The world is a harsh place, but it is especially harsh to people who refuse to bend to its rules. The creative forward thinkers that see the world as it should be, and not just as it is. Lacking the patience and attention needed to realize the importance of these individuals. Society shuns them, considering them outcasts that are just too headstrong to follow the rules. People view them with a mixture of respect and suspicion, cowed by their creativity. But afraid because they do not understand this creativity. Just like with most things about people, this societal rejection ignites the fear of being left out among many of these future leaders of thought.

This is a society with a majority that does not understand why creative people act the way they do. It’s very natural for creative thinkers to second guess themselves, and to fear being left out of the loop. Humans are to a large extent social animals. So, when people around them dissociate themselves from future thought leaders, they naturally fear being left out. Most people want to belong somewhere, to have someplace where they can feel at home. That could a nest where they would be able to develop themselves to the maximum capacity. 

How Can You Get Out of The Trap of “Fear of Being Left Out”?

It is this fear of being left out that pushes forward thinkers to settle for less. Many decide to become yes-people, so long as it allows them to remain in the social loop. They succumb to conformation bias in their decision making, dropping some of their invaluable out-of-the-box problem-solving skills, in order to fit in. But many of them remain highly unfulfilled, bitter at themselves for acquiescing, and at the society for not comprehending.

This knowledge that there are many invaluable leaders of thought that are giving up out of the fear of being left out, is what inspired the creation of the Black Sheep Community. This is an online nest for like-minded forward thinkers. It is a platform where thought leaders can find their own crowd. A place where they can both be and develop themselves.

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