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Thought Leadership is about so much more then becoming the go-to expert. Proof you need, yes. And also wisdom and self mastery and a powerful presence. The biggest victory is on yourself. What’s holding you back? How come there are lesser visions out there, with more impact than yours?

It is not an ego-quest. It is a problem of humanity. And why we need you to step up!

And that requires leadership coaching, personal growth. Long term commitment for building thought leadership.

I believe that a cultivated mind is essential for beautiful and important results. Simply knowing isn’t enough. To grow a meaningful life out of your deepest inspiration; to make a change in your manner; to do what you (silently) long to see happen. That is what FULL Membership will bring: success in life and in business.


Leadership Coaching Courses

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Self Mastery

A thought-leader is self-aware and knows his or hers strengths and weaknesses. In order to inspire others you must understand yourself as a human being and be skillful in making meaningful connections. This course will build your strength on every level.

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Develop Practical Wisdom

Wisdom vs. Intelligence is the distinction that bears the difference between naked knowledge and mastery. By forward thinking yet, every answer causes loads of new questions calling for this ‘phronesis’. The Practical Wisdom Course brings excellence by brilliant actions.

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Powerful Presence

The fear of being left out will be transformed into a special, strong and meaningful presence in this course. You will become more connective and respected at the same time. It will enlarge the impact of your calling and make your life a lot easier and more fun.

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Thought Leadership

Master your Mindset is a beginning. Design your own life too. The scale of significance of your vision is so much bigger. Way beyond thought leadership content marketing, in order to establish it, on any matter, in any context, on any scale – all the way to Accelerative Thought Leadership – this is the road map.

Look at it this way

And inspire others to do the same.

  • What if never, anyone had spoken up?
  • What does ‘holding back’ bring eventually?
  • Who is truly disappointed by your restraining?
  • Is there really no way at all? To change it? Make it matter?
  • Or, do you sometimes, simply, not see it?

Thinkers are the crazy ones of human evolution into a wise species. Thought Leadership is our way. And this is the haven.

Why now?


The World screams for your Wisdom!

Wisdom comes easier when activated early.

Daily life is too seductive to say: this is the moment to stop and work on yourself. That’s why I am telling you: we need an even stronger and wiser version of you ASAP!

  • You will feel liberated.
  • Your environment will ask what happened. Life will offer validations more and more.

When you have read this far, just must have a sense of unfulfilled potential within. I simply tell you that it is of great significance for this world.


The pay-offs

This is what you will achieve:

  • Impactful doing
  • Freeness and power in communication
  • Strength due to support and validation
  • Recognise many stepping stones
  • A significant life full of meaning

As a true leader in life and work you find the wisdom to see, the love to live and the power to do just that ‘spot-on’ thing, so the needed will happen.

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We will inform you as soon as your application is approved

We've received your application - will get back to you asap!

Apply for the course

We will inform you as soon as your application is approved

We've received your application - will get back to you asap!

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