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What is The Black Sheep Community?

The Black Sheep Community is an online inspiration-platform to share, listen or engage with other Forward Thinkers who are longing to become Thought Leaders and change the world one thought at a time.

How does The Black Sheep Community work?

To become a member you enter your email address on this website. We keep that to ourselves of course and simply send you a confirmation email with login information. You login and start editing your profile with real name and photo, so we can get to know each other.

Joining this Forward Thinking movement is free. Inside you find paid courses to help you and us grow faster. Our thought leadership blog is completely free.

You will also find the other Thought Leadership courses. AND US: moderating, answering questions and giving feedback when asked. To make sure you thought-tribe is as inspiring and valuable as you hope.


Why do I benefit from signing up for this Community?

In The Black Sheep Community you’ll find thinkers with all special talents, just like yourself. It is packed with inspiring stories, examples and most of all: people. It’s a place where you can connect to the like-minded and build on your impact. Your forward thoughts, ideas and questions are being heard. 

Why should I register for this Community instead of Facebook?

The Black Sheep Community was build to cultivate the mind. That means no advertisements, videos of cute cats or photos from your nephew. Instead you have inspiring chats with other talented thinkers about monthly topics. 


Is this Community a good fit for me?
All ideas – big or small – can contribute to a change in someone’s life. You never know what a certain person needs to hear to get inspired. So yes, we would love to hear your thoughts too!
Why in English?

We like to reach and connect Forward Thinkers all over the globe. Therefore we communicate in English.

What knowledge do I need in order to fit in?

Everyone in the community is knowledgeable about some areas of life, so it’s not important to know about these topics. We are all work in process.

registration procedure

How do I sign up for The Black Sheep Community?
It’s very simple, go to home page and press the signup on page button, enter your details and you are a new member
I never received a confirmation email. What to do?

If you have not received a confirmation email, go to the contact page and send us a message. please contact us for help

Is this a free Community?

Yes, you can access this community without payment. Inside you will find paid courses and (future) functionalities that might require payments. Now, by buying a course, you will grow in impact and as a person significantly. AND, you will help us grow and hire faster.

our policy & security

Is it safe to share my thoughts?

‘Online’ and ‘safe’ and ‘dialogue’ do not often go together. We aim to be an exception!

In terms of data-bases, technique and servers we do all we can, and happily refer you to our privacy policy to read the details.

In terms of your experience it will be so different from real life that it will go beyond safe – way further – towards great!

What are the house rules?

For the legal side of it, please read our terms of use and privacy statement carefully.

Within the Black Sheep Community we have a Code of Conduct. Inspired by the Socratic method our moderators will facilitate the interactions in the community. After signing up you will get a copy of this Code of Conduct. (Also valuable for other real life domains ;  ) )

What to expect

Does Minke offer leadership coaching?

We do not offer individual leadership coaching.

Minke will be present in the community though, together with the moderation team.

Can I interview Minke?

For collaboration requests or press-related questions please send your message to contact @bvtf.nl.

I already have loads of emails. Will this contain a lot of emails?

After login you can enter the settings and email notification as you like them to be. So no worries there.

Who will I meet?

You will meet Forward Thinkers and Innovative Doers. Get inspired and inspire like minded people living to have a meaningful impact.

What result can I expect?

Like in real life, it will depend on your behaviour. Yet when you find the courage to actually engage in a dialogue and you are wise enough to spend some time here, in stead on Netflix, you will find everything you need to evolve from Forward Thinker to Thought Leader.

I am already quite successful. Is this for me too then?

Probably you wonder every now and then whether your success is the right success for you. And ask yourself whether you are on the right path. And maybe hope there is success for you with  more meaning.

Whether you long more impact, more meaning or both, when you have read this website up until this point, the Black Sheep Community is the place for you.


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Apply for the course

We will inform you as soon as your application is approved

We've received your application - will get back to you asap!

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