Fear of failure comes into play when you finally realize what you want. You smile and start feeling comfortable in your skin because you realize just knowing what you want is a significant achievement, as most people around you have never known what they want in life. On top of it, they don’t even realize the importance, the need to have a dream. They don’t have a clue about the one thing that drives them. Nobody around you knows that. They pretend they do, but do they?

However, you’ve discovered your desire, and you know it will be a long rocky road to that destination, but the voice in your heart tells you to go ahead. What’s more astonishing is that the voice in your head is telling you the same. That hasn’t happened before, has it? Your mind and heart agreeing to take the same step? So, you decide to take that leap. Intimidating, but satisfying. The adrenaline rush that you have been waiting for, there it is.


But there is another voice in your head. It’s asking questions; will you make it till the end? Will you achieve your desires? or Will you become the leader that you have wanted to be but never had the chance to be? Will you fail, or is it going to be a big success? We know these questions make you want to change your mind, after all, who wants to leave their comfort zone and start a new journey that, too, at this stage of their life. You look around, and you see everyone settled, even you are settled. Would you want to give that up and start something new? A new journey that has chances of failure. It is a tough decision, especially when success is not guaranteed. 

We want you to ask yourself one question: Do you want to live a meaningless life because of your fear of failure, or you want to take the risk and see if it was worth trying?

The regret of not giving your dreams a chance is worse than any fear of failure.

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