Here is our perspective on Flexible Thinking.

All over the world, the only thing anyone can be sure of now is that nothing is sure anymore. In desert ridden Saudi Arabia, snow fell…………. in hot and humid Florida, the temperature got so low that iguanas fell frozen………….. the entire city of Jakarta is soon going to be subsumed by the ocean………… neo-nazism is making a strong comeback………… and all over the world, social and political systems are crumbling, or turning more retrogressive. 

In a world that is as unstable as this, the ability to adapt solutions to the moment is a big prize. As the world spirals with so much uncertainty, there has never been a better time for flexible thinking than now. That is why it is honestly alarming that many people do not pay much attention to developing mental flexibility. And do not appreciate those who do.

What is Flexible Thinking?

Flexible thinking is a quality that enables thinkers to anticipate and adapt well to changes. A person that has a well developed flexible mentality turns potential problems into opportunities to invent viable solutions. Low-temperature Florida, sinking Jakarta and burning Australia become catalysts for solid climate actions. The rise of neo-nazism becomes an opportunity to question subconscious racial bias and devise practical solutions to racial tensions. And crumbling governments become the inspiration to practically analyze political issues and come up with working solutions.

Having this creative gift could feel burdensome sometimes. Though, as many people might not understand flexible thinking (given how society emphasizes rigidity). For the number of people who have this ability to come up with adaptable solutions. But who are stymied by the pressure from people around them? The Black Sheep Community is an online community of like-minded flexible thinkers, where flexible thinking is both encouraged and developed. Flexible thinking is devising solutions for the problems that bug other people down. And the Black Sheep Community is a platform that gives flexible thinkers the techniques to enhances that gift.

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