It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to have imposter syndrome. It’s okay to have low self-esteem. It’s okay not to be happy all the time. It’s okay being okay with yourself.

Being alone is one of the challenges people face today. Some people enjoy being alone and are naturally happy with it. But a lot of deal with accepting themselves the way they are. This could be due to what they’ve heard others say and the fear of taking responsibility.

The truth is building a good relationship with one’s self is a worthy investment. Besides, we spend more time with ourselves than anything. We do a lot of activities with ourselves; we eat, walk, and sleep with ourselves. So why not then relate with that self.

There’s a general opinion that you have to follow some special guidelines to accept yourself, but those are not true. Self-acceptance can be done by any individual who’s willing. Being okay or accepting one’s self is not the same as loneliness.

Being okay is when an individual enjoys solitude. Some people are naturally like that; antisocial, and friendless. At the same time, some people are social and friendly but always look forward to being alone. Loneliness is emotional emptiness and disconnection with families, friends, or loved ones. Loneliness is that emotional state of wanting company.

Being okay with yourself is accepting your natural strengths and weaknesses to be the best person you can be. You cannot deal with what you are not accepting. That weakness can only be dealt with when you accept that’s your configuration.

Many people do not even know what they are, and you cannot accept what you do not know. Most are scared to do a self-reflection exercise to know who they are because they feel they have many weaknesses.

Well, the truth is, No human on Earth is without at the very least one weakness.

You can only be the best Husband, Wife, Child, Civil Servant, and so on when you know who you are, accept it, and work on it. In this article, we’ll be going through various steps that can help with being okay with yourself.

How to be okay with yourself

being okay with yourself

Here I’m going to explain How to be okay with yourself:

1.      Know Yourself

Getting to know yourself is one of the best things an individual can do in accomplishing self-acceptance. As said earlier, you cannot be okay with what you do not know.

You must be willing to know your real self and understand the things holding you from self-acceptance no matter how painful they are.

To get the best of this exercise, the major important thing is realizing the truth about the flaws, pains, confusion, etc. How much we know ourselves will determine how we see ourselves. Most people see themselves based on what some people have said, written, or forecasted.

They think, believe, and live with it even though it’s not the same as what they are. They later find it hard to cope with emotions, pressure, and all because they are living based on a wrong self-impression.

Take the first step into self-acceptance, so you can be cool and okay with yourself. Society can only get better when we discover our uniqueness. Do you even know what your uniqueness is? Or you are just following the image someone else has painted? Check.

2.      Clear All You’ve been told About yourself

Words from people might be through feelings, emotions, insights, intellect, sentiments, and pressure. Whatever anyone said about you to you might be true and might be false. People might say sweet things about you because they Love or fear you and even in pretense. And some might say bad things about you because they do not like you.

You cannot conclude who you are based on these things.

An individual X can gauge another, Y, based on the first impression they get and make conclusions. X might say words to Y based on that impression, but that might not be who Y is. So in a bid to be okay with yourself, you need to clear everything words and impressions others have given concerning yourself.

being okay with yourself

3.      Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

One of the thefts of happiness is Comparisons. Avoid comparing your social life with that of anyone else. We are different beings and whatever works for A might not work for B, which doesn’t mean A is better than B.

The number of friends you keep comparing what other people keep doesn’t count, what’s working for them might not work for you. The number of friends an individual keeps is not a measure of their happiness or the value they add.

Peace is not what someone creates, but it’s something you allow.

4.      Create your way of doing things

Every individual has different strengths and weaknesses. The ways by which we approach and do things will be different. By knowing who you are, you understand what your strengths and weaknesses are. This understanding will help to create how best to approach and do our daily activities.

I could remember in my school days, I knew some of my mates who could read overnight and still be okay for the next day. For myself, I couldn’t even try it because if I did, I’d have headaches and possibly fever the following day.

I couldn’t do what they could do. But I could create my ways of reading, maybe by going to the library during the day or dedicating few hours before evening to do my reading. By creating these means, I could catch up with whatever thing they did overnight and everybody wins.

In essence, understand yourself and get the best of your strengths to subdue your weaknesses.

5.      Tranquillity

Bad and good thoughts will always flow through our minds. Filtering the positive ones and affirming them is a good way towards self-acceptance.

Quenching bad thoughts about yourself and the future will help in self-acceptance and the energy input to your day-to-day activities.

6.      Spend Quality time with yourself

On the Journey of self-acceptance, consciously spending time alone is essential.

There are so many good activities that can be done alone; Self-assessment is one of them. Self Appreciation while alone is also essential.

How much you value yourself will determine how much you will appreciate it. And self-appreciation will determine how you will carry yourself in public, at the workplace, school, and so on.

7.      Always get the best things for yourself.

So many people go about with the mind that they do not deserve something good. This reflects in the type of clothes they wear, shoes, and other accessories.

You have to value yourself so much that you get the best things for yourself in accepting yourself. Never undervalue yourself to the extent of getting below-par stuff for yourself.

Go to the best restaurant that you can afford, order for the best that you can afford.

8.      Create time for your mind

Our mind is a potent tool. An individual can get more than their mind understands.

Find a suitable place to lie down or sit, preferably in a lighting-controlled place. Spare a few minutes to get away from television programs, phones, music, the Internet, and all other distractions.

You can close your eyes or stare at the ceiling or window. Release your mind to roam.

If you are not comfortable with idleness, you can get involved in light activities like knitting, washing dishes, and so on.

You might be discouraged at first because you might not get so much, but with time your mind will get used to it and, in return, give Freedom.

Many individuals give up too quickly because their minds are not configured to be strong enough to handle disappointments, rejections, and failures. Hence, they lose hope and trust in themselves.

being okay with yourself

9.      Physical Exercises

Physical Exercises help the body to release endorphins. These are neurotransmitters in the brain that can make a person feel happier.

For newbies, try simple stretches in the morning and increase the frequency day after day. Or you can get a gym instructor who can guide you from the simple ones to the tedious ones.

Other things that you can do

  • Get the desired Break
  • Get Grateful for things you have and accomplished
  • Go on Vacations and Holidays
  • Reduce your Social Media Activities and time Spent on them
  • Be Open to Changes and improvements

In conclusion, Being okay with yourself is not a one-day task. It involves the constant willingness and deliberate actions day in day out to accomplish self-acceptance.

Being Okay with yourself is more than saying affirmative words to yourself. You have to do the work.

The Greatest individual asset each of us has is ourselves. To make impacts and make our World, Companies, Firms, Societies, and so on better, the key is ourselves.

We have so much treasure embedded in ourselves, so much that we get amazed upon discovery.

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