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Coaching leadership is one of the many leadership types that are used when starting or further developing a business. This type of leader acts as a coach –which seems quite evident from the title- they would have excellent team-working and collaboration skills. This type of leader needs to focus all their attention on each of their team members.

They are empathetic and hard workers. They will ensure that every single member of the team is working up to their full potential. And They would meet would each team member. And get to know them on a personal and professional level –to not only get a full understanding of their professional skills that are going to be used in the job. But also to get a feel of their personality so they can know how to approach each team member in a way that is unique to them. After doing so, they would highlight each team member’s strengths and weaknesses, and based on it, help them develop themselves.

Main types of Coaching leadership

There are a variety of coaching techniques that you can pick from when deciding to follow the path of becoming a Coaching leadership.

The method you choose will be based on a handful of things, some being; your personality type, which technique feels the most natural, the personality type of the person/ people you are coaching, the strengths and weaknesses of those you are coaching, and lastly your weaknesses and strengths. Down below are listed some of the many techniques of coaching:

Democratic Coaching leadership

This type of coaching style gives the novice that’s being coached a great deal of freedom. As well as teaches them several valuable skills along the way. Since the coach provides the beginner with the space to make a lot of the decisions. And helps them understand why they should pick this. Or that instead of just deciding for them, it makes them accountable for their action. And teaches them to be responsible. This method would also teach them how to deal with the aftermath of a wrong decision they made. And how to fix a mess they created instead of just giving up.

Coaching leadership

Authoritarian coaching leadership

This type of coaching is the exact opposite of democratic Coaching leadership. Instead of giving the client full freedom, they give them little to none. The coach weighs the options in front of them, analyzes the outcome, and picks the best choice for the client. All the client has to do is follow and understand the order that has been given to them. The disadvantage that comes with this type of coaching is the fact that the client won’t learn how to make their own decisions in the future; they are very likely to become co-dependent people.

Vision coaching leadership

This type of coaching is based on planning for the future and building towards something. A vision coach would map out the client’s future path. And give them a final goal to work up to and eventually achieve. The coach would pave the way for the client to achieve their goal by making them look at the bigger picture. The coach would guide the client on the right path so they can reach the position they strive to earn in life.

Autocratic coaching 

This type of coaching leadership is very similar to the authoritarian kind of coaching in the sense that the client doesn’t provide any ideas. Or thoughts about the decisions being made, and it’s all decided and controlled by the coach.

However, the difference here is that an autocratic coach would look for nothing less than perfect they would rigorously coach you. They would make you follow stringent rules. And they focus on discipline a lot more than any other aspect when coaching.

This type of coaching would diminish a person’s personality as they aren’t given a choice to do anything instead, they are told exactly what to do and how to do it. Just like authoritarian coaching, this type of coaching would make the client co-dependent and irresponsible.

In conclusion, if you are a coach yourself, you need to ensure that the method you use is beneficial for the personality type of your client. And that you aren’t harming their personality in the long run. And as a client that needs coaching, you need to be very wary of yourself. Who do you trust to coach you? As with the wrong coach, you could easily mess up your career and not lie up to your full potential.

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