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Circumstantial thinking is when we let certain circumstances in our dictate the views and attitudes we exhibit. If we find ourselves in a good situation inevitably our thoughts and feelings regarding that situation would be positive. Hence leaving us with an optimistic mindset. On the other hand, if the situation was negative. It would leave us with bad thoughts and attitudes. This means we let the pressures of life manage our perspective on life 

Circumstantial positivity can harmfully impact our lives. If we allow circumstances to control our attitude and thoughts then we are allowing ourselves to be flooded with negative emotions and thoughts whenever the smallest inconvenience occurs in our lives. In doing so, we are gradually going to lose focus on what is important, which is reaching our goals and working on being the best possible version of ourselves day by day.

Circumstantial Thinking can possibly damage our health

Living a balanced lifestyle isn’t always easy. Especially when you have been living an unhealthy lifestyle for a while and just decided to turn your life around. But you must understand, changing your life for the better will not happen overnight. It takes patience and time. Perseverance is crucial, it’s your key to success. So make sure you don’t lose sight of it. Circumstantial thinking changes from situation to situation, sometimes it’s good, however, it’s usually bad. Therefore, very soon we are going to slip back into our old patterns of self-defeating behavior and poof! There is going all of the efforts of ours.

2 Kinds of Circumstances

You’ll find only two options regarding many of the circumstances that we experience:

●    controllable

●    uncontrollable

A controllable circumstance is one that is within our direct control. How we act will immediately determine the result of the circumstances. This type of circumstance is the only one where we have to focus our energy and time. Visualize the preferred end result then ACT! Don’t stop until the desired end result is attained. Anything is possible if we’ll just visualize and act. Our action needs to be single-minded and laser-focused.

An uncontrollable circumstance is one that’s outside of our direct control. It doesn’t matter how we act or even what we feel and do, what will be, will be. I’ve read this described as being outside our sphere of influence. These types of situations are able to cause us a great deal of trouble. If we concentrate our energy and time on them, then the sole effect is anger, frustration, and a whole lot of negativity. When we allow ourselves to be sidetracked with “stuff” we can’t control and then this takes out of our time to concentrate on the “stuff” we are able to manage.

Overcoming Circumstantial Thinking

You will find 2 simple steps to overcoming circumstantial thinking.

Determine what sort of circumstance we find ourselves in. 

Can it be uncontrollable or controllable?

In case it’s controllable we visualize the preferred outcome and then instantly act. In case it’s uncontrollable do not waste your energy and time on it. We have only a lot of working hours in one day. It’s vital we spend that time centered on the things we are able to control.

Repeat the 2 previous steps with all of the circumstances that come your way of. Eventually, it will be second nature!

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