You may have come across many books, blogs, and articles trying to educate you about leading and dealing with people. Many times you would have found them useful, but other times they were just a waste of time as none of the tools worked for you. The art of dealing with people is a complicated yet straightforward job. Why? Maybe because humans are the most complicated creatures in the world. It may seem like an ordinary job as we deal with humans daily, but leading a group of people can be more robust than you think. There are no specific guidelines, nor every organization functions in the same way. The art of leading and dealing with people lies in skillfully relating to them.

You need to understand and relate to each person in your team! They might be from different backgrounds, have different cultures or languages, and that would make the task even more difficult. But a true leader makes their teammates believe that they belong, and to make that happen, you need to put yourself in their shoes. Moreover, you need to understand that each person has their capability and capacity.  You need to analyze them separately and use a different strategy for each one of them!

For example, you need to differentiate between the people who are motivated by criticism and the people who demotivated by it. Some people work better when they are given positive reinforcements such as awards and promotions. Some people have to be challenged so that they can work to their full ability. A good leader needs to understand the physiological motivation of each person in their team. So, to be a successful leader, you need to handle human interactions and relations with your team in a perfect way!

Here is a list of some guidelines that will help you in your journey to becoming a good and influential leader. You may make mistakes in the beginning and may learn slowly, but if you remain dedicated to your goal someday, you will master them and become a true leader in your work field.  

Make them feel important 

You need to build a personal relationship with your team members so that they trust you. You need to make sure that you portray a trusting nature in front of them so that they can come to you when a problem strikes. Moreover, building a personal relationship will make them feel necessary in your organization. It is essential to make them feel that they belong and are not just an employee. They will work wholeheartedly when they think they are crucial rather than just an employee. If your team members believe ignored, their work efficiency will drop!

Appreciate Ideas to deal with people

When working in a team, you must put everyone as an equal, even yourself. When discussing new ideas, you must appreciate everyone on the base of their efforts and not the quality of their ideas. Your team should realize the importance of hard work and should be recognized when they work hard on new things. You need to learn to respect their ideas and opinions. For that, you will have to think according to their perspective. Instead of humiliating them, try to find a polite way of showing them, their work was not up to your expectations.

Accept Your Mistake to deal with people

All humans are bound to make mistakes, and in your tenure, even you will! When this time comes, instead of using your superior position to cover them up by blaming your teammates,  be more humble, and accept it in front of everyone. Your team members will learn to respect you; you’re modest! You will see that they will trust you more when they recognize you!

Awards and Punishments 

This is an essential part and the most difficult to achieve. You need to distinguish between what when to award your team members and when to give them a scolding. You need to understand which action will motivate them more! And you will see that every person has a different response to every effort. Some people tend to get demotivated when they are scolded; however, some people will take it as a challenge and give a better performance next time. The same is the case with rewards. Some people will get more efficient when they are rewarded. However, some people will develop a late back attitude when paid too much!

So to be a good leader, you need to learn the art of dealing and understanding different people so that you can act in a way that will bring out maximum productivity! 

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