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There is a difference between the old and the new generation. Everyone has their view, which changes radically from one generation to another. Some changes help us move forward, while others make our world regress by their impact.

What is the difference between the older generation and the current one? Is the impact creating a gap? What has changed in a good or bad way? Many things and norms have been drastically changed. The latest generation we tag generation Z looks radically different.

Part of the Characteristics of Generation Z is that they want to be unique in their ways. They tend to challenge any status quo. Well, each of us is entitled to our opinion. Generation Z is not like any other generation ever seen in the history of the human race. Due to the rise in technological innovation and expansion by generation Z, the world is evolving fast and changing how things are done drastically. This article is dedicated to bringing some of the unique characteristics of generation Z. we made an effort to show their strengths and possible weaknesses.

Characteristics of Generation Z

They Are Technology Wizards

Generation Z

Today’s young generation, tagged generation Z, is so used to technology they learn quickly. It could be considered as causing more havoc than good, but there are many times when their knowledge of technology usage usually is of great assistance to them. Things used to be for the older generation (for instance, in the ’80s) have changed drastically.

A lot of young people these days now make so much money from their telephones legitimately. They have broken several records in technology right from their teens and early twenties. Generation Z is more technology savvy than any other generation you can think of from the beginning of time.

They Are Highly Inquisitive

The characteristics of Generation Z are never satisfied with mere short answers to queries and probing. They will always want to know the reason behind phenomena and occurrences. Most of them are gifted with critical thinking skills in abundance, which usually aids them in finding lasting solutions to all their challenges and difficulties. This ability is now one of the most demanded school basic requirements, in workplaces, and even in social organizations like religious places.

Critical thinking skills were never in demand in the older generations because it was not too common among them. People of those generations were contented with short and concise answers to inquiries. Note that the more senior generation members were not necessarily dumb or gullible, but they trusted and have a strong belief in the instructions dished out to them. A significant part of Generation Z characteristics is the tendency to go deep into all matters!

They Are Usually Never Patient Characteristics of Generation Z

One thing very common to all the members of Generation Z is that they are never patient. They are mainly in a rush to get things done. While rushing, they miss out on vital and cogent points almost all the time. They tend to be at crossed roads with anyone and anything on their way to finish up quickly.

Attention to detail, finesse, and thoroughness in achievements that once characterized past events are lost with this generation. It would help if you took all the time to tick all boxes before getting things done in the past than to do a substandard something during the older generations.

They Love Doing Things The Unconventional Way

This is one of the most important points of the Characteristics of Generation Z. Everything in life has a natural order of completion. The older generations understand this concept very well and usually follow it up all the time. As part of their ardent characters, Generation Z will almost at all times want to do things in unconventional ways and damn the consequences.

The spirit to explore is always taking a better part of them. They want to do things in the most bizarre ways and see how far they can go to task their minds and test their problem-solving skills. In fairness to them, though, it sometimes works for them, but most times, they get themselves and people around them hurt unnecessarily. They love to go the most awkward of ways when getting results.

Self-Driven Sense Of Entitlement

Generation Z

Generation Z believes that they are entitled to everything without lifting a single finger. This generation feels it has the entitlement to be spoon-fed all of its demands, even though those who came before them worked very hard for whatever they have. And, yes, there are advantages and limitations in both generations. This self-imposed sense of entitlement limits them in putting effort into achieving things.

They want to go through shortcuts and skip the complete cycle of doing things. Generation Z expects things to be done for them in totality all the time. They are easily discouraged when any duty needs extra effort or concentration. However, if we want to be competitive nowadays, we must work hard to achieve our goals. The older generation understands that the world owes them nothing. They know that no one else than them can do it and that it’s their responsibility to make something of themselves. It was a more independent generation.

A Generation Always Wanting More

Generation Z has a character that seems always to want more which is not bad. But many do not appreciate the simple things around them. They are very careless with the little they have while still trying to get more, rather than happy with what they have. They want to move with the trend of fashion. They just like using the latest fashion gadgets and wear. Their hunger for things in vogue is scarily insatiable.

The urge to be in favor pushes them into fraudulent and shady deals. Frauds like cyber crimes, advanced free fraud, and swindling are widespread among them. The old generation knows that resources are limited and that they have to be more resourceful with what they have.

They Resent Being Reprimanded.

Discipline is an alien word to Generation Z. We used to get decent thrashing back in the day. Generation Z knows that the highest they will get for any of their actions is light punishment. That is the main reason they rarely listen to instructions. When it came to discipline, the older generation had it tough.

It whipped them into shape and made going out of line extremely terrifying, as all acts had consequences. Members of Generation Z are always quick to damn the results of all their actions. Every nation’s government is also not helping the situation because of a series of legislation banning teens and young adults’ discipline.

Over Reliant On Technology

Even after they plan to meet somewhere at a specific time, they contact each other several times to confirm or follow up, demonstrating that Generation Z is less trusting and more dependent on technology. Using technology often hinders intuition and instinct, like using a calculator instead of mentally counting.

Since mobile phones never existed during their time, the older generations needed to trust each other and their abilities. When generation Z decides on a time and place for a meeting, they expected the other person to turn up by monitoring one another with chats and phone calls.

Generation Z And Social Media

Generation Z

Since most people today hide behind keyboards, there is no longer any sense of honor. Many trolls in generation Z use social media to handle all their problems, which is a big flaw. When you address hate issues for no reason over Facebook or Twitter, it just proves that you are a weak person. You just put an ad out in a social media group for any purpose, and people you have not even met in your entire life begin to post hateful comments on it.

Even people who are not in any way in your age bracket throw insults around like it’s a normal thing to do. Years earlier, when someone had an issue with you, they would either keep to themselves or personally have the guts to come and confront you. It was the proper way of dealing with stuff. No one is advocating violence, which, unfortunately, is becoming increasingly popular on social media these days.


Generation Z is too reliant on social media platforms in their daily lives and activities. It is okay to use it but not to abuse it. My final word is that each generation has its advantages and downsides. Still, the most important in all of this is that each generation has to give valuable lessons for future generations.

The legacy of discipline, in-depth solutions, and logical solutions to situations must be brought to the fore so that the next generation can be proud of their parents. Generation Z characteristics are filled with beautiful parts which, if harnessed, groomed, and channelled well, have the capacity to help solve chunks of the world’s challenges and change the world for good.

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