Mindset Is Everything- Why Mindset is Super Important?

Mindset Is Everything- Why Mindset is Super Important?

Mindset is everything and it is quite important for making your life better. You can use this power to think positively and bring wonders to your life.

Having a positive and healthy mindset is especially important, as it will help a person achieve his goals in a useful and meaningful direction. It is imperative to have a certain mindset focused in a positive direction, as this will help achieve the significant goals of life and maintain a healthy mindset that ultimately takes us to the path of  very healthy living.

Our kind of mindset could be a determinant to us having either a disastrous or a healthy life. Knowing fully well that a mindset can either make or mar you, also it is important you note that positive or negative thinking, in this case, could translate into a growth mindset or a fixed one. We should know that once we fail to have the growth mindset, it could be disastrous, but if we do cultivate this type of mindset, it will result to a healthy life.

Many events on earth that could make people disjointed to spirituality exist. It often happens that people feel separated from the attachment of this world or spirituality, maybe because of the large vacuum established between them and the spiritual world.

Why is Mindset super important? 

For our future to take the very best shape, a very paramount tool is needed, which is our mind. It is the builder of our future. It could either construct the future or deconstruct it. There are many ways in which a super healthy mindset could help us achieve certain things in our lives.

 These include:

  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Healthy Mind
  • Achievement of Success

Mindset and Healthy Lifestyle.

Having a positive mindset is essential, as it can help to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It is vital to living your life with healthy elements, increasing a human being’s life span. To have a wonderful life, it is imperative to have a certain healthy living standard. A healthy mindset could achieve that. It is crucial to have a healthy mindset so that life could be spent at ease and without any hazardous diseases. Health is related to a healthy mindset; without a healthy life, it is almost impossible to carry on life’s daily activities. So, it is imperative to live a life that is filled with health.  A lot of people in today’s life tend to ignore this critical facet that health does matter, and without it, no success could ever be achieved, nor could a man reach anywhere in his life.

To have a healthy lifestyle and attain the essentials of life, one should have a healthy mindset to enjoy life to its fullest. A healthy lifestyle includes many essential things, but it all begins with overcoming the gap created by anxiety or fear of the future. So, to overcome this gap, a positive mindset must be maintained. It should not be built only on sudden thinking, but one should retain it throughout the lifestyle so that the health benefits can be enjoyed throughout.

Healthy Mind

Psychologists have continuously urged their patients to imbibe in themselves a  positive, healthy mindset which essential in order to overcome mental health illnesses. The importance of a healthy mindset cannot be overemphasized as it could enable us to achieve nothing but the best and a whole lot of remarkable things in life. Therefore whenever we are faced with life’s challenges, we should not fail to remember that it could be a notable experience to learn from, and every problem has a solution, rather than panicking. Worldly distractions exist, and a positive mindset helps in closing this very space created by these distractions. There are so many products of this worldly distraction, some are cankerworms that have indeed eaten deep into the lives of so many, hence the need to address it.

Healthy Mindset and Achievement of Success

Referring to our previous discussion, a healthy mindset is fundamental, as it could lead to a life of health, growth, and development. There are a lot of essential things that are needed to achieve in life. You can achieve a healthy mindset through the aid of a healthy mindset. It has been witnessed that most successful people on this planet achieved success through hard work and the aid of a healthy and positive mindset. The specific mindset that has been used most often in such examples is called a Growth mindset. 

This is a mindset that could help a person focus on the positive aspect of their work so that the best results could be drawn out of it. Michael Jordan, throughout his life, set examples of a healthy mindset to achieve success. According to Jordan, you can be successful if you focus on only one word, i.e., Mindset. It is vital to note that Mindset could be the critical factor that could help a person attain success in the best way possible. Throughout his life, Jordan has always tried to maintain a positive body image, which is the key reason he maintained his name and aura until now. He set an example to his fans and others through his positive body image and a healthy mindset, teaching us to achieve a healthy mindset with the help of a positive and healthy mindset.

Gap and Its Relation to the Mindset. 

The feeling of anxiety or depression amongst people, especially the young ones in recent times, has been on the rise and also the constant disturbance of their minds thinking and not knowing what the future holds for them. Over time, there has been a kind of gap people have felt, and they are still struggling to find how to fill this gap of depression or stress. In the second part of the article, we would find the answers to why there has been a creation of this gap, the kind of feelings associated with it, the kind of feelings mostly developed by filling this void,  what the younger generation faces at times. Despite living from moment to moment, they have anxiety issues. This feeling of anxiousness that is described by many people is the real gap, and you need to take some measures to cure this.

Some people also have specific definitions for this kind of gap; some define it as the gap that has detached themselves from their spirituality. They feel like the reason various gaps have been created in between is due to the broken bonds that bind them and spirituality. A measure could be taken to close up these gaps, and it is solely by embarking upon a spiritual journey. Different people could take up different spiritual exercises as it suites them. Spiritual and religious practices such as prayers and yoga could go a very long way in filling these gaps dependent on the individual.

Mindset Is Everything- Conclusion

 Daily life struggles have been unavoidable in our present society. Troubles such as stress, depression and more particularly anxiety. These troubles have been so difficult for them to resolve, especially of our generation’s.  There are a lot of people who have come out with their struggles with depression and anxiety. These people include celebrities and various other important and influential personalities, such as celebrities Cara Delevign, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and much more. Celebrities have revealed their struggles and their methods of how to cope up with such strange feelings. Through their courage and a healthy mindset, these celebrities have enabled themselves to get out of such harsh and unbearable feelings. Some people have found their way through yoga or other breathing practices.

A mind is a potent tool that could help achieve every kind of success in your life. As witnessed before, every negative result has been a consequence of a positive or negative mindset. So, it is the most important thing to note that mindset has the power to mold the future for the rest of life, and it is undoubtedly essential to having a healthy lifestyle.

As our faces are different, so are our problems, and different strategies suit different individuals in solving these problems. Since we know it is essential to fill these gaps associated with feelings of anxiety or depression, and various people could fill these gaps by using different strategies; some would prefer therapies, others would want walks, some may seek help in form of art. These strategies will definitely help people towards attaining a better lifestyle.

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What Is Thought Leadership? And When You Should Use It?

What Is Thought Leadership? And When You Should Use It?

According to Wikipedia, a thought leader is an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded. These are opinion leaders and figures that people go to meet in their area of expertise. Thought leaders are notable experts and visionaries with positive reputations for helping others with their experience, knowledge, and insight. They are also said to be people who, based on their expertise and perspective in their area of specialization, inspire people with innovative ideas, offer unique guidance, turn ideas into realities, and replicate success in other areas of their life. Thought leaders can come in many sizes and shapes, and they can be found in all areas and professions.


  1. Innovative Mind: Thought leaders have an optimistic mindset on how things will get better and do not focus on how things are currently. They strive for betterment, improvement, and transformation. They breed ideas and then invest in how those ideas can become a reality.
  2. Risk-Taking Ability: One of the great attributes of thought leaders is their risk-taking ability. They are not fazed by negativity around the ideas they have. They are focused on how they can give birth to their dream and goal. Their quest to make life easy and create transformation makes some decisions that require courage, confidence, and doggedness. There are going to be times when they will fail, but their resilience sets them apart.
  3. Real: Thought leaders are not people who fake their identity and success. They are people who are transparent with their moves and journey in life. They are not people known for double stances. Letting people know of their failure and success stories creates a heart to heart connection with their followers. It is not easy because people of high caliber are figured people look up to, and to be perfect is one of the mistakes people like them make.
  4. Conviction: One of the attributes that set thought leaders apart is conviction. A leader of big ideas and visions must be convinced about their thoughts and must withstand anything to make their visions survive.
  5. Consistency: Although they may fail, their conviction and passion will strengthen them to rise and try again. Thought leaders are frequently aware of what the people in their field need, and they create ideas to make things happen. They are not scared to make new approaches or take steps toward actualizing their dreams.


Henry Ward Beecher

Joe Polish

Henry Ward Beecher- Thought Leader

Joe Polish is an American author, public speaker, entrepreneur, and coach. He is known as the founder of Piranha Marketing, GeniusX, Genius network, and other agencies. Joe was born in El Paso; his mum died when he was four years old. He and his father struggled with the loss, and he couldn’t turn away from drugs at the age of 14; and later graduated from cannabis to other dangerous substances. In his 20s, Joe found himself in a struggling carpet cleaning business and debt, which he was able to turn around and become a millionaire at the age of 30. Since then, Joe has been able to assist other carpet cleaning businesses to grow their business. He is a philanthropist and advocates against addiction.

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is an internationally renowned speaker on sales, leadership, real estate investment, entrepreneurship, and finance. He is the founder and CEO of Cardone Enterprises, and his primary goal is to help companies, small- or large-scale, grow sales, and be more effective in their conversion. Grant is an author, business enthusiast, speaker, real estate investor, and social media influencer. One of Grant’s best quotes states, “Success is your duty, Obligation, and responsibility.” He is a leadership coach who urges his followers to rise above their limitations and outdated ideas and focus on their growth.

Dan Sullivan – Thought Leader

Dan Sullivan- Thought Leader

Dan Sullivan was born on November 13, 1964, and is an American politician and lawyer. He is the founder and president of The Strategic Coach Inc. He is a highly regarded speaker, author, consultant, coach, and also an entrepreneur. Also, he is a leader to many entrepreneurs and has helped them achieve their goals and reach their potential. He once served in the US military and as a judicial law clerk (focused on commercial law and corporate) before joining politics.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs-Thought Leader

Steve Jobs is an American businessman, investor, and tech enthusiast. He was born on February 24, 1955, and died of Neuroendocrine cancer on October 5, 2011. He was the chairman, chief executive officer, and co-founder of Apple (the tech producing company) and also the chairman and majority shareholder of Pixar (an American computer animation studio). And, he is known and recognized as a pioneer of the personal computer (PC) revolution.

As a child, he was adopted together with his sister. He said going to school became boring for him because, at that time, he was becoming a terror to the school and was known for his bad behavior. Jobs was first hired by a California company named Atari; its co-founder described him as a problematic but valuable asset to the company. Due to his passion for personal computers, he teamed up with Steve Wozniak to create their own company known as Apple. For several years, Apple is one of the leading manufacturers of Smart Phones (iPhone), Laptops (Macbooks), and other smart home gadgets in the world today.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is an American author, public and motivational speaker, coach, and philanthropist born on February 29, 1960. His upbringing was described as chaotic and abusive, which led to him leaving home at the tender age of seventeen, and he never returned. His biological parents divorced when he was still young, and his mum remarried more than once, which many people attributed to his failure to attend college. He began his career by promoting seminars and motivational speaker events, which later led to public speaking and book writing. Robbins is a well-known coach and inspirer who holds both physical and online classes and seminars.

Rutger Bregman– Thought Leader

Rutger Bregman - Thought Leaders

Rutger Bregman is a Dutch historian, author, and journalist. TED Talks described him as one of Europe’s most talented young thinkers and the Dutch “wunderkind” of new ideas. He was born on April 26, 1988, in the Netherlands and studied for his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts at Utrecht University and the University of California. He has participated in several shows and debates. One of his widely recognized arguments was in 2019 when he participated in the World Economic Forum and criticized the event for its focus on only philanthropic acts rather than fairness in taxation and tax avoidance by the rich. One of his notable works is the book “Utopia for Realists.”

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9 Easy Ways to Control Your Thoughts

9 Easy Ways to Control Your Thoughts

Do you find yourself overthinking negative situations often and want to control your thoughts? You try to ignore them, but you fail at doing so? The best way you can avoid overthinking is by putting yourself in the worst situation. You must be thinking, how can that possibly help? Well, putting yourself in the worst-case scenario prepares you for it. If you are ready for the worst thing that could happen to you, what is there to worry about? You can move on and end the negative chain of thoughts.

You can also distract yourself by doing something physical like taking a walk, cooking, or even having a meal! You will see that you overthink more when you are free and doing nothing. So, keep yourself busy if you have a mind that never stops thinking!

Be Confident About Yourself to Control Your Thoughts

Be confident and have faith that you can and will be able to handle anything that comes your way. Be confident in the fact that you have control over your mind and your behavior. Research has shown that being confident and optimistic that you control your mind can lead to better governance in reality!

Instead of worrying about situations that you create in your head, tell yourself that you can repeatedly handle any situation. Eventually, you will see that your fear will fade away, and you’ll become an optimistic person. You can also try to remember your own success stories to motivate yourself to believe in yourself.

Mentally Transform What You Are Struggling to Control

You can learn to have better control yourself and put difficult but positive thoughts into action. This way can help you get control of the desirable actions your mind wants to do. Let’s assume you want to have oily food when you are on a diet. Instead of giving in, try to take this approach next time: tell yourself if you have oily food today, your body will ultimately reject it, and you might end up having food poisoning and will have to spend the rest of your day vomiting. Yes, this might not be true, but it is okay if you slightly change your head’s facts to stop yourself from desiring things that you are not supposed to do.

You have to improve your imagination for this and play along with your mind to trick it!

Stop Putting Yourself At Fault

Control Your Thoughts

As much as we try to control the environment around us, there are still some things that we cannot control and can never succeed in controlling. It is highly unhealthy when we blame ourselves for the things that are not in our control. For example, if your car broke down in the middle of the road, you might think you didn’t take better care. Your little sister slips and falls because she accidentally spilled juice on the floor a minute ago.

Before blaming yourself, you need to think logically about the situation and analyze if it is your fault because sometimes it might not be your fault and might be the way nature wants things to be.

Stop Jumping to Conclusions to Control Your Thoughts

This is another form of overthinking and negative thinking. Your mind starts concluding things that actually might not be real. You can differentiate between actual thoughts and rapid conclusions by asking your mind to justify what you have completed. The only justification that you’ll find your mind giving you will be that you feel this way!

You feel that somebody does not like you visiting their house or think that someone does not like you. You can always ask yourself to give evidence or justification that does not revolve around ‘having a feeling,’ and you will find yourself not jumping to conclusions.

Stop Amplifying Your Negative Thoughts

Control Your Thoughts

You need to stop catastrophizing and chill out if things are going as you planned them! Amplifying your negative thoughts can get you in a far miserable place than you already are. Are you one of those who think your life is ruined, and there is no point in living now when you have just lost a job or didn’t get admitted to your ideal university? Ask yourself again, is your life only worth living if there is no failure? How can anyone even have an experience that has only successes and no failures? So, hold on tight and try to bring in some positivity because your life might not seem ideal today, but if you are optimistic, it will undoubtedly change its course tomorrow!

You can trigger optimistic thinking by looking at other people who had similar hurdles in life as you, but now they are successful. You need to realize that despite your plans not working according to you, no one or nothing in the world can stop you from succeeding in life except yourself. So, change some goals and find a new path to succeed in!

Train Yourself for Obstacles

There is no point in fearing and running away from difficulties. You will see that the more you run out, the more they follow you. So, slow down and ask yourself, is it better to run away or face them head-on so they do not bother you anymore? You’re right; it is better to meet them. That not only solves your problems, but it also makes you more challenging for the difficulties that are to come your way in the future.

Sometimes, you can even create situations to train yourself; for example, do you have stage fright? Deep down, you know, the only way to overcome that is to repeatedly get up on the stage. So, if you are brave enough, you could put yourself in situations where you have to get up and go on the scene. You could volunteer for presentations at college. You will see that your bravery will help you get rid of your fears, and you will see yourself not worrying about them. Someday the thoughts that used to scare you will not be worth even thinking about!

Reward Yourself to Control Your Thoughts

If you have been working on yourself, making efforts to improve your thought process, and making it optimistic, you deserve a treat. Every time you do not overthink, do not catastrophize your thoughts, or even replace negative thinking with a positive one, you can reward yourself! If you wanted to go out on an exam night, and you refrained from doing so, you can order yourself your favorite food as a reward and enjoy it on your night home while studying.

Smile More

This might seem a little pointless, but this is one of the essential habits you need to have if you want a life full of colors and happiness. It is unnecessary; you need to smile when you are happy or when you see or hear something funny. You can also smile when you’re sad. Instead of all the things you cannot have or do not have, think of all the blessings you already do. Smile more; life is beautiful only if you want it to be!

10 Simple But Effective Ways to Quiet your mind

10 Simple But Effective Ways to Quiet your mind

Quiet your mind is not the same as being silent or idle. You might be quiet and inactive but yet still have a hectic mind. Some people worry about a lot of things. How will they make a living? How they will take care of their families, and for some people, it is business based. You call overthinkers these kinds of people; they think a lot, which is very damaging to their health.  Don’t you notice how when a person is diagnosed with high blood pressure, the doctors and nurses ask them if you have been thinking a lot lately?

               Thinking in this context is not the usual way of thinking that everybody does, but these sets of people have been worried and overthinking about something for a long time. People who go to the hospitals for check-up are often told to always rest and free themselves from worry. Worrying and overthinking increases the blood pressure in the body, which could lead to so many health deviations, which include Strokes.

               Having peace of mind isn’t a normal thing to experience for some people. It is effortless for others to sleep and rest well, but some people do not find it easy. One of the hardest things to do for them is self-relaxation (Resting the body, heart, and mind from all worries). Remaining calm doesn’t mean the brain will shut off because many people find it very hard to relax their brains without their minds wandering around. Overthinking and lots of worrying leaves you even tired without engaging in physical activity; it leaves you mentally burnt out and exhausted.

               How to quiet your mind

               Here we will be talking about ways or things you can do to quiet your mind:

  1. Take a Break: The first thing to do is to shed off responsibilities and all activities you are engaged in. Take a break and make sure that you are taking a break for real. You must take full cognizance of your environment; you should go to a quiet environment, if possible, away from work and family.
  2. Mindfulness: This is a type of meditation in which you are intensively aware and conscious of what you are feeling, sensing, and doing at the moment without convincing yourself to believe otherwise. This involves you relaxing your mind to reduce anxiety.
  3. Meditation: One of the most effective ways of quieting your mind and reduce overthinking is meditation. This is the practice that helps you focus your attention. It helps calm you making you free of worry, focused, and gives you a clear awareness of your life. The goal in doing this is to quiet your mind, and by doing this, you experience a sense of inner peace. Meditation saves the mind from unnecessary worry and agitation.
  4. Question Series Repetition: This questioning repetition allows you to ask questions based on the answers you already have. Some questions need answers in your life; this might have caused overthinking and worrying. Focus on the same meaningful problem you have in your heart. By doing this, you will eventually find answers and be at peace of mind.
  5. Exercise: The importance of daily exercise could not be stressed enough. To keep your brain healthy, it is very advisable to engage in physical exercise. It keeps your body fit, as well as your brain and other internal systems. It doesn’t only increase the blood flow in the body and reduces sugar level content, it actively makes the brain generate new cells. It keeps the brain and minds active. You can be exercising and at the same time overthinking. It keeps the body, soul, and mind active.
  6. Move the spotlight to the heart: This is similar to being mindful. Be conscious of whatever you are doing. It helps you detect errors and saves you from making such errors in the future. It helps the human perception of things going around you. When your center of attention is the heart, it enables you to engage in objective conceptual thoughts and provides you with flexibility.
  7. Pranayama: Pranayama also known as breath control is a practice in Yoga and many health personnel regards it as an exercise for physical and mental wellbeing. Pranayama involves breathing exercises that follow a pattern. You breathe in, breathe out and hold your breath in a patterned sequence. When practicing it, it connects your body and the mind and it also supplies your body system with oxygen and removing toxins in the body system.
  8. Slow reading of philosophy books: Research has shown that reading books is another effective way of reducing stress and could quiet your mind. Examples of such books include “Taming your Gremlin” by Rick Carson, “Tao Te Ching” by Lao Tzu, “The consolation of philosophy” by Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius, and so on. You can go online and search for more philosophy books and when you read them it helps reduce stress and teaches you daily life techniques.
  9. Listen to Music: There is power in music. Some songs can boost every activity we are engaged in. Music is much effective for self-relaxation and stress management. Some songs make your heart race fast and while others calm you and aid in meditating. A piece of music with a slow tempo can quiet your mind, relax your muscles, and makes you feel happy while relaxing. You must choose songs you listen to while relaxing.
  10. Force your mind to Focus: There are times when you just can’t help it, your mind subconsciously loses concentration, and then, you are already thinking of lots of other things. Relaxing will lose its purpose if your mind is not focused, so it is good if you force yourself to focus.

What is Dialectical Thinking? Explained

What is Dialectical Thinking? Explained

Dialectical thinking and reasoning are coming at a focal truth through a process of comparing and contrasting various ways and solutions to a particular situation. It also refers to the ability to view an issue from multiple perspectives and then settle on the most suitable and more reasonable solution. Dialectical thinking is a form of reasoning which involves analyzing the situation and looking for the real truth by questioning several other facts.


               As the meaning itself implies, dialectical refers to the balance between opposite sides. Marsha Linehan defines dialectical as a synthesis or integration of opposites, and this can be put as two or more damaging things being true at once. We, as individuals, are used to thinking about things in a very straightforward manner. Some people call it the “Black and White” thinking. It is either we react to something or do things one way or the other. We can Love or Hate,  feel Sad or Happy, Lively or Depressed, Strong or weak, and so on. Dialectical thinking urges us to see beyond one-sided thinking. The ground options might seem very far apart, but they can combine and give out the best solution. Dialectical thinking uses the word “AND” to compare and contrast options rather than the word “BUT.”

               Our views about some things and occurrences changes with time, location, experience, and other determining factors in life. We can gain new ideas through experiences, work, location change, interpersonal relationships, etc. As we become exposed to new things, new ways of life, other people’s views of a particular topic and behaviors, our opinions begin to conflict. This kind of conflict can be resolved by finding balance (Synthesis) of competing or conflicting perspectives. Dialectic thinking looks like a debate or an argument. Still, in this case, the argument’s basis is not to dispute another opinion but to establish that which the leading and most reasonable opinion is. It comprises at least two simultaneous yet opposing truths.

It involves three stages:

  1. The Thesis Stage
  2. The Antithesis Stage
  3. The Synthesis Stage

The Thesis Stage: This is the stage where the idea forms.

The Antithesis Stage: This is where there are contradictions and questionings of the idea.

Synthesis: This is the stage where the differences between the positive and negative reactions are resolved.


  1. Have a deep understanding of dialectical thinking: You cannot do what you do not understand. The essential thing to note is that you must have a sense of what it means. You might not fully know everything about it, but at the least, you must not be a novice to it.
  2. Be flexible in your thinking: Dialectical thinking does not accept a conclusion as the absolute and final conclusion. It digs deeper into the subject and finds out if there are things that have been left out in what is understood about the whole situation.
  3. Come up with a balance (Synthesis) between acceptance and change: One of the essential things in dialectical thinking is finding the balance between acceptance and growth. You must be ready to unlearn some things to be prepared to learn new things. Finding a balance between change and acceptance is vital to dialectical thinking.
  4. Practice Dialectical thinking in your day to day activities: Before you can grow to become a dialectical thinker, you must put it into practice. You must not run into making conclusions without, first of all, balancing both conflicting decisions of yours.


We have learned that dialectical thinking involves balancing two conflicting conclusions. An excellent example of this is Love and hate. We have heard of stories of people who got engaged and married to people who, at some point, hate them. They hate the person at first, but persistent thinking and balancing thoughts annulled some conclusions they had about that person. Another example is moving on and getting depressed. We all know that depression is real, but it’s not the best option for them. They might be depressed, and it looks as if everything is done, but there is always a way out. Various examples can be said of dialectical thinking.


  • It facilitates the balancing of thoughts. Also, It helps you not to be a one-sided thinker.
  • It gives room for new ideas.
  • Plus, It prevents making wrong conclusions.
  • It helps in identifying ideas, thoughts, and conclusions that make life easier.
  • It reduces vulnerability to being too emotional.
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