Is Competition healthy or unhealthy?

Is Competition healthy or unhealthy?

The question of whether IS COMPETITION HEALTHY OR UNHEALTHY? varies from person to person. Ask any average person to describe the ideal retreat from their everyday life, and they will paint for you a life that is stress-free and non-competitive. Our perfect oasis in life then is not a safe, comfortable, unchallenging escape from the joys and distresses that constitute our lives. We thrive more when there is competition in our lives.

Is Competition Healthy Or Unhealthy?

According to scientists, healthy competition can help a child have more energy and spirit; it can stimulate people’s better performance. Simultaneously, unhealthy competition can destroy self-esteem and decrease hunger to reach and realize your dreams and aspirations in life. Low self-esteem is a significant contributor to stress, as is a loss of control over a situation.

Build A Healthy Rivalry In Your Workplace

Competition, where a party to the challenge is subjected to inferiority feelings, is likely to result in long-term effects. Consider a child who is repeatedly replaced in sports activities; he/she will place more emphasis on winning over personal improvement. The result often is an insecure child. Competition is more than an element of sports or social pecking order for teens.

Again, look to the office setting. In such environments, the competition to be the most delicate dresser leads to an awful and stressful focus on clothes, makeup, and posturing, often ignoring the main reason at work. This kind of unhealthy competition in any work arena leads to competition for jobs leading to backbiting and underhanded strategies to tear down perceived opponents. The stress that results from such unhealthy competitions is the type that destroys marriages, creates massive debt crises, and encourages distorted perceptions of what is essential in life.

The answer to how to segregate good stress from wrong, healthy competition from unhealthy one is simple: release the need to be competitive in areas over which you have little control, like appearance or fancy possessions.

However, eliminating all competitive urges leads to a society disinterested in challenges and self-betterment. In contrast, cooperative competition leads to self-improvement and awareness of the benefit of rising to the challenge of making the world a better place. Ask the average person, again, to describe their idyllic oasis in life. Once they understand the void that eliminating all challenges and competition in their world will create, I am confident they will most likely want to opt for a very competitive environment to choose how and where to reach in life.

Thus, our oasis in life is more miniature about passivity and laziness and more about enjoying and embracing the stimulation of life, on terms in which we are comfortable engaging those challenges. In short, this life is a place where we have a measure of control over those stressors and challenges that we feel that we have a reasonable expectation of hurdling. Healthy competitions are the storm we need to make our life tree very strong, durable, and exciting.

Define Your Success Drive


It is essential to reflect upon the things that motivate you and the forces behind them. You must decide if you would like to be in a healthy competition with others or if you’re in competition with yourself. You would possibly believe that you aren’t nearly as good as you’ll be, and you push yourself more as a result. You would perhaps fear failure and drive yourself, but you don’t know how to succeed or how to go about it. Thus, your self-confidence is going to be compromised.

The distinct drive for healthily competing will most of the time push you to go the extra mile to get yourself better every day. You are asking yourself why you’re competitive and what you’ll gain by being healthily competitive. It will help you become conscious of the impulses you’ve got that are unhealthy and the people who propel you forward.
The value of competition in economic processes cannot be overstated. Healthy competition benefits not only customers but also companies in several ways.

Innovative Thinking


Competition forces you to think more creatively, which is crucial for your company’s success. Assume that yours is the only company in a specific sector and that you have complete market control. Then, you ignore the idea of satisfying your customers like your competitor since there’s no competitor. You’re the sole option for your customers, and that they need to be happy with whatever you provide, whether it’s service or product.

Thus innovative thinking doesn’t become a necessity which causes you to be inactive in review. But, healthy competition necessitates creative thinking as you can’t survive without it. You’ll likely have to take advantage of technological advancements or operational strategy to edge out any close or related competitor.


You might not focus much on the quality of the service you deliver if there’s no competition. As your customers have no other option, your products might pull a crowd in the market even though customers aren’t satisfied with your services. Quality of service may be a key to customer satisfaction. When healthy competitors are around you, you’d be forced to dish out better quality services. This will influence customers, which will positively impact you in the long run.

Better Comprehension Of Consumer Needs

You gather information about consumer needs or requirements because there is a lot of competition. You will be forced to copy your competitors making more profit than you because it means they have adopted some great techniques to draw in customers from the same market or industry as you. It might be better service, low prices or new packages, etc.

So, you’ll study strategies that your competitors adopted, making them successful. Thus, you’ll quickly know your customers’ mindset, and this will be utilized to form your business’s successful tactics and strategies. In short, you recover ideas that you can make use of. Healthy competition will push you to search for what the customers and clients want, and you make a careful effort to satisfy them all.

Better Motivation


To stand out from the competition, you usually got highly motivated and checked out to stay as a far better business owner within your industry. You become proactive, alert, creative, and in particular, focused. You stop being complacent and always consider better ways to satisfy your customers to drive sales. You never wish to travel down, and you become an actual hard performing at an equivalent time bright individual though it’d be to face out from the competition.

You try to reinforce your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Altogether, you become highly motivated to achieve great heights. Reflecting on what drives you to succeed helps assess whether your inclinations are beneficial for you or not. Sometimes you might think that it is healthy to push yourself to your limits. In doing so, you might believe you better yourself and achieve more.

Intense thought helps to evaluate your actions’ motivations and opens your mind to consider whether your causes are positive and nourishing. You can discover that you are overworking yourself for the wrong reasons and that the profit you get does not match the effort you put in. Alternatively, your competition can sabotage your performance in minor ways. As you question your motives, redefining your definition of success to include what is truly beneficial and positive for you won’t be a problem at all.

Unhealthy competition is too familiar in today’s immediate workplace environment. The Harvard Business Review claims that eliminating this negative sense of rivalry begins with leaders. The secret to accomplishing this is to embrace a “partnering mentality.” Leaders in this model portray performance as something mutual and inclusive.

Leaders can use the following three strategies to help team members see the importance of teamwork and a “partnering mentality.

Illustrate the “partnering mentality” you like to foster as an attitude. Leaders may exhibit interest and attention in those they work with by asking questions and offering insightful answers. Team members will trust each other more if you model this action.

Respect and reward good cooperation over individual achievements. Although some rivalry is good, rewarding individual performance too often can lead to a zero-sum game in which one employee’s success is dependent on the failure of another. Team members are expected to turn their competitive attention into a desire to outperform competitors.

Frame the challenge ahead as something in need of diverse perspectives and skills. Assist each employee in recognizing his or her skills, experience, and expertise. Demonstrate to the team that they will achieve tremendous success when people work together for a common purpose.


Excessive and overemphasis on being consistently better than the next person at workplaces may damage the main reason for employing tour workers. Each worker should strive at all times to be better than who they were. Unhealthy competition may lead to jealousy, hatred, and malice amongst members of tour staff. As they say, excess of everything will always turn into a curse; hence, care must be taken to cross the red line.

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How to get rid of pride? 5 proven ways

How to get rid of pride? 5 proven ways

Before we discuss how to get rid of pride, there are certain things we must know and understand. If the meaning and understanding of a thing are lacking, abuse is inevitable. What is Pride? With the help of a dictionary, Pride can be defined as a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admitted. It can also be said to be a feeling that you respect yourself and deserve to be respected by others. Another part of the definition of pride is having a feeling that you are better than others.

How To Get Rid Of Pride? There are so many definitions of pride, there are some positive and negative definitions. Pride on the positive side is a sense of satisfaction due to achievement. Often pride and ego are interpreted the same way depending on the context of the situation. Pride is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that is good and healthy for motivation and encouragement.

For instance, one who takes pride in the quality of the goods or services they provide will not take anything below par. Pride can be negative when someone has the feeling that they are superior to others. Pride can make one think about himself and his gains only all the time. While the result of a positive pride is satisfaction and fulfillment, a negative sense of pride leads to arrogance and bad relationship among people.

Pride often brings about self-admiration, which in the end leads to such people thinking that he is superior to others. As rightly said above pride and ego can be used interchangeably but they can also mean different things. An egoistic person would not accept someone to have equal importance as himself because ego beclouds him with a lot of self-admiration which leads him to look down on people.

This same scenario can happen to one who is filled with negative pride. Pride might appear positive and negative; excess of pride is very bad for the growth and development of a person. Nearly everyone loves to hear the word, “I am proud of you”, “You make me proud”. On the opposite side is self-centeredness and obsession which will lead to a person’s destruction.

Signs Of Pride

Here I’m going to explain the Signs Of Pride:

When You Think About Yourself Alone All The Time


The most common signs of pride are when someone thinks about himself and the gain he could get from something alone. One who doesn’t think about how he could benefit others or how his acts could be very dangerous to the rest of the people around him is proud. A proud person does things that only make him or puts him at advantage over the rest.

This doesn’t mean that one cannot engage in things or activities that will make them stand out, a proud person holds a dangerous advantage over the rest of the people around him. Pride doesn’t make the exhibitor see from other people’s perspectives, they don’t care what effect their decision has on people. Before you can get rid of pride, you need to be able to identify this.

When One Thinks He Is Not Proud

Another sign of being proud is one not accepting to be proud or doesn’t think he is proud all by himself. We don’t judge ourselves when it comes to inter-relationship characters and behaviors, it is people that will tell us if we are good, hospitable, humble, proud, hostile, and so on. When one doesn’t accept that he is proud or feels like he is not proud, the person is proud. It is people around us that can tell what behavior we have.

Behavior is who we are when dealing with people but our character is who we are when we are in our closet. It is essential that you search through your mind and ask questions; how can you get rid of pride if you don’t know that you are proud.

When One Doesn’t Take To Correction

One of the elements of pride is not admitting wrongdoings and taking to corrections. Proud people do not see anybody above them, so they don’t take anybody’s advice or admit their wrongs and accept correction. In most cases, they regard what they do as the best thing anybody can do. People with lots of pride find it difficult to accept their decisions as wrong.

When One Lacks Loyalty


Someone who is filled with pride finds it hard to be loyal. As rightly said above, a proud person finds it hard to yield to corrections and thinks about himself alone, such a person cannot be loyal. Pride breeds disloyalty because when your opinion doesn’t count again, you are no more loyal to the course.

A good example of this is usually seen in a group or organization where one proud person is among the stakeholders or the board of directors to be making decisions, if his opinion no longer matters to the group, he becomes disloyal.

When One Wants To Always Be At The Center Of Attention

Another important sign of pride is wanting to always be at the center of attention and appreciation. This means that when someone wants to be at the center of everything, they want people’s attention. When someone starts to feel this way, such a person is proud.

The difficult thing about this set of people is that when they don’t get the attention again, some will do everything in their capacity (good or bad) to get this attention back or some might feel less important. I have read of some people who ran into depression just because they are not getting the attention they were once getting.

5 Proven ways To Get Rid Of Pride?

Here we will discuss 5 Proven ways To Get Rid Of Pride?

1. Do Not Compete And Compare Yourself With Anyone


Comparing yourself with others in terms of ability, achievements or connection is not good. When you see people that you have outperformed, you tend to look down on them as they cannot help you in any way since you have more than they do in terms of anything. When you compete with people, it affects your relationship with them, this makes you see them as a potential threat in the present or future time. A philosopher once said, “If competition is an effective motivating force for you, then just compete with your past self so you will be determined to be better. It will help HOW TO GET RID OF PRIDE.

2. Encourage The Weaklings And Influence Others Positively

Another way HOW TO GET RID OF PRIDE is by encouraging the weak ones we find around and influencing them to do more. Do you know that cheering someone who is weak and is not doing so well gives you a sense of accomplishment that you have positively influenced and had helped someone? Most people fear that when they help the weak ones around them, especially in a place of work, they are afraid that the helped one can outshine them.

3. Admit Mistakes And Take To Corrections Easily


Be quick to admit your mistakes once you find out or someone tells you about them. Admitting your mistakes is a great step to correction. If you don’t humbly admit that you are wrong, the corrections might not be done effectively and with enthusiasm. Admitting one’s mistakes is not for the weak, only the courageous ones do it.

4. Be Ready To Help Others

Willingness to help others drives away pride. A person who doesn’t attribute any significance to helping people or demanding things before he or she would help will not in any way entertain pride. When a person prioritizes returns over help, such a person would stop helping once the returns had a stop or were not worth his energy. A helping life is a life void of pride because the person will prioritize making an impact over gains.

5. Suppress The Act Of Always Being At The Center Of Attention

It has become the habit for some people to always want to be at the center of attention or appreciation or recognition. And one of the signs of pride in this so tries as much as possible to suppress this behavior. These people irrespective of their position always want the highest recognition and thereby breeding selfishness and pride.

In conclusion, the consequence of pride is greater than the self-appreciation it tends to give. Be rest assured to know that a person filled with pride is an arrogant person. Pride and arrogance work hand in hand, wherever you see pride you will see arrogance and vice versa.

Pride is ignorance packaged easily because a proud person will not ask for help when he needs one which might lead to his downfall or death. Moreover, a person filled with pride ends up being isolated because people will neglect them in the long run.

This often happens in their old age, because they are fond of not heeding advice. Also, pride prevents growth and promotes stagnation. A proud person feels he has arrived and no one is close to him in achievements and accomplishments which shuts the door to learning new ways of learning and advancement. Pride cannot lead successfully and it is despised by people.

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8 Ways to Become a Good Critic of Your Thinking

8 Ways to Become a Good Critic of Your Thinking

Suppose you have realized the power of being the critic of your thinking, and you’re here reading this article to gain more knowledge on how to do so. In that case, we assure you, you are halfway there—realizing that your thought process needs to be critically evaluated. Become a Critic of Your Thinking. It is a big step towards better and healthy thinking!

In this article, we will discuss ways you can help yourself become a better critic of your thoughts. We will try to give as much intel on how to be a better critic.

Here you go:

8 Ways to Become a Critic of Your Thinking

You Need To Have Clearer Thoughts

Become a Critic of Your Thinking

You need to make sure that your mind is free of any thoughts that will make you underconfident or question your decisions otherwise. You need to understand the real meaning behind what people say to you and stop assuming things on your own. The trick lies in figuring out the real meaning of critical information. If you’re unsure, ask again. If you’re still skeptical or the real purpose is making you uneasy, question it again and be patient. You need to be patient if you want to be a good critic of your thinking.

Ways to Become a Critic of Your Thinking.

You can use the following strategies to help clear your mind better:

  • Summarize the words that you have been spoken about
  • Understand them correctly, without adding your assumptions
  • Confirm with the other person if what you have understood is what they meant
  • . Elaborate on what you think
  • . You can associate your thinking with examples.

You Need To Be More Reasonable

It would help if you looked out for any reasonable behavior – yours and the people you are dealing with. If people around you have unreasonable behavior, then it’s time you set them right. Look out for what they do, listen to what they have to say. You need to look under the surface rather than focusing on what’s on the surface. You need to see if their views are correct without judging them.

Ask them if you have any doubts. You can break their defensiveness by getting under their skin; this way, you can understand them better and become a better critic of your thinking.

Moreover, you can see what kind of language people use. Sometimes, people use unreasonable language. It would be best to let go of the thought that you are always right and the other person’s perspective is wrong. You need to have an open mind and consider listening to their view with a neutral thought. There are very few people who are willing to listen to other people’s perspectives without imposing their beliefs on them. You need to decide; do you want to be wise, or do you want to listen to yourself?

Don’t Go Beyond The Original Point

Become a Critic of Your Thinking

You might find yourself wandering in your mind from one place to another or from one thought to another. This skipping of view creates a loop of unwanted thoughts that do you no good. So, you must ignore the unwanted and extra thoughts that pop up in your mind and focus on the original point for healthy thinking.

When you have a problem and think of a solution, you must stay focused on finding the answer. Some people spend more time grieving about the situation than accusing the people or things that have caused the problem. Don’t you think these thoughts waste your time? Your primary purpose should be to solve the problem.

When you have taken out the solution and implemented it, sometimes you will not get satisfied. It is okay; you need to focus on your original goal and become a critic of your thinking.

Ask More Questions To Become a Critic of Your Thinking

Become a Critic of Your Thinking

It is completely alright if you do not understand something. To be the critic of your thinking, you need to have an open mind and no insecurities regarding asking questions. If you do not know what is communicated to you, then you should ask again. If you do not understand too, be confident and ask again. You must know what you are told correctly to be a good thinker.

Some people are not good at perceiving the information that they are given, and some are not good at questioning things. Both of the situations are dangerous for a healthy thinking process. It would be best if you learned to draft your questions beforehand so you get better answers.

Not only should you learn to question things, but you also need to know to perceive the answers well. You can ask more powerful questions to lead you to a deep conversation and better solutions and communication. Hence, you will end up getting a perspective!

Don’t Lose Track of Your Goal

Become a Critic of Your Thinking

Many times, people get astray from their path because of the background noise in their heads. ‘Why is it happening?’ ‘What are my competitors doing?’ ‘What’s the latest gossip?’ These questions might pop up in your head often, especially when you are supposed to focus on your goal.

So, what do you do when you’re in such a position? You need to understand that there is no way you can move forward if you are not well focused on your goal. To do that, you need to eliminate the noises in your head that will only distract you and do no good to you. Sit back and be the honest critic of your thinking( Become a Critic of Your Thinking). Do you perform better when you do not focus on random thoughts, don’t you?

Get Rid of Unrealistic Thoughts

Yes, you need to be creative in life and have an innovative mindset. But you need to be able to differentiate between creative thoughts and unrealistic thoughts! The creative thoughts in your head will help you sort out your problems and achieve more in life. However, the romantic ideas will only lead you on with an image of better decisions, and then later, you will realize that you had chosen the wrong path.

Not only will you blame yourself, but you will also have to waste your energy in figuring out the new situation you would have gotten yourself in.

Be a good critic and analyze your thoughts. Throw away the unrealistic ones and keep the creative ones. Your life will become much more comfortable! If you Become a Critic of Your Thinking.

Do not Jump To Conclusions

One of the most favorite tasks of human beings is to jump to conclusions. We need to realize that jumping to conclusions is not the way our brain exercises. It only exhausts our minds and the mind of the person we are dealing with. We misinterpret what the other person is saying and create our reality. Is that real? No. That is something that your insecurities have made, and you have just become a puppet of your insecurities.

Do you want to let your insecurities lead you? We are pretty sure that you don’t. So, instead of reaching conclusions immediately and doubting other people’s intentions, learn to give them a chance to explain themselves. If they cannot please you, you can decide how you want to deal with them!

Surround Yourself With the Same Kind of People

If you do not want to learn anything new in life, do not like to explore, you can surround yourself with the same kind of people. People who think and act just like the way you do. People who reassure your every decision and fail to evaluate you critically.

However, if you want to learn from new experiences, new people and have an open mind about listening to other people’s opinions about you, then you should look around. Are you surrounded by people who have the same thinking as you do, or do they think differently? If the people around you think differently, you are good to go, but if they don’t, you need to add more people to your life who can give you a different opinion.

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5 Ways To Help You in Manifesting Positivity and Staying Happy

5 Ways To Help You in Manifesting Positivity and Staying Happy

The best way to live a healthy life is to have a positive approach towards it. But what can you do when surrounded by too much negativity and you cannot even spot it? All you need is to make some effort to start manifesting positivity in your life, and I will help you with the rest!

In this article, you will find ways to start manifesting positivity, be more energetic and have a positive approach towards the problem you have to face in your daily life, so read on!

Manifesting Positivity

1. Manifesting Positivity by Starting Your Day Early

Waking up in the morning might seem like the most challenging thing in the world. However, you will see that it can be an incredibly liberating feeling. You will see that when you start your day early, you will have more time at your hand to do your work. You can finish your chores and your work more quickly and then you can have the rest of the day for yourself.

How we start our day shapes the rest of our day. Suppose you’re one of those people who have a lazy day and don’t feel energetic all day, then you should give waking up early a shot and see if it works for you. Have a cup of coffee, go for a run in the morning, and you will find yourself more active and healthy and manifest positivity!

2. Manifesting Positivity By Keeping Your Phone Away

You must be thinking about how keeping your phone away help you manifest your positivity. The culprit is not your phone; social media is the one to blame. Sometimes social media sucks the life out of you. Most of the things on social media are fake and made up, and watching them all the time demotivates you. Wouldn/t you instead spend time on yourself than watch people showing off their lives? Learn to practice mindfulness, and you can do that if you know how to manifest positivity in your daily life.

I suggest that you switch off your phone for some time and try to do something productive or something that makes you happy. It could be anything; gardening, swimming, listening to music or any other hobby you have. Using your phone all the time can make you cranky, and instead of manifesting positivity, you start being negative. You need to have some time away from the world and just to yourself!

3. Manifesting Positivity By Surround Yourself With Positive People

Communication is a massive aspect of our lives that affects us. Have you noticed that you produce the same kind of energy that you absorb? If you’re sitting with people who have negative thoughts and a negative approach towards life, you will start reciprocating their feelings. You will start feeling those negative feelings and begin adopting those negative ideas.

Vice versa, when you start communicating or hanging out with people who are high on life and have a happy-go-lucky behavior, even if you’re having a bad day, you will begin to absorb their energy and start manifesting positivity. So, refrain from people who are harmful because they will become toxic to you.

4. Manifesting Positivity By Remembering Good Times

When times are complex, and everything is falling apart, you start losing hope. What is it that you do then? Do you give up? Do you think that you should give up? Well, you shouldn’t because life is challenging, and sometimes it gets rocky, but all ends well when you don’t give up and have hope. How can you manifest positivity when times like this come your way?

You can remember the good times you had in the past. Times when you had a good life, and you were happy. You can place the times when you thought you were weak, but you came out strong. You can remember the times when you were thankful for all the things you had conquered and all the times you thought you couldn’t make it, but you did. Remember your successes and the lessons you learned from your losses because they indeed were your best times, and they will be the times that will help you in manifesting positivity, especially when you’re struggling in life.

5. Manifesting Positivity through Smiling

Manifesting Positivity

This is the simplest thing you can do to manifest positivity. You can smile. It’s sad how sometimes we spend a whole day without laughing or even smiling. What is the purpose of life if we cannot smile through it? How do you think you can stay positive and have a positive vibe if you don’t smile often?

Sometimes it’s hard to smile when you’re having a bad day. Have you ever had anybody tell you to smile when you’re down or sad or just cranky? Don’t you hate it when they do this? But sometimes, you should listen to them because smiling when you don’t want to can help you manifest some positivity inside your body, and your day can get a little better, if not ultimately better.

Smiling not only helps you in manifesting positivity, but it helps others in it too. How? If you’re a happy person, you’ll see that you will spread happiness around you. Maybe you have a great smile, and it makes someone else’s day. So smile as much as you can. Make your day better and spread happiness!


This article discussed how you could manifest positivity by adding some simple routine to your life. You could add all of them or even one of them to your daily routine, and you will see that your view towards life will start getting more optimistic.

You can start your day with positivity, and you will see that you will manifest positivity throughout your day. You can create positive vibes around you by keeping your phone away or surrounding yourself with positive people because company matters! If you’re feeling down about your day, you can stay positive by remembering some old but good times. We assure you that some great times are just behind the corner! The best and the most straightforward advice I can give you is that you can stay positive and spread positivity just by smiling!

Did you enjoy the positive vibes in this article? Did you manifest some positivity by reading it?

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Interpretation and manifestation of synchronicity signs

Interpretation and manifestation of synchronicity signs

Things don’t just happen; synchronicity signs explain the concept. Psychiatrist Carl Jung first discussed the concept. We have different ways of achieving our goals in life. What works for “A” might not work for “B.” With each step we take, every decision and approach we follow, the universe backs it up in an unexplainable way.

What are synchronicity signs?  Synchronicity signs are used to describe the alignment of events and occurrences in our lives. This kind of feeling cannot be explained by scientific evidence. It gives assurance about a decision to be made. It fuels our intuition. When your soul gets involved in anything, nothing happens by accident. Your soul influences your decision-making through the thoughts and images it provides. It gives you certainty and assurance about our decisions.

Sometimes, we seem to be happy for nothing. That is not ultimately true because the mind senses positive and negative actions that the brain hasn’t captured yet. When we look deep into our minds, we will find out. The mind has a way of speaking to us through clues, riddles, symbols, etc. It would help if you had a deep investigation and a solid mental awareness to uncover this information.

synchronicity signs

Synchronicity is formed from the word “sync.” It’s the process of experiencing an arrangement or coincidence that arouses courage. We begin to wonder how some events come to favor us at a crucial time. We ask ourselves how things may be falling in place steadily and progressively. The song your spirit drew attention to when you woke up, and you sang it well in and out of the shower. It is the same song a radio presenter played on your way to work. You begin to wonder what is happening; today must be a good day.

Synchronicity signs occur when our inner thoughts connect with the outer world, places, people, and things. They are spiritual significances that momentarily reduce our self-obsession and consider divine possibilities. When these signs happen, they leave us with the experience that we curiously seek to know. We tend to pay more attention to things around us. It creates a moment that sparks different thoughts in us.

It could be a coincidence and also could be your inner world connecting to your outer activities. It depends on what you believe. Many people don’t believe synchronicity signs are possible; they believe in only what they can see.

Why do synchronicity signs happen

If synchronicity signs are real, why do we get them? Many people will ask this question. Yes, synchronicity signs are real. The reason why we get them is simple. Sometimes we need a push or encouragement that we are on the right path. However, it could also tell us if we are going down a potentially dangerous path. Generally, when these signs lead us to make some choices, those are the best to get the best results.

Synchronicity signs happen to show that our efforts and purposes are aligning. It encourages us to do more, to yield the best outcome. You might feel extra energy in you to do things at times, and then they fall in place. It happens everywhere. In most cases, you don’t have to do more than you have been doing before things align. There are two ways to achieve success: the effort or the preparatory side and the delivery side. A person might spend lots of time in the effort stage and not do well in the delivery stage. Synchronicity signs can aid the ability to deliver.

For example, this has at one time or another applied to us. Going into an exam hall knowing fully well you haven’t prepared as much as you would have. With so many fears in your heart, you entered the exam center only to find out you read only the places that came out. When synchronicity signs happen, part of yourself already knows what you should be doing. You need help in bringing your thoughts into reality.

Relationship between synchronicity signs and coincidence

Synchronicity signs are signs that lead us to make the right choices. Coincidence is the accidental occurrence of events happening at the same time but seems to have a connection. Anything your mind gives you an initial idea about is not a coincidence. Coincidence might happen, and you will forget about it with time. Synchronicity signs leave you with the curiosity to look deeper into your soul. Whether the occurrences are coincidences or synchronicity signs, it all depends on how it translates in your mind.

synchronicity signs

Billions of ideas flow through our minds every day, and that is why you can wake up to see an idea you just thought about being implemented by another person. Synchronicity signs are multiple signs pointing our attention towards a path. Someone once said, “Synchronicity is when coincidence shifts the motion of your life.”

Moreover, synchronicity signs are coincidental happenings. That’s the relationship between them. All synchronicity signs are coincidental happenings, but not all coincidental happenings are synchronicity signs. Carl Jung described synchronicity signs as a meaningful coincidence.

Difference between serendipity and synchronicity signs

Serendipity is when something good accidentally occurs. An example is being in urgent need of something, and then you get it accidentally. Synchronicity signs are a series of occurrences that are highly sensitive and meaningful.

Difference between synchronicity signs and Apophenia

Apophenia is the inclination to see meaningful connections and patterns between unrelated or random things. There is no specific scientific explanation of synchronicity signs, and many have called it Apophenia. Synchronicity is not seeing false patterns in random and meaningless information. Both apophenia and synchronicity signs exist. Synchronicity signs don’t create misleading connections; it leads us on the path of truth. Apophenia accepts connections that are valid between unrelated occurrences to make quality decisions.

Synchronicity signs have been one of the most complexes and misunderstood concepts. It causes people to question within them what is rational and scientific. While both apophenia and synchronicity signs tend to look alike, there are apparent differences. Apophenia is what a rational thinker would do, reflecting on recent or past occurrences. Synchronicity signs come with a feeling and a prompt from within. Apophenia will help you to draw conclusions and unravel mysteries. Synchronicity signs will assure you that you are on the right or wrong path.

The synchronicity idea is to draw a balance between the seen and the unseen world. To brew a connection between the inner and the outside world. Carl Jung, in his thesis, said these signs might have come as a result of the human desire to heal and grow. He also added that synchronicity signs are elements that connect people to the more profound truth about their existence. They are signs from the spiritual and authentic part of our being. Some described those signs as miracles or guides from heaven.

Typical forms of Synchronicity Signs

  1. I see repeated numbers. An example is when checking your time (11:11, 10:01, 02:20, 08:08).
synchronicity signs
  • It is at the right place at the right time.
  • Thinking about something, and it happens.
  • I was dreaming about people, places, or animals and seeing them in real life.
  • I see repeated signs and figures.
  • Strange alignment of dates of birth between friends, colleagues, or partners.
  • I am hearing people discuss what is very helpful to you at a particular time.
  • I hear different songs at different places with the same meaning.
  • Stumbling on information that coincides with the situation you are passing through.
  • Thinking about someone and then the person calls you.
  • Running into someone over and over again

How to be open to synchronicity signs

People who choose to walk in the inner path of self-enlightenment and transformation are more open to synchronicity signs.

What are the steps involved?

  1. Be mindful and alert in your mind
  2. Pay attention to your dreams
  3. Look for symbolic meanings
  4. Research about timing coincidence
  5. Be open and receptive
  6. Be humble
  7. Be flexible
  8. Trust yourself
  9. Follow your instincts
  10. Use tools: Tools such as tarot cards and the pendulum can be helpful when interpreting synchronicity signs.

What are the things that create Synchronicity

  1. The unconscious mind
  2. The harmony of energy
  3. The Law of attraction
  4. The Psychic abilities

Finally, don’t ignore the synchronicity signs you come across. At first, it might look like luck. The more you experience it, the more you see that it is more than just luck or mere coincidence. They are not just events to make us happy; they are guidance and assurance that we are on the right path. Ignoring such signs will be detrimental to our success. The best way to look for these signs is not to expect them. Sounds crazy? But that’s the truth.

Take your mind off expectations and be calm. The signs will come. When these signs come, always pay attention to what you are thinking at the moment. The power to see and interpret these signs starts and ends with you (your intuition). Join us at The Black Sheep Community today for more clarification and guidance.

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How to Be a Practicing Thinker?

How to Be a Practicing Thinker?

Do you want to master the art of thinking? Wait, what? How can you master your review? When you learn to control your thoughts and guide them towards better learning, you become a practicing thinker.

What good can it do to you? When you become a practicing thinker, you can be more efficient in whatever you’re doing. You can eliminate all the negative thoughts that pull you down, and well, you can conquer the world around you!

Here in this article, we will look at how we can become great practicing thinkers by adopting simple habits.

Control your Thoughts

Practicing Thinker

You may find yourself wondering about random things in your day. If you start calculating the time you spend thinking about things that are not important, you will be shocked. Now, think about all the time you could have saved when you were not just daydreaming and thinking about things that do not even matter and spend your time on the things that do matter.

They say time is money. You have 24 hours in a day, out of which you have spent 8 hours sleeping. The rest of the day is what decides how your future is going to be. So, do you want to waste your day thinking about things that you can ignore? You sometimes need to give your mind a shut-up call and make it focus on the essential things. Don’t let your mind procrastinate. Learn to differentiate between necessary and unimportant thoughts, and you will be one step closer to being a practicing thinker!

Critically Analyze Your Moves

Practicing Thinker

You need to set your head straight and think twice before making a decision. We would say think thrice before taking a decision! And before that, analyze your every step. You need to look at your every step from a third person’s eye. ‘Is it really how it should be?’ ‘Can there be another solution to this problem?’ ‘Can there be another alternative?’ ‘Did I make any mistakes?

In the beginning, this might make you a little bit anxious, but with time you will see that you will start critically evaluating your thoughts and moves subconsciously. Imagine! You will not need to spend any energy assessing your studies, and you will master the technique of a practicing thinker.

The secret to analyzing your moves is to look at them from a third person’s perspective, and then when you realize what you’re doing wrong, you fix it. You will see that you will stop making the same mistakes again.

Logical Reasoning

Practicing Thinker

Logic has the key to your mind. The reason will help you solve your mysteries, sense will help you move forward, and most importantly, logic will help you make the right decisions. All you have to do is ask yourself one question; WHY. ‘Why are you doing this?’ ‘Why is this important? ‘What is the real reason behind this’ A simple WHY will make a practicing thinker. Find out how in the next paragraph!

This WHY will help you set your mind to prove to you everything logically. From making small decisions like buying a fridge to leaving your job. You will see that logical reasoning with your brain will help you make the best decision and comfort your heart. Let’s assume you have to miss your best friend’s wedding due to some work commitments.

In this situation, your heart wants to go to the wedding and wish them luck, and there is a chance that you will give in to your heart. However, if you sit back and relax a little, logically reason with your heart that if you do not abide by your commitment, there is a chance that you might lose the chance of getting promoted. Logical reasoning will not only make your decision-making process easy, but it will give your heart the satisfaction it needs!

Stop Assuming Things

Practicing Thinker

Are you an overthinker? It is okay, most of us are! But is your overthinking giving you anxiety and affecting your daily routine? Is it making you anxious and slowing you down? Are you unable to reach your full potential? Well, then your overthinking is doing more harm to you than you think.

You need to realize that you have to stop assuming things. If something is bothering you, you need to ask or find your answer yourself! A practicing thinker has control over their overthinking. A practicing thinker does not exaggerate their thinking until becomes harmful for them.

To stop overthinking, you need to stop assuming things and go out to find your answers. How do you do that? If something is bothering you that involves a person, ask them. If something is bothering you that involves more research, do it! Looking for answers is healthier than creating false scenarios in your head and believing them. It clouds your judgment.

Ask Questions

Practicing Thinker

The next most important step to being a great practicing thinker is the most straightforward and fun one. You need to ask more questions from people around you, from the internet, and, most importantly, yourself. You will see that once you start asking more questions, you will begin to grabbing more knowledge, and let us tell you one thing; there is no harm in being more knowledgeable. You will feel that you are more powerful than you were yesterday.

When you ask more questions, your thinking process improves, and you can evaluate better between your options. This can especially be helpful when you have to choose from different alternatives. Asking more questions helps you in getting knowledge about your choices, which only makes the decision easier.

Yes, it’s hard to question everything, but we are not asking you to examine every stone in your way! It would help if you learned to choose what you want to challenge. Question the things that are important, helpful, and logical.

Explore New Options

Practicing Thinker

This is the step that is the most entertaining but hard to achieve. It would help if you had an open and diverse mind. Are you somebody who doesn’t like to listen to other people’s opinions? Or does not have an open mind accepting things that are different in society? Just think about all the knowledge you have missed out on over the years, and you still are willing to miss out because you have rigid thinking.

If you are a rigorous thinker, you will notice that you have a limited circle of people who have the same thought process and belong to the same mindset. You have stayed with them for a long time now. Can you learn new things from them now?

It would help if you let your mind breathe and let it absorb different kinds of diversity. Have a more acceptable behavior towards other people, their mindsets, and their lifestyles. You will see that you will start learning more when you open yourself up to them, and it will do more good to you.

Another way of exploring new options is visiting new places and exploring new environments. Have different experiences and learn from them. Some say that you know the best when you fall. So, do not fear your falling, because when you get up, you will only be wiser than you were before! And being wiser will make you an exemplary practicing thinker!

Be Creative

Do not limit your mind to options that you have explored before. Do not let your mind run on autopilot. You are a human being; you need to stay alive and creative to grow. How will you grow as a person, as a human, and as an entrepreneur if you have limited your mind resources? Your mind needs to feed on your creativity.

Once you have mastered the art of controlling your mind, questioning, being more diverse, you mustn’t let your mind handle you subconsciously. Be a little creative when doing little things. Do something different in your day. You will see that your mind will get more fresh, and you will get a hint of excitement inside you.

Be creative when it comes to making decisions that you have to make every day, like choosing the route to home or cooking. You will see that you became a healthy soul and, thus, a healthy thinker!

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