrongs and accept correction. In most cases, they regard what they do as the best thing anybody can do. People with lots of pride find it difficult to accept their decisions as wrong.

When One Lacks Loyalty


Someone who is filled with pride finds it hard to be loyal. As rightly said above, a proud person finds it hard to yield to corrections and thinks about himself alone, such a person cannot be loyal. Pride breeds disloyalty because when your opinion doesn’t count again, you are no more loyal to the course.

A good example of this is usually seen in a group or organization where one proud person is among the stakeholders or the board of directors to be making decisions, if his opinion no longer matters to the group, he becomes disloyal.

When One Wants To Always Be At The Center Of Attention

Another important sign of pride is wanting to always be at the center of attention and appreciation. This means that when someone wants to be at the center of everything, they want people’s attention. When someone starts to feel this way, such a person is proud.

The difficult thing about this set of people is that when they don’t get the attention again, some will do everything in their capacity (good or bad) to get this attention back or some might feel less important. I have read of some people who ran into depression just because they are not getting the attention they were once getting.

5 Proven ways To Get Rid Of Pride?

5 Proven ways To Get Rid Of Pride

Here we will discuss 5 Proven ways To Get Rid Of Pride.

1. Do Not Compete And Compare Yourself With Anyone

Comparing yourself with others in terms of ability, achievements or connection is not good. When you see people that you have outperformed, you tend to look down on them as they cannot help you in any way since you have more than they do in terms of anything. When you compete with people, it affects your relationship with them, this makes you see them as a potential threat in the present or future time. A philosopher once said, “If competition is an effective motivating force for you, then compete with your past self so you will be determined to be better.


2. Encourage The Weaklings And Influence Others Positively

Another way HOW TO GET RID OF PRIDE is by encouraging the weak ones we find around and influencing them to do more. Do you know that cheering on someone who is weak and is not doing so well gives you a sense of accomplishment that you have positively influenced and helped someone? Most people fear that when they help the weak ones around them, especially in a place of work, they are afraid that the helped one can outshine them.

3. Admit Mistakes And Take To Corrections Easily


Be quick to admit your mistakes once you find out or someone tells you about them. Admitting your mistakes is a great step to correction. If you don’t humbly admit that you are wrong, the corrections might not be done effectively and with enthusiasm. Admitting one’s mistakes is not for the weak, only the courageous ones do it.

4. Be Ready To Help Others

Willingness to help others drives away pride. A person who doesn’t attribute any significance to helping people or demanding things before he or she would help will not in any way entertain pride. When a person prioritizes returns over help, such a person would stop helping once the returns had a stop or were not worth his energy. A helping life is a life void of pride because the person will prioritize making an impact over gains.

5. Suppress The Act Of Always Being At The Center Of Attention

It has become the habit for some people to always want to be at the center of attention or appreciation or recognition. And one of the signs of pride in this so tries as much as possible to suppress this behavior. These people irrespective of their position always want the highest recognition and thereby breeding selfishness and pride.

In conclusion, the consequence of pride is greater than the self-appreciation it tends to give. Be rest assured to know that a person filled with pride is an arrogant person. Pride and arrogance work hand in hand, wherever you see pride, you will see arrogance and vice versa.

Pride is ignorance packaged easily because a proud person will not ask for help when he needs it which might lead to his downfall or death. Moreover, a person filled with pride ends up being isolated because people will neglect them in the long run.

This often happens in their old age, because they are fond of not heeding advice. Also, pride prevents growth and promotes stagnation. A proud person feels he has arrived and no one is close to him in achievements and accomplishments which shuts the door to learning new ways of learning and advancement. Pride cannot lead successfully and it is despised by people.



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