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Leadership is influence; it means being able to influence others to achieve a common goal. As one of the strongholds of good leadership skills, encouragement leadership provides people (especially followers) the fuel (mental, physical, and psychological) that enables them to hold longer, go farther, and achieve more than they had previously believed. As a leader, the main goal is to lead others to do right, and one of the essential things you will need in accomplishing this is encouragement leadership.

John Maxwell in one of his articles, says that encouragement is 51% of leadership. Leadership entails setting directions, developing inspiring goals, and creating an avenue for people to work and achieve these set goals.

As a leader, an essential part of your position is to breathe hope into people, lift them and help them “discover, rediscover, and believe” in themselves again. These three steps are essential in encouraging leadership; this is because you don’t get to lead solid and accomplished people all the time. You have several individuals who make up your team, with all of them having one or two issues for you to deal with.

There are some you have to make them discover themselves, some to rediscover themselves, and come to believe that they can do it in a more excellent way than they have been doing. Encouragement leadership is one of the naturally influenced skills a leader must possess; it is not something you decide to do. It is a lifestyle. A leader is looked up to by the followers. Therefore encouraging leadership is not being soft by the leader.


Characteristics Of Encouragement Leadership

The importance of encouraging leadership is a system, or an organization is very large. Typically, encouragers (as an individual or a leader) draw people to them. You must know that drawing people or catching people’s attention is not the goal. It is just a reward to encourage leadership.

As said above, leadership is influence, but how do you influence people when you don’t encourage them to be better people? If you are to put together all the things that make up a good leadership skill without encouragement, it won’t work. Believing in people plus some good management skill makes up a good leader. Encouragement leadership is not only about charisma or personality, and it is natural for good leaders to encourage their followers.


Moreover, when talking about drawing people to themselves, some people could draw people to themselves by enticing them with gifts and help. But on the other hand, good leaders draw people who are not doing so well in life and career, people who haven’t seen anything good in themselves or what they do, especially things that pertain to life.

Another characteristic of encouragement leadership is love. To exhibit encouraging leadership, you need to show that you love regardless. Not every situation or everybody will appear pleasant initially; you don’t know what they can become later. Encouragers have a loving spirit; note that they put others’ situations as their priority, but they don’t love others more than themselves.

This is one of the mistakes people made when they talk about encouraging and showing love. They try through thick and thin and even put their lives on the line to make things work for some people; in most cases, this is not advisable. In this kind of situation, you must do everything you have in your capacity to help and not put your life (especially your health, at risk).

Another essential characteristic of encouragement leadership is commitment. Loyalty and commitment are enough to make people yield and follow you. They are committed to their course, purpose, goal, and career. A person who is frivolous and lacks committing spirit cannot encourage people. What will such a person tell the followers? How will he teach what he doesn’t have or know anything about? People will not trust or take a disloyal man seriously.

Notable characteristics also include a willingness always to want to help others, calm ability to calm bad situations, and so on. Encouragement leadership can come from anybody regardless of position. For instance, it might be a coworker who has these skills and is always willing to help others. You don’t have to hold a post before you can encourage people. In no time, you will become a mentor to people.

How To Exhibit Encouragement Leadership


Things don’t just happen; some items are done that make them happen. We will be looking at ways by which encouragement leadership can be done. This means that in any of the methods listed explained below, you can exhibit encouraging leadership.


Watchfulness shows awareness; it shows that you are observant of the happenings around you. Your encouragement will carry more weight when it is specific, and this can only be done when you are watchful. In encouragement leadership, you have to watch and study individuals. You don’t only protect them but pay attention to details about them.

When this happens, you will have a deep understanding of them, and the people you are dealing with will be surprised that you know so much about them without telling you anything. When you are watchful, you will be able to make quick interventions when necessary.

Words of advice

Words of advice and encouragement from a more significant percentage of encouragement. Words spoken can go a long way in the life of an individual. It won’t stop ringing in their ears. It could also come as words of guidance and mentorship that will help a man shape his life. Words are golden; a word of encouragement can lighten up someone’s mood and catalyze them to do better things. I have heard from people who practice encouragement leadership that comments help revive people more than any other encouragement means.

Even after they had forgotten that they said some words at some particular time, people still come back to them to share testimonies of how their terms had changed their lives some years back. When you speak to them, you choose your words carefully because you are trying to bring them back to life, encouraging them to want to do more, opening their eyes to see the positives, bringing up their potential in them, and many more.

Encouraging lifestyle

As a leader, your lifestyle speaks more about who you are. In some cases where you don’t have the opportunity to talk to some people, your lifestyle can do the talking. As we have said earlier, encouragement leadership is not something you pick on a to-do list. It is a lifestyle that is aimed at being a better person. If your words and lifestyle do not correlate, encouragement becomes very hard because people won’t take you seriously.

There are times when other people will want to encourage some weaklings that they will refer to you and your lifestyle to promote such a person. You must know that an encouraging leadership lifestyle cannot be faked or acted upon. It is something that must be done without stress.


Another necessary means of encouragement leadership is giving. Investing and showing belief in someone’s dream is what somebody needs as encouragement. We have seen examples of people who have zeal and ambition but they lack financial support. Giving money and necessary financial support to capable and ambitious hands is also an essential means of encouraging leadership. There is an adage that says, “You can’t be stingy and expect respect.” It is not by chance or a matter of doing that most of the world’s wealthiest people engage in philanthropic acts; they do so to earn respect.


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