The gesture of appreciation is one of the best ways of keeping your clients and employees happy. As a company, two entities must be kept happy and satisfied. These entities are your clients (customers) and your employees.

Feeling unappreciated by the customers can make them take their dealings elsewhere. It can also make you lose most of your employees with great potentials. Showing gestures of appreciation will not only help retain customers but also build your reputation. Every company must know that appreciation is more significant than all the other customer retention gimmicks.

Human beings generally tend to stay loyal to someone who appreciates them. Everyone likes to be valued and appreciated. A company where the employees are not treated like slaves and customers mistreated will thrive. What they say about a company is a determinant of how new customers will come.

 gestures of appreciation

Showing your workers that you appreciate them can improve engagement, retention, productivity, and morale. A good relationship between you and your employees will enhance productivity. Employees can achieve their potentials when they feel loved and honored. Unappreciated employees will not work with full enthusiasm and would leave to where they are appreciated.

How to show gestures of appreciation to your customers

Offer discount and promotional offers

Gestures of appreciation can be shown by offering discounts and promotional offers to regular and long-serving customers. This can be achieved in many ways. One of the easiest ways is giving them a discount after they have spent a certain amount. Another instance is giving them extra for the same price, especially during festive seasons.

Give them gifts

Everybody loves gifts, especially when it comes to a surprise package. Gifts are unspoken ways of telling your customers that you appreciate them and want them to keep coming. You can do this often to your VIP customers.

Celebrate them on their anniversaries

Another great way of showing gestures of appreciation is celebrating your customers on their anniversaries. Anniversaries such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and so on. This makes the customers appreciated. This could come as a surprise on their days. They will feel honored, appreciated, and Loved. For small and medium-sized businesses who can’t afford oversized packages, you can send them text messages. Even now that social media have become prominent, posting a designed felicitation message with their pictures will not be a bad idea.

gestures of appreciation

Stay connected

Staying connected with your customers is also a way of showing appreciation. Staying connected tells them that they are valued, and you appreciate their patronage. There are ways of staying connected with your customers. Sending text messages, emails, or posts on your social media platforms are examples.

Follow up on their welfare.

Your customer’s welfare is also your concern. In case it’s been a while you last heard from a customer, make it a point of duty to reach out to them. Ask them questions about their wellbeing, business, and family. Even if they had stopped doing business with you, you would get to know the reasons why they stopped. Following up on your customers shows that they are appreciated; they further tell you what to improve on.

Reward their loyalty

You can also reward long-serving and VIP customers. You can engage them in some tasks that would be rewarding. For instance, if you have a new product for sale, you can add exciting offers to the sale. This could come in terms of cash prizes, gifts, and tours.

Give donations and invest in customers.

This applies to VIP customers. You can give donations to their company or community as a sign of appreciation. Offering help and giving donations during challenging times for the customers help to show appreciation.

gestures of appreciation

Advantages of showing gestures of appreciation to customers

  • It keeps them coming: Everyone loves to be valued. They feel secured and see themselves as a big part of the company when you appreciate them. No one goes back to where they are not valued.
  • It is a good way of getting new customers: Delivering quality products and services combined with gestures of appreciation makes your customers extremely satisfied. When this is done, they bring more people to your company.
  • It increases your profit: When customers are appreciated, they keep coming and even buy more. That ultimately increases your profit. Customers will spend more in a company that values them.
  • It builds positivity around the company: Appreciating your customers helps to build positivity around the company. The company continues to thrive, and everyone is happy.
  • Positive reviews outside the company walls: From experience, customer acquisition is more expensive than customer retention. Positive words from your customers out the company will bring more customers without costing a dime.
  • The benefit of the doubt: We all know that some goods may not be according to description and services might not meet expectations. Within this time, when you fail to meet their expectations, they will give you the benefit of the doubt.
  • Popularity: The more you are in the mouth of your customers, the more popular you become. The price you paid for this is showing them appreciation. Your customers become advertisers themselves when they are appreciated.

How to show gestures of appreciation to your employees

  • Employees are an essential part of the company. The workforce in on them – that determines the productivity of the company in general. Keeping them happy by showing them appreciation is very important. Now, let’s check how you can show gestures of appreciation.
  • Make them the center of attention: A famous saying goes thus – “one good turn deserves another.” Making exploits and recording successes is the primary goal of each company. When this is done, make the employees the center of the success. It’s good to make them know that success wouldn’t have been possible without them. This helps to build up their morale and also instigate healthy competition among workers. Employees love it when their bosses tell them they are the reason for the company’s success.
  • Give Promotions: You can show gestures of appreciation to your employees by giving promotions. Promotion instills confidence in the employees that you have belief in them. Employees love to be promoted and given a higher responsibility at work. For example, if the company just landed a huge contract or achieved a high feat. You could consider promoting the employee that played a significant role in securing the deal.
  • Give Pay rise: This is related to the previous point. Of course, promotion comes with a pay rise in many cases. Pay rise could also happen while they retain their current positions. Pay rise encourages employees to do more. It shows that their effort in moving the company forward has not gone unnoticed. Pay rise can come in several ways. An example is paying the 13th month’s salary at the end of each year. If the company makes huge profits, you can give a pay rise.
  • Sponsorship and training opportunities: Leadership training and educational programs with the company’s support is another way of appreciating your employees. You can pick the brightest and hardworking staff for this opportunity. This further shows that you believe in them and their potentials. Some big companies sponsor their staff on leadership training outside their current city or country. This could also be extended to their family members – like their wives and children.
  • Celebrate birthdays: Another essential way of showing gestures of appreciation is celebrating their birthdays and milestones. You can organize surprise packages for the celebrating staff on their birthdays or anniversaries. You can make a cake in the company’s name with a letter that the whole company appreciates.
  • Give extra off-time: Time off is also essential when showing gestures of appreciation. After a huge success, giving an extra off-time longer than usual keeps your employees honored and appreciated. This shows them that you care about them and not just because they work and get paid. It shows that you value them.
  • Develop and strengthen their gifts and talents: This is similar to sponsorship and training opportunities. You can organize a training session for everybody in the company. This might be strictly work-related. Help them groom their talents and develop them.

Importance of showing your employees appreciation

  • It builds trust and work relationships: If your employees can trust you, they will run and represent the company well in your absence. When they see that their employer has their interest in mind, they will trust you.
  • It increases productivity: Appreciated workers will give their best – this helps increase productivity. They give their best to the company that values them.
  • It enhances the company’s reputation: Remember that employees can influence the company’s reputation. They have family members who could also be customers. If you mistreat your employees, people will find out. A company’s reputation can easily be marred in this digital age with online reviews.
  • Taking the company to the next level: Training opportunities can be advantageous to the company. In taking the company to the next level, sponsoring their training as a sign of appreciation is beneficial.
  • Employee retention: Bright and employees with great potentials might leave if they are not valued and appreciated. This could further hinder the recruitment process in the future.

Gestures of appreciation to both your customers and employees take your company to greater heights. A company that has lost the backing of both entities will fall apart.

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