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Do you find yourself overthinking negative situations often and want to control your thoughts? You try to ignore them, but you fail at doing so? The best way you can avoid overthinking is by putting yourself in the worst situation. You must be thinking, how can that possibly help? Well, putting yourself in the worst-case scenario prepares you for it. If you are ready for the worst thing that could happen to you, what is there to worry about? You can move on and end the negative chain of thoughts.

You can also distract yourself by doing something physical like taking a walk, cooking, or even having a meal! You will see that you overthink more when you are free and doing nothing. So, keep yourself busy if you have a mind that never stops thinking!

Be Confident About Yourself to Control Your Thoughts

Be confident and have faith that you can and will be able to handle anything that comes your way. Be confident in the fact that you have control over your mind and your behavior. Research has shown that being confident and optimistic that you control your mind can lead to better governance in reality!

Instead of worrying about situations that you create in your head, tell yourself that you can repeatedly handle any situation. Eventually, you will see that your fear will fade away, and you’ll become an optimistic person. You can also try to remember your own success stories to motivate yourself to believe in yourself.

Mentally Transform What You Are Struggling to Control

You can learn to have better control of yourself and put difficult but positive thoughts into action. This way can help you get control of the desirable actions your mind wants to do. Let’s assume you want to have oily food when you are on a diet.

Instead of giving in, try to take this approach next time: tell yourself if you have oily food today, your body will ultimately reject it, and you might end up having food poisoning and will have to spend the rest of your day vomiting. Yes, this might not be true, but it is okay if you slightly change your head’s facts to stop yourself from desiring things that you are not supposed to do.

You have to improve your imagination for this and play along with your mind to trick it!

Stop Putting Yourself At Fault

Control Your Thoughts

As much as we try to control the environment around us, there are still some things that we cannot control and can never succeed in controlling. It is highly unhealthy when we blame ourselves for things that are not in our control. For example, if your car broke down in the middle of the road, you might think you didn’t take better care. Your little sister slips and falls because she accidentally spilled juice on the floor a minute ago.

Before blaming yourself, you need to think logically about the situation and analyze if it is your fault because sometimes it might not be your fault and might be the way nature wants things to be.

Stop Jumping to Conclusions to Control Your Thoughts

This is another form of overthinking and negative thinking. Your mind starts concluding things that actually might not be real. You can differentiate between actual thoughts and rapid conclusions by asking your mind to justify what you have completed. The only justification that you’ll find your mind giving you will be that you feel this way!

You feel that somebody does not like you visiting their house or think that someone does not like you. You can always ask yourself to give evidence or justification that does not revolve around ‘having a feeling,’ and you will find yourself not jumping to conclusions.

Stop Amplifying Your Negative Thoughts

Control Your Thoughts

You need to stop catastrophizing and chill out if things are going as you planned them! Amplifying your negative thoughts can get you in a far more miserable place than you already are. Are you one of those who think your life is ruined, and there is no point in living now when you have just lost a job or didn’t get admitted to your ideal university?

Ask yourself again, is your life only worth living if there is no failure? How can anyone even have an experience that has only successes and no failures? So, hold on tight and try to bring in some positivity because your life might not seem ideal today, but if you are optimistic, it will undoubtedly change its course tomorrow!

You can trigger optimistic thinking by looking at other people who had similar hurdles in life as you, but now they are successful. You need to realize that despite your plans not working according to you, no one or nothing in the world can stop you from succeeding in life except yourself. So, change some goals and find a new path to success!

Train Yourself for Obstacles

There is no point in fearing and running away from difficulties. You will see that the more you run out, the more they follow you. So, slow down and ask yourself, is it better to run away or face them head-on so they do not bother you anymore? You’re right; it is better to meet them. That not only solves your problems but also makes you more challenging for the difficulties that are to come your way in the future.

Sometimes, you can even create situations to train yourself; for example, do you have stage fright? Deep down, you know, the only way to overcome that is to repeatedly get up on the stage. So, if you are brave enough, you could put yourself in situations where you have to get up and go on the scene. You could volunteer for presentations at college. You will see that your bravery will help you get rid of your fears, and you will see yourself not worrying about them. Someday the thoughts that used to scare you will not be worth even thinking about!

Reward Yourself to Control Your Thoughts

If you have been working on yourself, making efforts to improve your thought process, and making it optimistic, you deserve a treat. Every time you do not overthink, do not catastrophize your thoughts or even replace negative thinking with a positive one, you can reward yourself! If you wanted to go out on an exam night, and you refrained from doing so, you can order yourself your favorite food as a reward and enjoy it on your night home while studying.

Smile More

This might seem a little pointless, but this is one of the essential habits you need to have if you want a life full of colors and happiness. It is unnecessary; you need to smile when you are happy or when you see or hear something funny. You can also smile when you’re sad. Instead of all the things you cannot have or do not have, think of all the blessings you already do. Smile more; life is beautiful only if you want it to be!

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