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Don’t follow the crowd stay true to yourself. The quality of a person and their actions make them distinctive from one another. However, people are fond of comparing themselves to one another. It’s pretty easy to choose a path led by most people than the path less traveled.

Robert Frost quotes,

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and  

 I took the one less traveled by,

 And that has made all the difference.”

Don't follow the crowd

1. Fear-based attitude

It’s pretty easy to choose a path that has been tested or traveled to a great extent. However, standing out from a crowd can be scary, but such a stance can help us show our capabilities. Life should not be blindly acquired; it takes preservation and time to figure out ourselves. If we follow the crowd, we will end up where most people end up called mediocrity.

Many people have reached the top because people are involved in fighting and competing with one another and not accomplishing their goals. So don’t follow the crowd.

As Alan Ashley-Pitt says,

“The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself no one has ever been”.

Don't follow the crowd

2. The crowd’s mentality can influence us, so we shouldn’t follow the group

Don’t follow the crowd: It’s important to know what we want and strive hard for it. If we are congested with people, it makes us settle for what we believe is good enough. The thought of standing out from the crowd and doing something unlikely no longer intervenes because we have decided with what most have that is ordinary, thus don’t follow the crowd.

3. We follow the crowd as if it suppresses our abilities

Our abilities and thoughts are entrapped inside the ordinary bubble that restricts us not to do something spontaneous. It represses our power and capabilities of doing wonders because we no longer have that stimulation and the urge to work towards something. People usually do something that has already been done because they are too afraid of changes or their attitude is fear-based. But the thing is, people who fear failure won’t be able to be a leader or a conquer because taking chances and falling once or twice gives us the motivation to get back on our toes. And being in the crowd won’t help us strive for what we want, so it’s better not to follow the crowd.

4. Peer pressure can enforce wrong decisions

Under peer pressure, many people can blend in with the larger crowd without thinking and questioning their actions. The result might be many people following the first few ones who got into the movement. Being unaware of what’s going around can destroy our image and outcomes because of the lack of thinking and performance. The peer pressure that can restrain one from making risky decisions because of competition and jealousy may arise.

5. Misinterpretation of the majority is correct

It’s human nature to think that the majority is correct, and it seems easy to follow something that has the attention of the majority. Because people are fond of judging quantity over quality, this can be misleading because not always the majority is correct; we should use our sense to determine the difference between right and wrong and not follow and get into something blindly, so don’t follow the crowd.

6. Most people are unhappy

It’s morality to not be happy with what we have and always find new things that we don’t have already to help make us happy. The dissatisfaction with life can indulge us in following or choosing a path where the majority belongs. When a person follows the crowd, they believe they can earn the same happiness as the general public, which could bring some satisfaction to their lives. How that is not true, everyone has different interests and goals; thus, leading to the path where the majority is happy doesn’t mean you will find happiness. We approach with struggles and sacrifices on the way, but the end would be enlightening.

7. Groups can be irrational

Being a part of the crowd means that a person will have to do similar tasks; thus, a job that might seem irrational will be done in masses since the whole group is doing it. It can be pointless, so there’s no need to follow the crowd because such tasks won’t be beneficial.

8. Most people aren’t successful

Don't follow the crowd

Don’t follow the crowd: When a person does something unique and original, it automatically gains support because opting for a new path not traveled by many and succeeding in it is a huge accomplishment. Whereas doing something perfected by many people before won’t guarantee success and can be considered ordinary and former. Opting for a new taste and being different from your peers can interest the media and gain much success throughout, so we should follow our path and not follow the crowd.

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