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Be the change “There is always a thin line of difference between ordinary and extraordinary things,” said my mum to me. In life, we are fond of doing things the ordinary way, and the people who made it to the top are people whose extra effort into their ordinary activities paid off. It is not necessarily important to follow instructions blindly or to follow the path someone else made but to do and work on things that work for you.

Why do we try so hard to bend to pressure when we can choose to be different? Recently, I said to myself that anything or activity that public opinion supports is questionable. The multitudes are surface thinkers. The best of us men are deep thinkers, and that is why the rich will continue to get rich while the poor will continue in their poverty. Joining the multitude doesn’t give you a voice of your own. It is like treading the path of others. rather than finding the right path. This involves not only having charisma, boldness, and doggedness. The core energy is zeal.


At times, we tend to think, talk, react, or do things like everyone else. We tend to follow trends. This is not our fault, because we are expected to be doing that as human beings. This even includes the way our parents brought us up; they raised us for themselves. They make us conform to their values and ideas. Whatever happens outside the family setting doesn’t concern them, but you must carry their ideas around because they feel that is the only and the best, way they could raise us.

You can hear this in those instances when the father would scream, “I am still the head and the father in this house. You follow my rules”. They are not intentionally doing badly; they are aiming for the best. We always feel that if a certain amount of people are doing or involved in something, that makes it good, but little do we know that the idea starts from someone and then conviction begins with the rest. We cannot maximize our full ideas and potential if we choose to follow. We need to stand out.

Why Must We Stand Out For Be The Change

Great people are not part of the crowd. The crowd consists of anybody, but the people that stand out get the opportunity to be known for their values and ideas. To lead, you cannot be a part of the crowd. Being in the crowd suppresses your ability and your instinct to lead. To lead, you need to stand out from the crowd to be the change.

  1. The crowd is full of mediocre. Have you gone to a low living environment before or interviewed average people before? You will be shocked at the way some people still reason in this century. The crowd is full of such people, and they are always ready to sell their ideas to the other average people.
  2. The crowd can only shout. They don’t make things happen.  There is a popular saying that states “Great people make things happen, average people let things happen, but the crowd says, “What happened”. To be among the great people in life, people that will be relevant, you must stand out and stand clear of the multitude.
  3. Staying with the multitude kills your potential.  To achieve your potential and actualize your dreams, you must stay clear of the multitude. The more you relate to their reasonings, the harder it becomes for you to make an impact. When a high intellectual person mingles with the crowd, his ideas are irrelevant, and they tend to bring him down to their level. The multitude is many. To overpower them with your ideas becomes extremely hard when you still stay among them. You need to stand out.
  4. Your uniqueness is in danger. You have the experience, skills, ideas, dreams, and goals. These things will dry up when you join the multitude. How do you show the world that you are unique and different from them if you do not stand out?
  5. You can liberate others. A certain percentage in the group of the mediocre might also see the light when you stand out. It will help you push your dreams and maximize your potential.

How To Stand Out?

Take a stand. A person that has no values or beliefs will fall for anything. That makes him a part of the crowd. Before you can claim to stand out, you must be known for your stands. You can’t claim to stand out when you switch beliefs or opinions. One of the best ways to feel confident and accomplished is to take a stand. Some people lose their values and sense of dignity in the face of struggle, crisis, selfish behaviors, and fights for power.

Some leaders in the past have sold out their followers because of the aforementioned reasons. How then do you take a stand? This can only happen when you identify yourself, your core values, and your ideas. You must have a good awareness of who you are as an individual. This will give you a sense of accountability to yourself if you are not achieving your goals or you are letting down yourself. This starts by identifying what your strengths and weaknesses are, your dominant skills and abilities, and the helpful resources that you have around you.


Grow confidence.

Confidence in what your core values and ideas are makes you stand out. You cannot claim to take a stand if you cannot defend its values. Irrespective of what the multitude thinks about your ideas, be confident enough to defend and stand by them. This shows the seriousness of your belief because we as humans find it difficult to accept new truths.

You cannot convince people when you are not confident. It makes you look like an unserious person. When you are not afraid of opposition from the government, religion, ethnic, or cultural pressures, it makes you automatically stand out from the crowd.

Be Passionate.

Coupled with confidence, passion will take you a long way. If you are passionate about what you do, what you believe in, and what values you add to people’s lives, this will be the driving force behind your success. One of the best ways to make a strong impression and statement is to independently let your views and opinions be known to people. You must be ready to back this up with strong facts and figures because without this, it is hard to convince people that you are not challenging your selfish sentiment.

Be calm always and have listening ears.

To identify people’s interests, views, and opinions, you must be ready to listen. The listening ones among us are few. That is why it is the few that are making an impact. You must be calm and ready to listen to other people’s views. You cannot expect someone whose ideas and opinions you don’t want to hear to listen to you.

You can learn from them and then orient them from their angle of reasoning. You can easily define a person when you listen to them. To stand out, you must be ready to listen to others. If you want to stand out, you must not be hasty in making decisions. You need to think it through. You must be calm.

Lead and Mentor people.

Mentoring people is a perfect way of transferring your ideas and values. When you stand out, there will be some people whose ideas and values are the same as yours. To build a strong brand, you need to train and mentor those people with the desire to learn from you. By doing that, you are beginning to transfer your ideas to people and those people will transfer them to other people too, and that is how you continue to grow.


Be Lively and Help Others.

A candle doesn’t lose anything by lighting up other candles. To stand out, you must be ready to show others that you are human like them. You are ready to help and are not against them. Be lively. Don’t always appear too serious and unapproachable. Many people think to stand out means to alienate themselves from others which is not so. You are not physically different from others. It’s just the stream of ideas flowing in our heads that are different. Standing out doesn’t remove your sense of humor. Make others laugh or get involved in some random talks like music, sports, fashion, etc.


Be Real. 

Is anybody perfect? No. Publicly showcasing your failures and struggles creates a connection between you and the others ready to follow. Let them know that you are human, and you can make mistakes or even struggle in some of your endeavors, but the endpoint is a success. You cannot fake it for life. Sharing your life adventures with people you find in your work and ways in life is an effective way of building. They can learn from your story. Being real is very important if you are going to stand out.

Note that standing out can only pay off if it is done well. Have great values, ideas, and a helping spirit. Do not be discouraged if you are not valued now. Keep doing the right thing.

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