17 Best Digital Storytelling Tools you should try Right Now!

17 Best Digital Storytelling Tools you should try Right Now!

Digital storytelling tools are digitally provided web-based spaces where people have an opportunity to share their fictional and non-fictional stories. These spaces provide a channel through which people exchange and telling stories.  These digital storytelling tools have the quality of being user friendly and customized, which can be helpful in adding value to the content. 

Are storytelling tools effective? 

There is no doubt that digital storytelling tools are beneficial web-based spaces that help in shaping the storyteller’s opinion and narration.  These web-based spaces help in enhancing the argumentative, narrative, and intellectual capacity of the storyteller.  Moreover, the storyteller can express his/her personal stories with greater ease and convenience. 

Benefits of digital storytelling tools:

Digital storytelling tools are the best ever resources to exchange and enhance the literary capacity of the student.  The major benefit of these digitally provided spaces is the provision of a chance to understand cultural affinities and connections.  People get a chance to be in touch with nostalgic, culturally connected values and traditions through those stories.  Moreover, digital storytelling tools help in building curiosity of children and adults through listening and approaching those worthy stories.  In addition, the communication and expression of the storyteller is greatly enhanced.  Lastly, the focus of the storyteller is greatly increased and social skills are also improved through stories on these web-based spaces. 

 Digital storytelling tools:

Digital Storytelling Tools


Slidestory is one of the tools, among other digital storytelling tools, that is user friendly and customized in nature.  This tool provides space for a picture as a slide with voice recorder and mp3 audio file as well.  This tool is highly recommended for presentations as well, because the tool has all the necessary optional tags that can greatly increase the value of the content. 


Smilebox is another valuable digital storytelling tool that helps to create collages, scrapbooks, slideshows, and audio-visual representations in an effective manner.  There are more than 1000 templates that are customised and user friendly.  Moreover, one can easily post photos with background music and have the option of adding notes. 


Storybird is the another highly recommendable tool that helps create a visual story in seconds.  The tool has the features of turning the story visual in seconds and providing it in readable form.  The process of sharing, making, and creating a story on this tool is free, but the downloading and printing of the story requires a fee which is mentioned on the website.


Zooburst is another digital storytelling tool that helps to create 3D popup books.  This tool is online-based and can be used on a laptop and iPad as well.  The authors and storytellers have access to characters and props within a 3D world.  Those characters can be customised according to the liking of the storyteller.  The creation of a free account on Zooburst will help to create 10 books of 10 pages each easily. 

Adobe Slate:

Adobe Slate has the flexibility to be able to shape and adjust with the editor’s choice.  It has features that turn the customer’s reports, newsletters, and travelling reports into delightful and cheerful stories.  The stories will help to increase the interest and curiosity of the readers. 

Puppet pals:

Puppet pals has been designed to turn the stories and whereabouts of the storyteller into animated and audio form.  The storyteller picks actors and backdrops and clicks on the option of recording.  This tool is particularly helpful in enhancing creativity.  Puppet pal is a highly recommendable web-based space among available digital storytelling tools.  

Sock puppets:

Sock puppets is another worthwhile tool that is lip synch based.  It helps to create lip synched videos which can be shared on YouTube and Facebook.  The storyteller can easily add backgrounds, sceneries, and many more options to their stories.  The app has the quality of easily lip synching the voice of the storyteller.


Toontastic is highly recommendable for kids who yearn to draw and share their animated cartoons with their loved ones.  It is user friendly. The storyteller drags the characters and tells the story through voice.  This app will do the remaining work and boosts the creativity of the videos. 


WeVideo is another worthwhile tool to create videos.  This app provides accessibility to cloud based videos.  Moreover, this tool provide access to videos that are left somewhere on another electronic device,  and can be replayed through another device as well.  This tool can be accessed by all electronic devices. 

30hands starter:

30hands starter is not only a valuable web-based digital storytelling tool to provide space for stories, but also is helpful for classroom lectures.  Concepts and stories can be easily explained through this app.  This tool is very simple to use.  The multimedia presentations can be created in few minutes and shared quickly. 


A fantastic web-based app for sharing comics and funny entertainment is WriteComics.  This tool is marvellous to provide access to comics and fun making stuff.  Moreover, it is has relevant features to create fun and entertainment for the readers and listeners. 

ACMI Generator:

ACMI Generator is a creative studio space where you can be inspired, create your own moving image works, and share your creations with the community. You can try the Storyboard Generator & choose a script or build your own storyboard and share it. And there’s also an education themes section!


Bubblr is a tool to create comic strips, just taking a sequence of pictures where you can add bubbles and create a story.


Create rich multimedia experiences with videos, photos, music, blogs, and documents.

Comic Master:

Decide how you want the page or your graphic novel to look, add backgrounds, choose characters and props to appear in your scenes, add dialogue and captions & create your own short graphic novel!

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard:

Record voice over whiteboard tutorials and share them online; it’s just that simple & fun at the same time!


Lastly, a free source digital based storytelling tool is the Anchor.  This tool has enables a user to create podcasts free of cost conveniently.  Moreover, Anchor helps in distributing and promoting your podcasts with other podcast makers.  In addition, Anchor saves the time of the storyteller, as it can create podcast in less than 10 minutes. 

These digital storytelling tools save the time and energy of the narrators.  Moreover, valuable customized content creation is achieved conveniently, and the chance of creating harmony in cultural differences can be achieved through these web-based spaces.  Further, the tedious process of story writing is diminished with these digital storytelling tools. 

What is a Leadership Mindset – 5 Elements of a Leadership Mindset

What is a Leadership Mindset – 5 Elements of a Leadership Mindset

A leadership mindset makes dealing with self and whatever life brings easier and more effective. Our mindset is framed in two different ways – Remotely by the messages, we listen to and internally by what we constantly state to ourselves. A typical example is the common societal message that people over a certain age cannot change. If, internally, you want to make changes, what do you do? People with a leadership mindset take responsibility to listen to their own voice and find ways to take action to change the narrative.

It would be a great thing to see all people develop a personal leadership mindset. We are living at a time where many of the societal messages end up limiting people. We are quick to make excuses for so many things. It is easy to blame our shortcomings on others or circumstances without really challenging our conclusions. We internalize these messages about ourselves and act according to them, limiting what we can achieve in life.

This wonderful piece is professionally put together to assist us with having a clear insight into the elements of a leadership mindset.


An article was distributed on perceptions at vocational training for individuals who desired retraining and self-advancement. The participants’ mindset had a significant effect on the achievement or absence of progress individuals had in the program. The individuals who accepted that the training would be a waste from the onset wound up not progressing admirably from the program.  However, the individuals who kept their minds opened to unlearn old things and relearn fresh and winning ideas benefited from the program.

What stood apart about them compared to the rest of the participants was their outward mindset. There did not seem to be much difference in the attitude of the people. The only thing that differentiated the two sets of participants was the initial mindset and determination each participant brought to the training. Your thoughts and words are as powerful as the strength needed to achieve maximum success in all your endeavors. When your leadership mindset is fully developed, your thoughts and comments are perfectly monitored such that positives will dominate everything you say at all times. Our words have a surprising way of coming to pass. So, the greatest and most successful world leaders understand this concept perfectly and usually apply it to their advantage.


We are all quick to blame the next available person or anything close by for our failures or mistakes in life. Most humans want to shelf their responsibility for any supposed bad occurrence in their lives.  Living and facing life in this manner will perhaps make us feel relieved and relaxed, at least for a little while.

Guess what? You are the reason for your failures and successes.  Whatever comes your way in life results from the choices you made and the path you decide to tread. Giving the same conditions and opportunities to someone else, they will turn out winners. The exciting thing is that we all can change our internal mindsets. We limit ourselves and need to challenge our assumptions about ourselves and what we are capable of. How often have you heard someone say, “this is just how I am”? Such a mindset limits possibilities for change. The best way to have a strong character and success is to develop a leadership mindset. Every human is designed with the full potential to solve problems and take on the world uniquely.


Your friends, most of the time, want to protect you by looking out for you. They don’t wish to see you hurt. They can’t stand seeing you fail. The moment they see you trying new things or initiating anything different from what they are familiar with, they will do all in their capacity to stop you and, in trying to protect and shield you from their perceived imminent danger, they unknowingly deprive you of the necessary ambiance and space to explore new grounds, develop the requisite leadership mindset, and grow to become a force to reckon with in the world.

Some friends even limit you by criticizing your ability and tendencies. They are thinking about your antecedents and history of mistakes.  Leaders don’t go by the measures and yardsticks of anyone. They keep trying new things endlessly and are never afraid of making mistakes.

Sir Michael Faraday tried discovering electricity a record number of 999 times but never stopped until he attempted the thousandth time, finally getting it right. His friends, allies, and associates condemned him and advised him to do something else because people had already started calling him a mad man. If he had bowed to their pleas to stop, we might not remember him for his discovery as we do now. If you want to grow to your peak as a leader, you must learn how to shun and deafen your ears to all the criticism against you. You should apply the complaints to help you grow and think deeper and creatively to find a lasting solution to your challenges.


Not all the people with or around you are in synchronization with your target goals. Some are actually with you for reasons best known to them. They prefer to keep lurking around you for as long as they can keep gaining from you. Some will be very loyal and committed to your course, rain or shine. They will be ready to assist you in maximizing success and make history with you. Some people around you are indifferent. They are neither with nor against you. All they are waiting for is that you show commitment and competence before they get themselves committed to you. And there are bad critics – those around you who are waiting for you to fail. These criticize and question everything you do. They are usually looking for ways to pull you down after your failure.

Your leadership mindset should be such that you study and differentiate all these people and work towards convincing the doubters and indifferent ones to convince them of your competence—Shun those who are out to see you fail by all means. You need not waste time and energy trying to convince them because no matter how hard you try, they will never see anything good in you.

When you study and deeply understand your people well; applying them based on their strengths and weaknesses will not be a problem. Your leadership mindset will help you avoid the mistake of putting a square peg in a round hole.

Leaders only get people to do the unimaginable things using all humanly and credibly possible means. With the well-groomed and thoughtful mind of a leader, people achieve endless and countless items. The 21st-century leaders will sometimes help their subordinates to discover, nurture, and grow their hidden talents through inspirational programs.    


Your leadership mindset will not be completely grown if you can’t be firm, consistent, and true to your judgment. What applies to the goose should also apply for the gander, no matter the condition and situation. Your close allies should not be seen as above the law because of their supposed affiliations to you.

Everybody must be treated equally, squarely, and fairly. When your subordinates see you as being biased in your judgment, rulings, and decision making, you will lose respect as fast as you earned it. It would be best if you didn’t lose your people’s trust because rebuilding and maintaining your people’s trust in you after they have felt betrayed will be a Herculean task. This will make some people who have been waiting for your failure to pound on you to devour your personality. Those who have placed their trust in you and given you the benefit of the doubt may remain forever disappointed and lose faith in the system.


 All humans are born with an innate leadership quality; the way and manner we develop this talent differs. The extent to which we will explore and apply these individual talents may be entirely different from one to another. The most important thing is that the influential elements needed to excel in leadership positions must be fully developed and harnessed by an individual to think and solve problems like new emerging leaders with champions and winners’ mindset. You must be wary of the world’s dynamism and its content for you to be ahead of the pack and lead well. The world can’t wait for you to spring from oblivion and take center stage with brilliant but strange and conquering ideas and methodologies. Get your act together and blow our minds. The world can’t just wait for you to emerge. Shine on!     

Outward Mindset – Unleash the Creative Giant in you

Outward Mindset – Unleash the Creative Giant in you

The world is evolving at such a fast pace and the ways and manners of solving problems and challenges in this time and age require you to think beyond the ordinary. We have all been blessed with a mind with the vast opportunity to achieve anything and everything we set our mind on.

Many people live below their full potential not because they are not exposed to opportunities or because they don’t want to live like a king, but because they have perpetually chosen to do things the same way as their parents or elders.

The budding leaders of the 21st century in all facets of life are thinking outside the box using the outward mindset. A saying goes, “it’s only an insane person who will do the same things the same way all the time and expect a different result.” Suppose you wish to be listed amongst these budding leaders who are getting and grinding out results by challenging the status quo. In that case, you need to start exhibiting and developing an outward mindset because that seems to be the essential tool you need.


Creativity is one of those most mysterious abilities human beings are blessed with. It isn’t just about having an imagination for thinking and creating something new and different. It is the ability to do so regularly that makes the incremental value in your life. Another way to look at it is always to search your brain for answers to all challenges. Our brain is divided mainly into two distinct areas, usually known as the left and right side. The left side accounts for numbers and languages, which is needed to process all your logical information. The right side of the brain, on the other hand, is responsible for the holistic view of data and patterns and is known as the more creative half of the brain.

Another exciting bit of information is that the corpus callosum, which is the part of the brain linking the right and left side of the brain, is thicker in people whose right side (the “creative one”) is dominant. This may mean that those who are more creative can use their brains more efficiently. The brain functions based on what it already knows (i.e., what is familiar to it) and stores it accordingly. It’s somewhat like having an intelligent system for data storage by topics, but this process is automatic in our brain.

This logical organization is not friendly to the creative process because your creativity will always challenge this status quo. This means that creativity is not a totally natural process; it takes effort to unlearn what we have in our minds and defy how our brain naturally works. The fact is that creativity is becoming increasingly important in our world, and therefore, learning ways to increase it is an asset most people must be willing to pursue.


Many people talk about ‘thinking outside of the box,’ but the world is short of experts to teach this isolated field. This type of cognition might be the clue to rebranding our world and creating new unconventional leaders in all areas of our lives, so the more people who can use this more modern type of reasoning, the better for our world.

Although thinking on multiple levels about a problem isn’t new, its emergence into the public mind is contemporary. Formerly, the responsibility of developing an outward mindset used to rest solely on military strategists to protect nations. These days the tables have turned. Individuals are beginning to train and develop their brains to achieve considerable success in their various endeavors using unconventional ways and methods. This goes beyond common-sense and logic and is a merging of several types of deductive reasoning.

These necessary steps are very flexible and straightforward if you break them down into a few parts and don’t get all nervous about it. First, determine what problem needs to be addressed. Then, try to list all of the details of that problem and prioritize them. Take on the most critical (priority) items first and list several ways to resolve these things. Think about everything that can be employed as a solution, even if it sounds strange at first. Then, relax and just let your subconscious mind chew on them all for a while.

At this point, start asking yourself the appropriate questions such as “what is the best and most efficient way to fix this problem?” or “what else might I need to know before deciding on what to do here?” Your deep thoughts about answers to all these questions will automatically birth the necessary solutions, which will start dropping into your mind from sources yet known. The more you use this type of thinking, the easier it gets, and soon your friends and acquaintances are gazing at you strangely as you come up with ideas they would never have thought of – Unless they are aware of how to do this too.



The kind of person you are and the kind of mindset you possess determine how far you can go in life. You need to surround yourself with people with vast, sophisticated, and more enlightened attitudes than yourself. These people will always be your guide and benchmark in surmounting all your challenges. Iron, as they say, sharpens iron. You can never be greater than the mindset of the kind of people in your circle. You will do yourself a lot of good by looking beyond your circle of friends and associates. Using your outward mindset will propel you to a height at which you will be more sophisticated to face and conquer the world’s challenges.  

The benefits and growth you derive from your circle of friends and associates can be likened to stretching your arms. The values you derive are equal to the benefits and values you get from your immediate circle, while the things beyond your arms are the extra values.

Winning Mindset Explained- How to develop a Winning Mindset?

Winning Mindset Explained- How to develop a Winning Mindset?

A winning mindset is a determined, resilient, deep thinker whose thoughts and ideas are most initially shunned and discarded until the successful outcome of such thinking starts manifesting and snowballing into significant landmark achievements. All significant inventions in the world came from people’s thoughts and ideas with this rare, unique, and golden winning mindset. Most of them were, at first, tagged as lunatics and manic before they were able to conquer the world.

One simple and very effective way to tap into your subconscious mind for immeasurable success is to have a winning mindset. Without a winning attitude, you may live your life, building other people’s dreams. Show me a man with a positive perspective towards everything, and I will show you a man that will achieve positive results in all his endeavors. When it comes to personal growth and development, a positive mental attitude is one of the most common topics the experts discuss. However, most people find it somehow challenging to live their life this way.


If you are one of those who still struggle to maintain a positive inward look on your life, then it is time to decide to do what will completely change your life. It would be best if you started with a strong desire and decision to have a positive mental attitude and believe that having it will improve your experience in unique ways.

Here is an excellent illustration to assist you in making your decision. Consider one of those days that you wake up in a perfect mood, and you feel comfortable about the happenings around you. You feel convenient and energized throughout the day, not because someone gave you a gift, but because you are naturally fulfilled with yourself. If you take an in-depth look at your attitude and the quality of the things you did on those days, you will agree with me that they were better than the other days when you woke up and felt unhappy. Having a positive mental attitude is a significant influence on how successful your entire day will be.

A positive mental attitude is meant to bring the best out of our lives. To stimulate a positive mental attitude, you need to focus more on your positive thoughts while paying less attention to the negative ones. By doing this, your mind will naturally be drawn to more positive reviews than negative ones.


The winning mindset is that which is possessed by champions. Someone who presses on against all odds, undaunted in pursuit of his or her goals, is the one tagged a winner after all. Such a winning mindset isn’t something you are born with; No! It must be developed. Once it’s designed and exercised, it will propel you to achieve all your goals and aspirations no matter the conditions around you.

Napoleon Hill, in his book “Think and Grow Rich,” said, “Your mental attitude is something you can control outright, and you must use self-discipline until you create a Positive Mental Attitude-your mental attitude attracts to you everything that makes you what you are.”

Yes, the mindset of a champion produces winners. You do well to emulate such an attitude. It leads to excellence in every facet of your life. It’s the same mindset Michael Jordan developed when he spent hours and hours practicing his craft to become one of the greatest basketball players of all time. A winning attitude clearly calls for focus and sacrifices, but any gift on your way to greatness is never too big and is undoubtedly worth the effort.

How to Develop a Winning Mindset?

Below are the ten unique ways to develop the mindset of a champion. These methods have been used successfully by great men across the world.

  • Vision
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Education
  • Optimism
  • Humility
  • Self-control
  • Confidence
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance


Where do you see yourself in one year? How about five or ten years? If you have no clue, don’t feel lonely because most people out there have no idea. However, if you’re going to become a true champion, you must know where you’re headed. This takes effort, but you need to map out a plan to reach your ultimate goal. What does success look like to you? Does your vision of success draw you to the future? Are you in anticipation of seizing it? Your correctly mapped out game plan for the future can be a powerful motivator that keeps you in pursuit of the prize.


Are you committed to reaching your main goal in life? Are you willing to make the needed sacrifices to get there? You must be willing to stay the course, never giving up. No matter what happens, be relentless in pursuit of the prize. Recall the work ethic and resilience of Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona of Spain. He was brought with a rare growth syndrome from Argentina, his place of birth. Several teams across Europe rejected him, but he never gave up nor relented until he became arguably the world’s greatest football player in the history of soccer. Your commitment to excellence can lead to similar greatness.


Take responsibility for the accomplishment of your primary goal in life. Be accountable at all times for your performance in moving toward it. Don’t blame anyone else when things don’t go as planned. A true champion will take responsibility for the set course and make adjustments along the way if needed. He or she is a winner who does whatever it takes to make the vision a reality.


Are you willing to learn new skills to fulfill your vision? Ongoing education is a must if you’re to progress toward the accomplishment of your primary goal. If you don’t have it at this point, develop a love for reading and study materials essential for advancing your vision. Visit your local library and borrow books. Purchase books from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Find a mentor and do some training. Seek out an online program or membership that’ll move you toward your ultimate goal. Then, be willing to adjust in line with your refined insights.


Be optimistic about where you’re headed. Never doubt for a moment that you are moving in a positive direction toward the realization of your vision. Zig Ziglar once said: “Positive thinking won’t let you do anything, but it will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” So, quickly dismiss any negative thoughts regarding your vision. Focus on the positive direction in which you’re heading. This is the thinking of a true champion.


Have the utmost confidence that you’ll reach your desired goal, but at the same time, remain humble. Humility is a beautiful quality that’ll allow you to keep a check on your own opinion or estimation of your self-importance. Remember, there will always be someone who knows more than you in your area of expertise. Humility will allow you to take advantage of it and learn from that person. This is a champion’s mindset.


Do you keep your emotions in check, or do your feelings go unchecked? Unbridled emotions can hinder you from gaining the prize. A winner learns how to manage emotions. Such a person reigns in negative emotions. For example, when provoked to anger by someone’s critical speech, they respond in a mild tone, respectfully addressing the situation. You’ll feel much better when under control.


Do you have a strong belief in yourself? Obstacles will pop up in your quest to reach your vision. A lack of confidence can stall or stop your progress. A champion has confidence no matter how many setbacks he or she suffers. The idea is clear, and the plan is in place. A confident person doesn’t deviate from the vision or give up. Humility, of course, will help to keep your confidence self-balanced.


Have character, but don’t be one. Know what you stand for and stand up for what you believe. Good moral values are sorely lacking today. A winner will strictly adhere to sound moral and ethical values. A person of integrity is honest. There’s no façade here. What you see is an excellent role model who lives a life of integrity. Live this way, and you’ll always be a champion.


In “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill wrote, “a quitter never wins, and a winner never quits.” How true that is! Which one do you tend to be? Will you persevere in pursuit of your vision even if it doesn’t come right away? Patience is needed, along with perseverance. At times, life throws at you a deadly blow that may tempt you to want to quit. Plans sometimes have to be altered. That’s okay. Alter your plans and keep moving toward your primary goal. After all, that’s what a true champion does. Eventually, it all pays off.


You just discovered ten ways to develop a winning mindset. However, mere possession of knowledge of this mindset isn’t going to take you where you want to go in life. That’s because the beauty of learning something or possessing any learning is to take action, and that’s the only way knowledge becomes wisdom. The difference between knowledge and understanding can be illustrated briefly.  If you’re standing on railroad tracks and see a train coming, you know that action is vital. Knowledge, though, isn’t enough. Wisdom is what moves you to get off the tracks. Knowledge tells you that the train will kill you if you stand there. Understanding moves you to take life-saving action. Action has to be taken. In the illustration, it’s a matter of survival. However, when it comes to fulfilling your life’s mission, it may not be a matter of life and death, but it likely involves your comfort and that of your family. It consists of fulfilling or not fulfilling your passion in life. Take charge and be counted amongst the forward thinkers the world is waiting for.

What is Leadership Development Coaching?

What is Leadership Development Coaching?

Leadership, in simple terms, means leading a group of followers to attain a common goal. Professor Warren G. Bennis describes leaders as people who do the right thing and manage people to do things right. Leaders set direction, develop an inspiring goal, and create an avenue for people to work and achieve that goal. Leaders must possess management skills to select the team, group, or organization on the right path to success. A leader carries and shoulders the team’s responsibility. He sees the motivation and inspiration that the team needs in himself.

Leadership is a behavior and not a position. Leaders don’t tell people what to do. Their leadership empowers people to make decisions that support the goals and vision of the organization.


                According to Wikipedia, leadership development is the process that helps expand the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles within an organization. It can also be characterized as activities that improve the skills, abilities, and confidence of leaders. Leadership development is a standard process in an organization’s succession planning, aimed at producing high caliber leaders to take over senior positions when they become vacant. The most common example is in soccer. There are first-team members, and also there are academy players. The aim of having academy players is to have homegrown players who will take over and play for the team when the old players are retired or transferred off of the team.

Leadership development coaching

High performers are typically identified for such leadership development coaching, which may be on a long-term or short-term basis, depending on the level of expertise. Each staff member is monitored and assessed by their superiors. They are watched over a long period, and then the best is recommended for higher positions. Using the example above (Soccer), some academy graduates come with a high recommendation from their youth coaches to the senior staff. They recommend them based on their current abilities, maturity, and potential abilities. The same thing happens in an organization. The best are the ones that are recommended.

                Leadership development focuses on developing the leadership abilities and attitudes of individuals. Different personal traits and characteristics can hinder or enhance a person’s leadership effectiveness. That is why people must go through some formalized programs for developing their leadership competence. Leadership skills can be learned, and it benefits both the individual and the organization sponsoring the program.

                There is always a time in an organization’s history when there will be a change in leadership. That means that the organization’s fate at that point rests on the shoulders of the current leader. A change in direction can cause two things:

  1. A positive change can happen when a young and vibrant individual takes over an organization’s helm. Such a leader must be zealous and vision-guided. This person must possess all the qualities of a good leader.
  2. An unfavorable change: This happens when a bad leader takes over the organization. These are when the followers and staff grumble as a culture, which will affect work efficiency and productivity.
Leadership development coaching


                The success of a leadership development program is linked to three variables:

  1. Individual learner characteristics
  2. Quality and nature of the leadership development program
  3. Support for behavioral change from the leader’s supervisor


                Leadership development coaching can take many forms depending on the nature of the organization’s work, ranging from formal instruction, developmental job assignments, 360-degree feedback, executive coaching, and self-directed learning.

  • Formal Instruction: These are formal leadership training and programs for leaders. This is called “traditional lecture-based classroom training.” The potential leaders are invited to a program in which elders will tutor them in the same profession. Many people question this method and have described it as an “easier said than done” process of coaching because the ability to translate what has been learned to a standard work setting is questionable.
  • Developmental Job Assignment: This is when the potential leaders are assigned to coordinate or participate in some developmental assignments. This kind of assignment is one during which the potential leaders will learn, undergo personal change, and gain more leadership skills resulting from the roles, responsibilities, and tasks involved in that assignment.
  • 360-Degree Feedback: This is a method whereby the potential leaders work with feedback and assessments made by people who have come in contact with them. The likely leader must be willing to embrace criticism.
  • Coaching: This is more of a one on one mentoring. It is intense, challenging, and at the same time, supportive. Coaching aims to move the leaders towards measurable goals that contribute to individual and organizational growth.
  • Self-directed learning: The leaders or individuals teach themselves necessary developmental skills.


  1. The support and commitment of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the senior management team. Any leadership development strategy without the cooperation of the top officers is a mere waste of time.
  2. Alignment between human capital and the business strategy. Any organization’s leadership development strategy should be designed to support the corporate organizational system to create an avenue that will effectively impact both the organization and the individual.
  3. Financial resources and sustainability. The developmental leadership strategy will always take time, and resources will be consumed, so the developmental approach must be designed considering financial and other sustainable resources.


  1. Lack of commitment by the top governing body of the organization.
  2. Limited or no resources for the strategy
  3. Lack of commitment by the members of the organization
  4. Lack of proper managerial and administrative systems
  5. And, Lack of technical know-how on how to implement the strategy
  6. Lack of a proper succession planning culture in the organization