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Digital storytelling tools are digitally provided web-based spaces where people have an opportunity to share their fictional and non-fictional stories. These spaces provide a channel through which people exchange and telling stories.  These digital storytelling tools have the quality of being user-friendly and customized, which can be helpful in adding value to the content. 

Are storytelling tools effective? 

There is no doubt that digital storytelling tools are beneficial web-based spaces that help in shaping the storyteller’s opinion and narration.  These web-based spaces help in enhancing the argumentative, narrative, and intellectual capacity of the storyteller.  Moreover, the storyteller can express his/her personal stories with greater ease and convenience. 

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Benefits of digital storytelling tools:

Digital storytelling tools are the best ever resources to exchange and enhance the literary capacity of the student.  The major benefit of these digitally provided spaces is the provision of a chance to understand cultural affinities and connections.  People get a chance to be in touch with nostalgic, culturally connected values and traditions through those stories.  Moreover, digital storytelling tools help in building the curiosity of children and adults through listening and approaching those worthy stories.  In addition, the communication and expression of the storyteller are greatly enhanced.  Lastly, the focus of the storyteller is greatly increased and social skills are also improved through stories on these web-based spaces. 

 Digital storytelling tools:

Digital Storytelling Tools


Slidestory is one of the tools, among other digital storytelling tools, that is user-friendly and customized in nature.  This tool provides space for a picture as a slide with a voice recorder and an mp3 audio file as well.  This tool is highly recommended for presentations as well because the tool has all the necessary optional tags that can greatly increase the value of the content. 


Smilebox is another valuable digital storytelling tool that helps to create collages, scrapbooks, slideshows, and audio-visual representations in an effective manner.  There are more than 1000 templates that are customized and user-friendly.  Moreover, one can easily post photos with background music and have the option of adding notes. 


Storybird is another highly recommendable tool that helps create a visual story in seconds.  The tool has the features of turning the story visual in seconds and providing it in a readable form.  The process of sharing, making, and creating a story on this tool is free, but the downloading and printing of the story requires a fee which is mentioned on the website.


Zooburst is another digital storytelling tool that helps to create 3D pop-up books.  This tool is online-based and can be used on a laptop and iPad as well.  The authors and storytellers have access to characters and props within a 3D world.  Those characters can be customized according to the liking of the storyteller.  The creation of a free account on Zooburst will help to create 10 books of 10 pages each easily. 

Adobe Slate:

Adobe Slate has the flexibility to be able to shape and adjust with the editor’s choice.  It has features that turn the customer’s reports, newsletters, and traveling reports into delightful and cheerful stories.  The stories will help to increase the interest and curiosity of the readers. 

Puppet pals:

Puppet pals have been designed to turn the stories and whereabouts of the storyteller into animated and audio form.  The storyteller picks actors and backdrops and clicks on the option of recording.  This tool is particularly helpful in enhancing creativity.  Puppet pal is a highly recommendable web-based space among available digital storytelling tools.  

Sock puppets:

Sock puppets are another worthwhile tool that is lip synch-based.  It helps to create lip-synched videos that can be shared on YouTube and Facebook.  The storyteller can easily add backgrounds, sceneries, and many more options to their stories.  The app has the quality of easily lip-synching the voice of the storyteller.


Toontastic is highly recommendable for kids who yearn to draw and share their animated cartoons with their loved ones.  It is user-friendly. The storyteller drags the characters and tells the story through voice.  This app will do the remaining work and boosts the creativity of the videos. 


WeVideo is another worthwhile tool to create videos.  This app provides access to cloud-based videos.  Moreover, this tool provides access to videos that are left somewhere on another electronic device and can be replayed through another device as well.  This tool can be accessed by all electronic devices. 

30hands starter:

30hands starter is not only a valuable web-based digital storytelling tool to provide space for stories but also is helpful for classroom lectures.  Concepts and stories can be easily explained through this app.  This tool is very simple to use.  The multimedia presentations can be created in few minutes and shared quickly. 


A fantastic web-based app for sharing comics and funny entertainment is WriteComics.  This tool is marvelous to provide access to comics and fun-making stuff.  Moreover, it has relevant features to create fun and entertainment for the readers and listeners. 

ACMI Generator:

ACMI Generator is a creative studio space where you can be inspired, create your own moving image works, and share your creations with the community. You can try the Storyboard Generator & choose a script or build your own storyboard and share it.


Bubbler is a tool to create comic strips, just taking a sequence of pictures where you can add bubbles and create a story.


Create rich multimedia experiences with videos, photos, music, blogs, and documents.

Comic Master:

Decide how you want the page or your graphic novel to look, add backgrounds, choose characters and props to appear in your scenes, add dialogue and captions & create your own short graphic novel!

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard:

Record voice-over whiteboard tutorials and share them online; it’s just that simple & fun at the same time!


Lastly, a free source digital-based storytelling tool is the Anchor.  This tool has enables a user to create podcasts free of cost conveniently.  Moreover, Anchor helps in distributing and promoting your podcasts with other podcast makers.  In addition, Anchor saves the time of the storyteller, as it can create podcasts in less than 10 minutes. 

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These digital storytelling tools save the time and energy of the narrators.  Moreover, valuable customized content creation is achieved conveniently, and the chance of creating harmony in cultural differences can be achieved through these web-based spaces.  Further, the tedious process of story writing is diminished with these digital storytelling tools. 

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