To avoid making bad decisions, I should never forget one simple rule; be quick but don’t hurry in making a decision.I have to make decisions every day, and sometimes they are small ones, sometimes our whole life depends on them. Sometimes these decisions have to be made in an extended period, but other times, the time is short, and I have to be quick about them.

However, I should understand that making quick decisions can lead us to places where I didn’t want to end up. To avoid making bad decisions, I should never forget one simple rule; be quick but don’t hurry in making a decision.

In this article, I have shared four different ways to be quick but don’t have to hurry when deciding.

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Look at the Consequences

 be quick but don't hurry

Often, you will find yourself in a place where you will have to make your decisions very quickly. In such situations, you will notice that your mind does not react appropriately to the problem. What can you do to make a productive decision? First, get your mind out of the chaos and relax for a few seconds. Now you need to run the consequences in your head. What is going to happen if I make this decision? Who will be affected the most? What will I gain out of it? What can be lost if I make this decision?

It would help if you asked your mind these questions to make sure that the consequences of this decision do not come to bite you back. Yes, there are times when you have to decide in less time, but if you want to make the right decision then you can be quick but don’t hurry!

Go With Your Guts

When you have to decide timely and don’t have enough time to go through the proper process of making a decision, I advise you that you go with your gut. The best way to go about a decision is to have your brain go through a set of pros and cons. When you do not have the time to do so and have to be quick when making your decision, I advise you to go with your gut.

What is going on with your gut? That intense feeling inside you that tells you to take a specific action is your gut. Sometimes your gut feeling is so strong you are bound to ignore any reasoning that your brain comes up with. However, even when you have to be very fast when making your decisions, I still advise you to be quick but don’t hurry too much.

Be Quick but Don’t Hurry When it Comes To Your Emotions.

 be quick but don't hurry
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Emotions. Yes, emotions and feelings are what make an intense man Ink. Sometimes, you have to make decisions that have your senses involved. Your mind might tell you one thing, but your heart may tell you another. These are the decisions that you can quickly pinpoint out as the ones that have your emotions involved. You might have to decide to leave your childhood home, move away from your family and friends for a job, or sell your car. You might find your heart convincing your mind not to make these harsh decisions. That is because you are emotionally involved in these decisions now.

These are the decisions that you need to spend some time assessing because you might end up doing what you think is correct, but there is a chance that you are not happy or even satisfied. What you need to do is you need not be impulsive; listen to your heart and mind and make the right decision for you. You might need to be quick, but please don’t hurry!

Eliminate the Bad Options

 be quick but don't hurry

Sometimes you have to decide to choose an option from the different ones given to you. In such times, the best way to make the best decision is to eliminate the options that are the worst ones and see which ones you are left with within the end. Eliminating bad choices will make your decision a much easier one. You can then analyze the better options left to you and choose the best one from them.

The elimination process will save you time and help you choose the right option. But remember, rushing to make a decision can lead you to make a bad one, so be quick but don’t hurry!

I hope you understand that making decisions is quite crucial, and even though there might be times when you have to be fast with your thinking process and make a decision right away, you need to make sure that you’re quick but not hurrying too much.

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