We have all heard the saying about assumptions, yet we live with many challenging assumptions every day. Why do we make them, and how do we challenge our assumptions about life for a more positive life experience? Well, that is the question many of us are struggling with. By challenging our assumptions, we could be living a better quality of life every day.

Why do we assume so many things about our lives? How do we live our lives with so many assumptions that we need to challenge our assumptions almost daily? Well, the answers are not easy to find, nor are they simplistic.

What Are Assumptions, And Why We Should challenging assumptions

challenging assumptions

Firstly, let’s understand what assumptions are and how they affect our lives. The definition of an assumption is “something that you take as truth without proof or evidence.” When you look at this, you realize that you might have some assumptions that very well could be challenged without issue. Just think about a simple thing like a traffic intersection. When you are sitting in your car waiting your turn, you don’t think about the person approaching from behind. You assume that they will stop behind you without fail. Yet sometimes the person does not stop, and then they crash into you. Your assumption is based on the countless times that you have experienced approaching cars stopping.

So, do you need to challenge this assumption? Probably not. Because unless there is something really out of place, they will always stop behind you as they have always done. These assumptions make our lives easier. Imagine you having to be concerned about these “little things” all the time. A life without assumptions. It might not be the best situation either. You would be walking, driving, and experiencing life on a knife’s edge all the time. This most certainly will not be the quality of life that you would want to have.

Then which assumptions should be challenged? And how do you tell them apart?

Challenge External Assumptions

challenging assumptions

For the sake of explanation, external assumptions are those that you have that make no sense. It makes sense to assume the car will stop based on past experiences. It does not make sense to assume that some person on the internet has all the information when they proclaim you should or shouldn’t do something. These external assumptions are limiting and negative most often. To tell them apart, you need to ask yourself where the assumption comes from and the core belief that underpins the assumption.

For this, I am going to use a very comparative example. In our world today, there is a severe medical pandemic, and as with most subjects, we have been inundated with contradictory information from all sides. On the one hand, we have a scientific community telling us the benefits of the vaccine and why we should take it. On the other hand, we have many conflicting reports that would have us not partake in any vaccination or sometimes even believe in the pandemic itself.

Let’s look at some recent assumptions to understand how they affect our lives.

Challenging assumptions #1 – Medical Science is Out to Get Us

An overwhelming assumption is that medical science is using the cover story of the pandemic to implant a microchip in our body for Orwellian-type control. By reading it aloud, you are already challenging the assumption because it has no factual base. But let’s look at it anyway. A global conspiracy wants to control humans, and they are just waiting to find the best way of microchipping us for their pleasure. I won’t even give it any more explanation because the idea is preposterous. It is based on a long-standing fringe idea that we are seen as controllable beings by simply using a microchip or electronic device.

Now, if you look at the other side of the argument, you will see there is so much evidence to the contrary that it’s even hard to understand why people believe the assumption in the first place. Yet, they still do. One of the reasons is that we surrender so much value and truth to our informational sources that we don’t take the time to find out for ourselves anymore.

Our world and social structures have been found wanting by a simple virus. We might have thought we were ready, or at least a little bit, but we were not. The world had to come together and pull out all the stops to find a vaccine and then produce it in enough quantities so that we could all take it.

Sure, many stories are making the rounds when it comes to the motivations of big pharma. But do you think many people and organizations will conspire to make the world slave to some new order? The sheer complexity of the task would halt them in their tracks.

Challenging assumptions #2 – Political Power Is Absolute

The Leader of the Free World changed recently. Many people all over the world believed that the previous leader would retain his position of power. Especially those that assumed that the news spread online by sources like QAnon was true. I don’t want to rub salt in any wound, but this is a big one, as assumptions go. So often, I saw people challenging assumptions about the political might in the US in the last election, often with exciting results. Let’s break it down. Many people assumed that President Trump had what it took to take office for a second term. That President Biden did not have the votes nor that he had the following. Yet, at every turn, this assumption was blasted away.

I spoke to many during and after the election who were still surprised by the outcome. This was on both sides of the aisle. Firstly, you had the Trump supporters that could not believe that he lost and were so deep down the rabbit hole of their assumptions that they could not reconcile the result as reality.

Secondly, some believed that Biden would win but could not shake the effect of the assumptions made online. They were shocked, albeit pleasantly, that Biden won. The people had spoken, and the people that were making assumptions were outraged.

How could this happen? And how did you manage to steal the election? Assumption Questions. When we assume anything, we will create our reality around that assumption to make it accurate. We will not challenge the assumption ourselves. We will try to create reasons why something is not right with reality to make our assumptions accurate. And most importantly, to make ourselves true, because nobody wants to be wrong.

The result is that we need very little evidence to create an assumption and mountains of evidence to prove it untrue. This can be seen by the masses who still believe that something underhanded about the Biden win.

Why Should We Challenge Assumptions?

challenging assumptions

Our assumptions indicate where our thoughts are, what we spend our time thinking all day long. Our assumptions are also an indication of what we need to be thinking about. To use the above examples, we either give up our truth to so-called intelligent sources. Or we surrender our fate to false information spread by people that have nothing else to do but create stories.

One of the reasons why people would read this article is that they have a question about assumptions. That question is what are they good for, and how do we tell the good from the bad. Well, the answer might be more straightforward than you think. The reasonable assumptions are the ones that you have real-world evidence for, like the person stopping behind you in traffic. The bad ones are the ones that you have no actual factual information for. If you read it on social media, from a friend of a friend, then it’s most likely not true, and you should not let it affect your thinking. It would help if you went find out for yourself. Just like you are doing right now.

Find out where you can get better information, more REAL information. Those are the places you should be visiting online and offline if need be. These are the more scholarly sources of information. That does not mean that you should delete the other sources. No, you should still pay attention because you might be the one person that can shed some light on an off-color story creating assumptions in your community.

Blacksheep Community

The Blacksheep Community is one without assumptions. It’s a collective of like-minded people that share and grow by interacting with accurate information. Whether it be political, socially based, or climate-related. The community comes together and shares accurate information, and challenges their assumptions about themselves and the world. If you believe that you have some assumptions that you need challenging or would like to help challenge the social assumptions about the world, you should check out the Blacksheep community. For more information about what they stand for and with, read about them here.

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