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The feeling of being an outcast has followed us all throughout our lives if it’s that first day at a new school or even that first meeting with your new coworkers at a new job. It’s a completely ordinary feeling that almost every single one of us has been through.

However, when it starts to stunt our performance and ideas we need to immediately take action to stop it. The thing about feeling like an outcast is that you will do whatever it takes to fit in, to adapt to the people around you as well as the situation.

Now, this is completely acceptable, as discussed previously this is known as mental flexibility. However, like most things, everything is good up to a certain limit, and exceeding this limit will just turn you into a mindless robot that follows people around like a puppy dog. Agreeing to people’s ideas and dismissing your own just to fit in and is absolutely and horrendously wrong.

A wise lesson on the Black Sheep Experience

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Have you ever felt like a black sheep? Like you just don’t fit in no matter how hard you tried? Well, if your answer to this is yes and you are wondering, ‘how can I make it better?’ then the answer to your question is easier than you think.

Just stop. Stop trying to fit in. because that idea that you think is wrong just because people said so, might actually change the world one day. But how are you planning to change the world if you are sitting in bed believing that every single thing that you utter is wrong just because society doesn’t agree with it?

Today is your lucky day because if you are reading this, I want you to stop what you are doing and go write that idea down, go start a business, go express your opinions. Because by taking that one small step, you have allowed yourself to embark on a journey that may change your life, or it may fail, you never know but either way, you are going to have to get back up and repeat until one day the thoughts people ridiculed you for, will be on billboards and in books.

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