Different doesn’t mean flawed. Since the brink of existence, humans have cast away anything they found different or peculiar, directly deeming it as wrong and flawed. Just because something or someone doesn’t function the way we do. Or don’t think the way we do or do not act the way we do does not mean they are wrong in any way. It just means that they are different from what we are used to. And I hate to break it to you but our existence was not meant to be identical. We are not supposed to be carbon copies of each other. 

The problem with our world is that we find it necessary to bring down anything different from us. Whether it’s because of their IQ, race, mental disorder, any disorder in this case. Because that person we bullied in middle school, that person we belittle at work. The same person that person we saw in the street and found the need to taunt. He might have had differences that would not only better our world but change it completely. But they didn’t because we robbed them from that. We broke them down and shattered their confidence. And now they will always believe that they are flawed when in fact they are unique.

What study says about ‘ Different doesn’t mean flawed ‘?

Associate Professor in Ecology and theoretical biology, Corina Tarnita not only proved that different doesn’t mean flawed. But she also conducted an experiment that shows that the outcasts that we have deemed as flaws are meant to be that way. Because just like we have functions to perform in life they do too. Corina Tarnita proved that without these ‘loners’ that we bully, belittle and mock, the system in which life works would simply not work.

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