Being an Outcast Is Better Than Being a Conformist. It is what it is, and here are some words to prove this to you.

How many times have you given up a dream believing that you would be ridiculed for it? How often do you discard ideas for the fear that people will laugh at them? And how frequently do you blame yourself for thinking in a way that nobody else around you does?

Standing out or being different has been made a taboo in our society. People disregarded or ridiculed those who have unique thinking patterns unless they achieve success. So what is people’s obsession with ‘tradition’?

As much as people want to be ‘modern’ and welcoming of new ideas, they fail at letting go of tradition, which can become quite toxic when left ungoverned. Change and tradition don’t exactly go hand in hand. Ans this gives rise to a number of problems for people who want to break free from the shackles of societal norms.

Being an Outcast

Being an Outcast: Fear of Being left out

In the name of tradition, a lot of ideas are propagated thus people consciously or unconsciously follow fatal ideals. Earl Nightingale once said, “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice; it is conformity”. Members of society often surrender to a norm without thinking about its validity or consequences in the long run. They either do it out of the fear of being left out. Or to uphold their so-called tradition.

Conformity is so internalized that people give up their identities and passions in a heartbeat just to save their membership in a community. The desire to fit in is so dangerous that people don’t realize they’re harming themselves by accepting something just to please others. Conformity kills authenticity and promotes passivity. 

Being an Outcast

You might not realize it, but you’re doing better than most people out there just by being a black sheep. You’re doing yourself a favor by rethinking your options before making a choice. Confirmation bias in decision-making does not benefit an individual, but only contributes to maintaining uniformity of the community s/he is a part of. Instead of feeling like an outcast at work, you should be proud of yourself.

Then why is it that people conform? Because the challenge that accompanies rebellion is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Thus Being an Outcast Is Better Than Being a Conformist.

The Black Sheep is a community for like-minded individuals not afraid to express their opinions. And those who do not fear Being an Outcast questioned are the ones who make great leaders. They possess the wisdom and understanding to face challenges lying ahead of them. Such leaders show resistance because they have answers to all the questions ‘tradition’ will throw at them. 

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