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Big Head Egos, we all know them. We don’t all like them. But is there a place for a big head ego in the world? Does society at large reward a big head ego? Well, the answer is more complicated than you might think. Suppose we look at the last 100 years of history.

There are examples of big head egos and humble people who have significantly impacted our lives.
There are also many examples where having a big head ego created success for individuals. Likewise, again where being humble did the same. Each one of these has its followers and detractors. So, the question then remains, is there still a place for Big Head Egos in the current world and social structure?

What is Big Head Ego?

Well, the concept is just what you think it is. It describes the people we know that are out there, prominent personalities that thrive on others’ admiration. But most importantly, these individuals have an enormous view of themselves. They believe that they have all the answers and all the right questions. They do not see why they would fail, and they always see themselves as just a little better than everyone else.

For the record, there is nothing wrong with having an ego. Having pride in yourself and your accomplishments is healthy. It’sWhen you force it on people, it will become a problem for you and those around you. As a leader in your community, you need to have humility more than being egotistical. A Big Head Ego does have a few advantages, though. In certain circumstances, you do need a larger-than-normal ego to survive.

Big Head Egos of Today

To understand the concept of Big Head Egos a little better. We need to look at the life of a certain ex-president of the USA. You know the man I am talking about. Yes him. Throughout his life, he has always been known for his larger-than-life Ego. Up until a few years ago, this characteristic served him well, for the most part.

As a businessman, he had some great successes earlier in life. This is where the ego attitude was born and bred. It is also where we can see the potential positives of a big head ego. Here is a man surrounded by a whole team of people who all worked on various projects and for his companies. Yet when there were any accolades to be handed out, he was the only one that would stand up and receive them.

With the many properties that his company developed, he even went as far as placing his name on the buildings. This is not necessarily evidence of a big head ego; however, if you add the persona of the guy to the mix, that is when the real truth comes out.

Significant head ego individuals don’t do everything themselves; they surround themselves with people that are willing to do their bidding without question. If you take a closer look at his life and how he got to where he is today, you will see the charismatic effect that a big head ego can have on people.

Modus Operandi of Big Head Ego

Big Head Ego

A big head ego wants to be the main character in their legend. They will display their achievements and material property in the public eye to get praise and admiration. In the public eye, this guy would be flaunting attachments like his model wife, business success, basically anything that would make him stand out from the crowd.

The psychology behind a big head ego is one of narcissism. The definition of narcissism is in love with the idealized grandiose image of self. This means that you always want to project the brand image that you have in your head about yourself to the world. If we look at our subjects’ lives, we can see how this has played out over the years.

As I said before, for the most part, this was a successful strategy for him. He had many successes and even had a career on tv as a reality show host. There is much to be said for the success that he has had in the past. Yet he also had many failures, and the real test of a big head ego is how they deal with failure.

Any success will be blown out of proportion and will be pontificated from the rooftops. Yet failures will be explained away, and responsibility will be laid in front of other people or circumstances door. If whatever they were doing goes well, it was all because of their leadership and input. But when the project fails, they have 101 excuses as to why it did not go well; sometimes, he even stated that he did not believe it would work from the get-go.

The downfall comes when the big head ego attempts something that needs more than just Ego and past skills. When you are so used to your environment, you do not see the need for growth or learning. You attempt to become the leader of the free world.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last five years, you will surely know what I am talking about. Our subject became the American president, based on principles that only spoke to the egos of others. I will not get political, but as I am sure the audience is firmly divided on our subject, I will delve just slightly.

Big Egos Always Fall

Our subject’s political promises and commitments made played into an untapped ego psyche of the American people. In the land of the free and home of the brave, you need a little ego to survive. Fortunately for him, there was more than enough of it to make him president.
As a leader, he excelled at doing the unpopular popular thing, trying to fulfill his outlandish promises, and stoking the fires of separation. See, a big head ego needs to be admired and praised, and this will only happen if your admirers are in your camp, especially at this level of leadership.

The behavior of the big head ego is always about strutting and prancing. I say that because you will never see big head egos walk into a room looking down. They will always walk into a room, eyes up and looking straight at the room and sizing you up. Bighead egos arrive; they don’t join. Bighead egos expect that you must be in awe of their presence and hang on to their every word. No matter how insensible it might be.

Over the term of his presidency, there are many examples of how the big head ego that might have served him well in business made him the laughing stock of the world. People in America and throughout the world would weekly discuss the latest act of big head ego and how it just does not do any good. Except for maybe himself. He was surrounded by people that would do his bidding. And the minute they spoke against him, they would be removed from the spotlight and replaced.

The final failing of big head ego was during the last year when COVID struck. If you look at the rest of the world’s response to the pandemic and how the USA responded, you see the effect that a big head ego can have on situations. The American response is arguably the worst in the world. And this is not talking about all the other examples of how big head ego would not accept the facts and started making them up to suit himself and his narrative.

Authentic Ego

In contrast, if you examine the president before our big head ego, you see what an authentic ego looks like. A man that came up just like we all did work hard and won the office on statements that included the people around him. He worked tirelessly to achieve what he truly believed was in everyone’s interest. He invoked trust and confidence when he spoke, and he never lied. The contrast to big head ego is also Ego. But an ego that is founded on humility and compassion. Where big head ego is one founded on self-idolism and self-importance.

Black Sheep Community

Being part of the Black Sheep Community means you must be strong and able to defend yourself when tested in social surroundings. Your cause, whatever it might be, will get scrutinized and your opinion will be questioned, and your Ego will take a beating. Ego is part of us all, and we must be mindful not to let it get out of hand and nurture it to be strong. Your healthy Ego will give you the ability to persevere and make it through whatever you need to. Be surrounded by like-minded people, and you will see the effect of a robust and authentic ego and how to nurture it in your life.

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