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BSC Mastery Class

MONDAY 19-04-2021


Course: Story Telling 

Time Welcome session: 12.00 PM (Amsterdam, GMT+2)

Duration:  10 days

In an international group with 10 Forward Thinkers you will join an online Learning Experience throughout 10 days.

What to expect:

It begins with a Zoom-welcome-session with your BSC Mastery Classmates and our Moderator.

There also is a LIVE Q&A-session with Minke Tromp herself and our Moderator.

Ending with Final Feedback Session Live with Minke Tromp and our Moderator.

And in order to finalise the course there is an inspiring ‘challenge’ which we will feature on our social media channels. So you (can begin to) build your audience. And we’ll send you a surprise to thank you when you have done it all.


The BSC Mastery Classes are free of charge. Why? Because we believe our planet truly needs Forward Thinking and Thought Leadership.

Story Telling

Forward Thinking means a lot of lost messages, unheard nuances and wasted effort in conversations. It doesn’t have to be that way. Not per sé that needs to slowly cool down your motivations. This free course will help you to create magic in all your communications and find your way to impact with your Ideas.

Minke Tromp

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We need to connect on great ideas and amplify wisdom on our planet urgently

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