Customer Obsession is a term that is looked down upon because of the word ‘obsession.’ However, customer obsession can become a reason to bring home good profits. You have to learn to use it to your advantage.

Customer Obsession is when a company prioritizes the customer preferences and needs and aims to create a better experience for the customer based on their own opinion. It’s an approach that states that the customer comes first. However, the main question remains; how can a business use customer obsession to its advantage, i.e., to maximize profits.

This article will highlight four ways you can enhance your ECommerce business using customer obsession strategies. Read on to find more about it!

1.  Make use of Customer Obsession Data.

You cannot run an ECommerce business without understanding and using the customer obsession data you have. The customer obsession data contains information about the customer’s previous transactions. It is readily available, and you can access it easily.

Investing energy and time in building a customer feedback loop is a good idea, but we recommend that you study the customer obsession data you already have. It will save you time, and it will help you understand your customers. It can also provide a learning process before you start working on your feedback channel, as you will have learned beforehand what your customers might need.

There are companies available in the market that can help you understand the customer obsession with data analytics more professionally if you can’t. We recommend you take help from those. They will help you in finding out who bought what and why they bought them. Think about all the wonders you can make in your business if you started to understand the thinking process of your customer!

2.  Choose Customer Retention Over Customer Acquisition

 Customer Obsession

What exactly are we preaching at this point? We recommend a strategy where your main goal should be to retain the customers you already have. Have loyal customers who do not go anywhere else for shopping rather than focusing on attracting new customers.

Most companies believe that they can have a more significant revenue if they focus on increasing their customer base. However, if you practice customer obsession, you should focus on retaining your customers!

The reason for choosing customer retention is that an existing customer is more likely to become loyal to a brand. They trust your services and products more than any other business. So, they will choose to invest in your business compared to any customers you attract.

Moreover, if you practice customer obsession, you will easily retain your existing customer base because you already have access to customer obsession data. From there, you can learn information about your customers and use it to keep them.

Another way to retain customers is to maintain a relationship with them after buying your services. Provide them with a good experience, and they will make sure that they do come back again!

While you’re at it, think about all the new customers your loyal customers will bring if you succeed in using customer obsession to your advantage!

3.  Come Up With Customer Generated Content

 Customer Obsession

Over the years, marketing has changed its course. An era where people took the word of the company itself regarding their product is gone now. Now, people do not rely on the company’s terms if they want to make a purchase. People want more. They want a 3rd party to tell them to buy a specific product. People themselves want companies to use customer obsession to attract them.

If you are buying a product online, what is the first thing that you do? You see the reviews, that right! You want someone who has used the product to tell you about their experience with it. You do not straightaway trust an advertisement anymore. So, this is where customer obsession comes in and where you can use it to your advantage. Ask your loyal customers to write reviews for their purchases and publish them on your website. Help build a better experience for your customers by giving them what they want; honest opinions and thoughts! Note that even negative reviews can assure the customers that the reviews are fair and accurate.

You will be surprised to find out that 85% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation. So, if you categorize yourself as a business that operates on customer obsession, then here is a chance for you to make the best use of it!

4.  Personalize Your Website For Customer Obsession

If there is one thing that people do not have, it’s time. Everyone wants to have a great experience that too in the least time possible. They want personalized spaces and want to have suggestions that revolve around their preferences.

Today personalization can be used as a tool to enhance customer obsession. There are several personalization tools available these days. However, the challenge is to pick which one to use. We think if your goal is customer obsession, it’s best if you focus on one personalization tool at one time. You can test its accuracy and effectiveness and then continue accordingly in the future.

The most successful tool to execute customer obsession would be personalizing your website according to the customer’s liking. You can find a personalization platform that learns about the customers through their time on displays and records the clicks they have made throughout the website. Customer surveys have shown that personalized platforms have been a source of satisfaction for the customers. They find it very helpful when presented with products that match their preferences. See, personalized platforms could be a very successful tool if your company maximizes profits through customer obsession.


This article gave ECommerce companies a guide to improving their profits by keeping their customers happy using a customer obsession approach. Here is a list of ways that we suggested!

  • Make use of Customer Obsession Data
  • Choose Customer Retention Over Customer Acquisition
  • Come Up With Customer Generated Content
  • Personalize Your Website For Customer Obsession

We hope we provided a good learning experience for you!

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