How could you know, that this is the time to face the world?

Now when you have discarded your fear of failure, you have hope that you will surely be successful in your new journey, and you will prove to be an exemplary leader. You’re no longer scared of failing because you understand that there is a more significant loss in not know what could have been than your fears. You know your first hurdle in this new journey was to overpower your concerns, and well, you did it! Good job. Take a deep breath and be proud of yourself, because you are ready to start the fight for your dreams.

The next step is to face the world. Our lives are interconnected with our families, our friends, and the people around us. When we make a decision about our lives, it affects many others around us. Sometimes they like the change we’re trying to make, sometimes they don’t. When you decide to change the course of your life, it will definitely affect them. Some of you might want to quit their current job. Or some of you might want to change your job timings; some might want to isolate themselves until they’re at a good point in their destination. All these decisions will affect the people around you, and surely they will react!

There is a high chance that nobody supports you, even your closest friends and closest family members because changing a ‘perfect’ life might seem odd to the outside eye. They will find it as a dumb move. What they don’t know is that finding satisfaction in doing what means something you are better than all the perfection in the world! 

So, don’t back down at this time because people WILL tell you to do so. Please do not listen to them. They just don’t want a change in their lives and that’s their reason they stop you from leading yours!

You need to decide if you want to lead your own life or let others do it for you. Do you want to live on your own terms or let other people’s comfort come before your dreams? Will you be the one designing your personal life or will you be too weak to face the people around you?

The people who really love you will understand and will come out of their comfort zone and support you. Listen to them but make them understand that satisfaction and peace is more important than all the perfection in the world. They will understand, and if they don’t, then you’ve got to stand alone. Standing alone will only make you stronger and more determined towards your goal.

If you can face the world, then you’re ready for your next hurdle!

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