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The moral purpose has to do with both sides: the client and the team itself. A good leader will understand the Components of Leadership that he/she should make a difference in both parties’ lives. A leader must treat everyone fairly and understand the purpose of being in his/her position.

Apart from benefiting the organization and producing sales, their core duty is to help other people personally through emotional and career support. He/she should strive to work together so that everyone is satisfied and happy in their work life. When the team is mentally pleased and happy with their work-life, they will do better, which will benefit the organization.

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Building Relationships by using components of leadership

A leader does not only have to build a personal relationship with everyone on his/her team but he/she must ensure that everyone in the group has a good relationship with each other. A unified team that cares about each other works better collectively than a team that cannot stand each other.

When the team has good relationships, they help each other in their work, brainstorm together, help each other when the deadlines are close, protect each other, and look out for each other. A healthy environment within the team builds close relationships and produces good results.

Leaders can create communities within teams with the core aim of learning together. This initiative enhances the knowledge and skills of the team members. Still, it will also help them become closer and have a good relationship and understanding of the organization’s people. Learning communities eventually help promote innovations within the organization, and the team that was innovating together shares the success; hence, it will bring them closer.

You will see that when learning together, the team will develop a common culture among them. Not only will the leader be able to produce desired results and improvements in goals, but he will also be able to have close-knit relationships within the team. These learning communities can be a team-building exercise!

Components of leadership

Here are some Components of leadership:


A good leader will always have a personal relationship with their team, where the team does not fear contacting him/her during a time of need or when there is a problem. There are times when the team feels accomplished and confident. At other times, the team might feel lost, challenged, devastated, and even confused. These are the times when your leadership will be tested. If you have been an understanding and helpful leader in the past and were there for your team, your team will not hesitate to come to you when they need your support, which is a good sign.

However, if your team is scared that you will have an angry reaction, they will not come to you when they need you. This means you have to work on gaining their trust. When your team cannot reach out to you when in need, they get frustrated and will make wrong decisions, which might take things to an unfixable level. However, if they come to you at the right time, without the fear of being judged or scolded, you can fix things and teach them the right thing to do before anything gets worse.

Rather than someone they cannot reach out to, your teammates must see you as a person they can confide in. Not only will this help you create a better relationship with them, but it will also help the organization refrain from disasters from which they cannot recover.


Components of Leadership

Wisdom is defined as your ability to understand and distinguish between your internal feelings, thoughts, reactions, and behaviors. You can manage your thoughts and feelings with your actions. It is the control one has over themselves and their behavior towards things.

There might be times as a leader when you will find you did not react in a situation how you wanted. You might have been angry at someone but chose not to show your emotions and instead made them understand where they were wrong.

You dealt with someone with the utmost patience when you had no room for more. You had to rise above some actions of your teammates when you were having a bad day. You will often see yourself not acting upon your thoughts and emotions and making your body do the opposite of what your mind wants you to do. That is true wisdom! Knowing how to react in a situation when your emotions tell you to do something else is wisdom.

Having the sense to say what is needed and when it is needed comes in handy when dealing with many people. Often, dealing with a handful of people may frustrate you, but if you start to take out your frustration on them, it will demotivate them, and they will stop confiding in you. At times, it is better to be patient rather than throwing your emotions all over the place because an emotional reaction creates tension among your employees, and it might not work well for the organization and or their personal life.

Act. No Procrastination!

There might be days when you feel down and do not feel like going out in the world, let alone dealing with people. You are a human, and that is fine!

You will note that when you do not regulate your goals and have the tendency to get lost in irrelevant problems and less critical decisions, you will eventually procrastinate. The key is to develop consistent working habits that will help you focus and not lose your sense of concentration.

Leaders who have an organized workspace and consistent functional patterns that involve goal setting are less likely to procrastinate. You will see that the environment you work in also affects your decision-making. If you are in a working condition where you’re not comfortable, you will find it hard to focus and feel less confident to execute your ideas. We hope you can learn from these components and find some of the attributes in yourself!

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