The coronavirus was first detected in December 2019 by eight doctors. But nothing was done about it until victims started dying in January. Cases like this abound all over the world, where visionary individuals detect problems before they become serious. But little to nothing is done until it is a tad too late. 

We basically live in a world that plays catch-up with history. Many of us live and die with very little clarity on their life purposes and trajectory. “How would our present actions be reflected in the next ten years? Given our current decisions, where would the world be in the next fifty years? What are the issues we are likely to encounter in twenty years, and how do we work to combat them from now?”, people in the world rarely ask questions like these. 

The small group that knows to ask these questions are forward thinkers, and they have been the ones that have either helped avert catastrophes or at least warned people about them. They are a minority though, and their visions are sometimes translated as madness by the people around them. 

Who are Forward Thinkers?

Forward thinkers are unique for their creative abilities to envision a future beyond the moment. While they live in the now (with every other person), they have the extraordinary foresight to anticipate and be ready for changes around them. But beyond just waiting for changes, forward thinkers initiate changes themselves. It is only the person that knows there would be a problem tomorrow. And that can devise innovative measures to eliminate the problem. From business to politics, education, medicine, technology, and social experience, forward thinkers invent solutions to problems. The problems that many had not even imagined was there.

Unfortunately, because human society has evolved into a mindset that emphasizes herd-mentality, appreciation is not there for forward thinkers. Until they break through societal bounds against all odds, to bring out viable innovations. The journey of a forward thinker is not always a smooth one. As it could feel sometimes like other people’s doubts are right. With the smaller number of forwarding thinkers in the world, some forward thinkers throw in the towel. They do so in order to escape society’s harsh judgments, but many still feel unfulfilled, yearning for more. 

Fortunately, there is a community that connects forward thinkers. It is like their tribe where they can truly belong and can understand each other. This is the Black Sheep Community, an online platform that helps forward thinkers develop their wisdom. And put it into practice by making assignments and question series.

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