Why Innovative Thought leadership is important?

Why Innovative Thought leadership is important?

Innovative thought leadership is the ultimate stimulus need to reach life’s peak. Change is a constant phenomenon in the world. By looking back on history and reviewing evolutionist theories, we can accept the waves of revolutions and changes in the world.

Perhaps, the changing phenomenon admits the potential urgency and insistence of the innovative thought leadership requirements in all organizations. The old traditional leadership models of businesses cause the static rigidity of adjusting with the changing digitalization. Better understand from the examples of Kodak and Blockbuster.

Both failed to lead through innovative thought leadership. Resultantly, Netflix could earn a competitive advantage over Blockbuster. The accelerated pace of the digitalization of businesses requires creative and distinctive leading styles to be flexible enough to meet the required criteria. The term came into common usage in 1994. It requires highly creative and pragmatic minds to introduce a business idea or a benchmarked vision with the right pragmatic strategy to reach to the envisioned target. A static person always lacks the visionary mind to hit the peak of success in a constantly changing world. 

The innovative Thought leadership mindset

 The innovative thought leadership mindset does not come overnight. It requires tremendous efforts to build and become a visionary achiever of one’s set target. If we observe the consecutive chain of philosophers from each school of thought, then it could be seen that culmination and glory of that particular school of thought have been caused by the last and recently updated philosopher.

Therefore, to acquire a visionary mindset of innovative thought leadership; one must embark on the hardships and gruesome requirements of self-sacrificing in the said journey. The personality of the innovative thought leader requires self-sacrificial events that can help the person with the utmost trust and integrity.

The self-sacrificial event examples are of Steve jobs and bill gates for creating rivalry and opposing ideas of the computer system. But their potential ability of innovative thought leadership skills created an irreversible number of followers. Likewise, Jack Kennedy had the vision of making it possible for humans to visit the moon in 1960, and remarkably, the American educators paved a way for creating industries and courses to materialize his idea in actuality. Thus, a creative and pragmatic mind can rightfully forecast and materialize the vision into actuality.  

Need for Authenticity in personality for Innovative Thought leadership:

 A creative and innovative thought leader requires authenticity in one’s self. Unfortunately, the fast-paced and fabricated objects in the contemporary world push sensitive souls into becoming victims of an inferiority complex. However, a creative and distinctive personality has the guts to embark and confront the world whilst maintaining authenticity. An example of a splendid innovative thought leader is the infamous Oprah Winfrey. She has the valor to confront every aspect of life with transparency and authenticity. Her magazines and Sunday videos are with the authenticity of her personality. Her fame and brand reputation are vividly visible in the world to all people.

On the other hand, Mikael Jackson isn’t the best person to be looking up to when trying to attain an innovative thought leader mind-set. His inferiority complex that led him to surgically get a fairer complexion undoubtedly cost the biggest loss to his brand and influence over time. Authenticity allows a leader to become more influential compared to other fake leaders who are barely able to maintain a perpetual influence on people. Thus, innovative thought leadership correspondingly relates to the depiction of enough valor to show authenticity.  

Impact on surroundings

 Likewise, the innovative thought leadership method has the grace and patience to be available for people in their surroundings. It is one of the most crucial and mandatory qualities in a creative rational leader to be responsive toward people.

Businesses, websites, and blogs tend to claim the peak of success if they are available for guiding people. The advisory services are there with great zeal by the one who has the capacity of innovative thought leadership. This skill of listening to people and advising them is rarely present in ordinary people. For this reason, the one who carries the innovative thought leadership qualities leaves influential charisma among people.

The meaning of listening and advising is the ability of a leader to gauge the capacity of people to gain flexibility with their new idea or vision. For example, Ali Baba possesses the highest share of the e-commerce market for having innovative thought leadership. The company has been seen as one of the most rigorous in accelerating investment plans in third world countries. The company has gained the momentum of success with the enduring capacity of the availability to third world countries who are seeking pursuance in the follow-up of embarking E-commerce businesses. 


 Thus, in a nutshell, innovative thought leadership is one of the perpetual capacitated styles in the right direction. It provides infinite success and a legacy in the world. The legacy cannot be challenged and denied by the people. For instance, a wide range of channels is there in the niche of cooking all sorts of recipes. But the food fusion channel on YouTube marked the supremacy and prominence among all channels.

The first reason for its prominence is the provision of a quick video on its channel. The channel provides suitability to all ranges of people. Food fusion rightly targets people’s demand in its channel through innovative thought leadership. You can not achieve The leading capacity with quick steps in all spheres of life.

A leader must adopt innovative thought leadership to mark the legacy and footprints of their initiative. The very reason for the availability of the people cannot be denied. As the digitalization has already saturated the markets and leaders require creativity. So they become an eventual personal charm for the people. 

4 ways to monetize Instagram and make money online

4 ways to monetize Instagram and make money online

Monetizing Instagram is one the hottest topic right now. And it is the perfect tool for branding.

The development of internet & social networking platforms in the 4.0 era opens up many opportunities for those who know how to make money online.

If you’ve seen several giants rising from zero, exchanging car exchanges thanks to Facebook over the years, now is the time when other equally competitive platforms offer the opportunity to make money. 

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok are familiar names that most smartphone users access daily.

In today’s article, we will share with you 4 ways to monetize Instagram and make money from Instagram.

Why choose Instagram?

Instagram is a social network based on sharing photos and videos of users to their followers.

It has been proven that by approaching viewers with visuals like images, as Instagram is doing, you are more likely to leave an impression on them than by just having content that contains plain text.

When you have a beautiful, unique, and clear message, you can attract many people, thereby optimizing and increasing the conversion rate for the form of money you are making.

Instagram is also the focus of the Z generation, the leading consumer generation for the next decade.

Also, those who have worked in the global market will know that Instagram focuses mostly on women. On average, 25-60 years old, this is a group with a high buying ability.

In terms of field, Instagram will be more suitable for business people who are more in terms of the external image, such as:

  • Fashion.
  • Health.
  • Cosmetic.
  • Smart device.

You can use the suggestions in the search section to find topics for the channel.

The last reason you should choose and make money with Instagram is to save money. However, Instagram today is as competitive as other social networks; if you know how to exploit cheap ads, you can still access the potential traffic at a low cost.

Once you have a convincing reason to choose Instagram, here are 4 ways you can apply and make money online.

Monetizing Instagram after building a Personal Brand

monetize Instagram- Branding

On Instagram, you can ultimately build your brand from A-Z through 2 elements:

Sharpen personal profile

Instagram has a bio section used to describe what belongs to you.

Use this bio section well, highlighting the people & content of the page you are visiting.

If making a KOL page, you should learn to do bio as an example

If you make a sales page, you also need to have specific information in your bio so others can decide whether you have the information they care about.

There are profiles I have come across where the bio was impressive enough for me to immediately click the follow button, this is the bio you should be aiming for.

Demonstrate skills through content

If you have the skills to photograph, edit, or look, the more opportunities you have to make money from your brand.

If you are a designer or photographer and know how to brand well, you can quickly increase your sales and income likewise.

Not only a specific field, a good brand, but you can also make money from many different sources, you must have enough strength to develop your brand.

Personal branding is essential.

You can “sell your images” to those looking to buy, and these people will often seek you.

They are willing to spend money on your work, this depends a lot on photography skills, but selling photos to make money like this is not possible for everyone.

Online sales/business

Selling on Instagram is the direction that I see most friends heading towards.

With Instagram, self-selling and self-business are much more potential than affiliate marketing.

Because Instagram is quite limited in inserting links into captions, you only get 1 unique link in your bio & use it to swipe up in the Story with an IG business account of over 10k followers.

in order for Online businesses to take advantage of Instagram traffic they need to focus on two factors:

  • Increase the number of Followers, increase brand awareness
  • Focus on product images, product introduction videos in the best quality possible.

Many, many, many Instagram sales shops follow these factors effectively.

For example, page invests perfect sales images. The number of free traffic customers from Instagram is huge & all are quality traffic

And even though Facebook or Instagram now squeeze the page’s natural reach, if you just invest in good product image content, the Save button on Instagram will get customers to find your product or find your page again. 

Monetizing Instagram with Affiliate Marketing

When doing affiliate marketing, you do not have to worry too much about sourcing, taking care, packaging, or shipping goods, instead focus on:

  • Choosing a niche & finding the right product in the niche

Instagram is not a scalable platform with every corner. Only a few niches can make money with affiliate marketing on Instagram, such as beauty, weight loss, sports, etc.

You need to carefully research the niche to guide the content of the page accordingly. Then look for units (or affiliate marketing networks) with similar products to promote.

  • Identify opponents to build object files.

On Instagram, the most identified target audience file is the followers of your niche.

You need to list a minimum of 5-10 competitors in your niche to reach their followers & get them to follow your account.

Create long-term content & follow.

Making money with affiliate marketing on Instagram does not pay much attention to you; you must invest in creating the product’s image in the same way you do in self-business.

As I have previously mentioned, there is currently no post posting feature on Instagram so you can take advantage of that in two ways:

  • To link in the bio section in the introduction, if anyone asks about the product, you can lead them to the link previously declared. Note if the link is too long, you can use link shortening tools to beautify the link.
  • If your page has more than 10k followers, then Instagram will enable posting with the link on the Story, so you should try to pull as many quality followers as possible.

Sell Shoutout

sell shoutout- monetize Instagram

Shoutout rentals are the most original form of monetization on Instagram.

As long as you own a page with followers of at least 10k or more, you can ultimately sell shoutouts every day to many people at a pretty good price.

There is no need to be a KOL or influencer in any particular field. And you just need to know how to raise a page, develop a page with many followers, and much interactivity.

Page beauty niche community of women. Many units come to this Page to Shoutout to promote products in the beauty niche.

If on the website or in the press, it is often called a sponsored post (i.e., sponsored post), on Instagram, it is called Shoutout.

This is how many big brands or Instagram sellers take advantage of them to reach potential customers. And save advertising costs more than running Instagram ads from Facebook’s ad manager.

Selling the Shoutout will follow the following necessary process:

  • People who need to buy a shoutout need to find pages with an audience file of interest to the business niche.
  • DM message (direct message). Or send an email based on the contact in the bio of the page to sell Shoutout. Thus exchange the content of the product post to post, the posting time & price.
  • Post, usually the principal owner or if a large account will have a team to take care of this.
  • Posts will often be in the form of “sponsored by …” or tag the brand name directly to identify.

This form, if you are not an influential KOL, or PG / PB appearance, you should focus on developing the page in the niche.

With the development of the page in the niche, find out ways to increase the number of followers and the arrangement & manage content on the page to increase interaction with users.

If you have the appearance, usually, the images you upload will get a lot of interaction.

You are also the one who inspires weight loss, beautiful skin. Then fashion brands, skincare, weight loss … will actively find you.

Therefore, if you are an influencer, you must first understand your audience’s file before accepting an offer from a brand.

Notes when making money on Instagram

Each form of making money will have its note, with Instagram, you need:

Select potentially viral content in your niche

Instagram is unique in that each topic will have extremely high viral content.

Because it’s a social network focusing on visual content like videos & images.

So if you are not KOL, you should focus on gathering. Explore the content that attracts a lot of interest in the niche.

This will help your page have good natural reach & high interaction.

Have a reasonable follow-up strategy

In addition to thickening your content for an Instagram account, having a reasonable follow-up strategy is the second most crucial factor you need to consider.

You can increase followers in 2 ways:

  • Buy virtual follow: this one can do, little money to buy a lot of money to buy a lot, and many services increase virtual follow.
  • Increase follow quality

Increasing the quality of following is much more difficult, especially at the moment, Instagram has focused more on algorithms & equally as Facebook.

You can use the skillful tool (not recommended if not competent at the device & not knowledgeable in the background) to increase the follow or orthodoxly run Instagram ads to pull quality follow.

Attention to interact with users

Quite a lot of pages established long ago and gained followers thanks to running the tool at a time when Instagram didn’t have strict policies.

However, I find many people forget to increase interaction with users. Specifically, many of the Page posts have many new comments. But the page owner doesn’t like & reply to the users’ feedback.

The current Instagram algorithm is based on the interaction rate on your page. And prioritizes reaching the Follower’s file if your page is highly engaged with users.

So take time to look after the user in the file by:

  • Liking comments
  • Replying to comments
  • Replying to DM messages from followers.


Instagram monetization still has a lot of potentials for you to exploit and make money from.

Although nowadays, all social platforms are tightening algorithms & dealing quite strictly with any spam moves. But with the advice & orientation outlined in the article, I am confident you can do well if you invest & persevere.

If you have any questions, you can ask me below in the comment section, and I will help you.

How to Use Social Media to Build Thought Leadership?

How to Use Social Media to Build Thought Leadership?

Innovation happens online, for that is where like-minded people can connect. Building thought leadership cannot happen without social media. One needs to tell their story.

Thought leaders share their insights and wisdom through social media. Also, social media is the judge, so to speak, of what content is considered wise and good vs. what content is not.

Social media thought leadership is a new thing that became essential for everyone as it came into existence. Everyone is on social media nowadays. After all, Facebook and other social media apps can be very helpful for us to build a social media leadership strategy. So, the path to success is divided into three stages:


1) Social excellence of thought leadership, or stage of superiority.

The basis of the first phase is the content. It should be high-quality, regular, unique. Good content is not a victory or a guarantee for success. In addition to creating unique internal content, the company must be present in the news flow, commenting on the industry’s leading events, using the technologies of news jacking and regular comments of the company’s experts on the market.

Another component of this stage is the development of a crisis communications plan. It is no secret that in times of reputational crisis, the company’s social accounts are flooded with negative comments. It is necessary to be ready to conduct a dialogue with dignity even in the most chaotic moments.

Accordingly, if your company has it all, you are only at the beginning of the road to success!


2) Social Disruption, or “disruptive” stage.

This stage can be described as “business reflection.” Is anyone reading our content? If so, who and why, and does it lead to any tangible results for our business?

This is the transition to specific actions – generating discussions, engaging your content readers in conversations and debates. Measuring engagement by just the number of likes is not enough: you need to pay attention to comments and specific tonality and relevant topics. And definitely on target action, whether it’s going to the site, calling the store or selling.

3) Social Leadership, or Leadership Stage

At the third and highest stage in this hierarchy, the company reaps the business benefits of successful work with social networks. It becomes a leader and role model for other companies. Examples – Maersk, FedEx, and Unilever…etc.

Results For Thought Leadership:

Before you know where to go, you need to decide where you are now, perhaps to sum up the described approach. In business, it is generally useful to look from the outside: what you could consider a success (in the case of social networks – the presence of quality content), from an expert can be only the first step on the way to it. The next step is to generate targeted actions from your pages and reach the level of leadership; you have to become a role model for competitors – the task is not easy, but quite doable.

What is Storytelling Arc? Narrative Arc-

What is Storytelling Arc? Narrative Arc-

Storytelling arc is the sequential and chronological order set to narrate it in a sequential manner. The storytelling arc, also called narrative arc, is the structure and sequential order of the whole story. A story, which lacks a sequential order and a proper structure is a highly imbalanced one. 

The narration of a play could not be done haphazardly by a writer. It must follow sequential order to grab the attention of the audience in a story. For instance, if a dress was stitched in a certain pattern, the result would be impeccable. Likewise, a play, movie, or novel goes through predefined sequential order to engage the readers and audiences wholeheartedly. 

The idea of the storytelling arc was originated from the German novelist, Gustav Freytag, who divided the structure and sequence of a story into five parts. The five parts create a sort of pyramid or hill shape for story writing. The five parts are consists of exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Whereas, a simple storytelling arc is consists of introduction, climax, or conflict, and resolution. However, following the pyramid told by Gustav Freytag makes a play more appealing to the audience. 

Five parts of the storytelling arc:


It is the initial step of the storytelling arc that introduces the involved characters, circumstances, surroundings, and many more. The more vividly this part of the narrative arc is described, the more it’s engaging and appealing to the readers. Consider it a first impression of what the readers should expect later on. It is more like a marketing tool to grab the attention of readers toward the play or story. This part of the storytelling arc also introduces and explains the expected ‘WH’ questions. Thus, the writer must provide a thorough and catchy exposition.

Rising action: 

The ignition of a conflict or a problem is there in this part of the storytelling arc. This part of the narration must be intriguing and inviting in nature. The readers get to know the whereabouts of the story in this part. It incites the reader to continue reading the story. This part decides whether the reader is going to hook to your story or remain uninterested. If the plot or the whereabouts seem interesting and appealing, the readers further promote the story through positive affirmations. This part of the play also provides a brief glimpse of the upcoming events of a story. 


The pinnacle or climax is where the characters prone to choosing between two or more decisions. Or are with disappointment and defeat. This part increases the suspense and curiosity of the audience. The characters are provided with a table-turning choice during a peak point of frustration and tension. This part of the storytelling arc is also a point of convergence. the characters may confront a hidden truth. It is the point, where the audience is wholly and solely involved in the haste of reading the next scene of the story. 

Falling action: 

This part of the storytelling arc is where the character decides and chooses during the lingering problem. This part paves the way toward a resolution of the problem. Its where all the loose ends of the story are slowly wrapping up and where the tension gradually decreases. Thus, the point of tension dissipation is there in this part of the storytelling arc.  


This part of the storytelling arc is where the story heads towards the ending of the story. This part usually is a happy ending rather than a sad ending. However, this part never discloses the aftermath of the story or the gruesome impact of the events set upon the involved characters. This part of the storytelling arc is set in a manner. That only gives glimpses of the feelings of involved characters eventually. 

Difference between the storytelling arc and plot:

 The plot of the story is the events occurring to the characters, whereas, the storytelling arc is the chronological order of the plot. The sequential order of the plot creates a sort of organized flow. 

Thus, the storytelling arc is like the spine of the story. It supports and assists the standing position of the numerous events of the story. The identification of beginning, mid-point, and end must be decided prudently. The expected characters and their actions must have selected thoroughly. The storytelling arc is perhaps a tedious task because it creates harmony and progression among the events. 

Even though Freytag has outlined these parts of storytelling, but there is no hard and fast rule of following it exactly. The writer can willingly adopt different storytelling arcs, that seem elusive and creative in exposition. The story writer must be creative to create a best-suited pattern and sequence for his/her story.

The more the writer is restricted and expected to be bound in terms of a defined pattern, the more he/she loses the potential of creativity in the story writing. Thus, a free hand and a free choice greatly help the writer become more creative. Generally, the Freytag’s pattern or pyramid of storytelling arc is followed in dramas, fictional or non-fictional novels, etc. However, there are no strict rules for story writing. It depends upon the mood and choice of the writer. The Freytag pattern has universal acceptance. In short, the arc of the story evokes the reader to take an interest in your story. 

Why is the purpose in life is important?

Why is the purpose in life is important?

Psychologists and business coaches say with one voice that it is necessary to set and achieve goals in life. Not everyone does it. Moreover, some do not understand why all this is necessary. So let’s figure out why you need to have a purpose in life. We will tell you about how it may benefit you and why existing aimlessly is dangerous.

Having a purpose in life plays a part in finding the meaning of life

Everyone is looking for the meaning of life and their place in this world. The absence of purpose makes a person feel futile and a person needs to realize one’s importance. Otherwise, they’ll be miserable. If a person has clear goals, then they know what their next step is going to be, and they clearly understand the meaning of life. Plan everything thoroughly, and you will feel that you live for a reason.

The presence of a goal saturates all of life’s details. The beauty in it is that a person not only gains satisfaction from the fact that they are getting what they want, but also experience enormous pleasure in the process. Therefore, they are happy with the effort they put in to better themselves and get to enjoy their achievements.

Setting a goal helps you gain control over your life

Our life is like a long frenzied river. A human’s mission can be compared to crossing from one bank to another. A person without a goal drifts into the unknown and aimlessly floats, waiting for their fate to take them.

tHey believe that they are at the mercy of external factors, and they prefer to do nothing. A purposeful person confidently travels from one bank to another. Despite the storm, the person will strive to cross the river – to try and show strength, to swim against the current, to think through their way and possible risks.

Purposefulness is a way of self-expression

A person who cannot find and prove themselves in life suffer from it because they feel inferior. In fact, everyone has hidden talents; they just need to wake up and work hard in the right direction. Then they can become successful in any field. A person who chooses to exist without a goal prefers to deal with everyday problems and does not decide on extraordinary actions, so they may not learn about their hidden potential. As soon as the goal appears, a person can break out of the gray, monotonous daily life and leave their comfort zone and work tirelessly to get what they want.

If you want to get something that you have never had, you will have to perform unusual actions, learn new knowledge and skills, and be ready for pronounced changes and development. So you can open up and better explore yourself.

A person with a purpose in life is effective

Teach yourself to clearly set and achieve goals – from minor to major ones. In this case, you will become as productive as possible. Once you understand what you want, you will gradually create a plan of action in your mind.

Try to divide complex tasks into several small parts to make it easier to move to the finish line. It is important to set not only long-term but also short-term goals. Think about what you can do to succeed immediately. When you start to move on step-by-step instructions, the difficulties of life will be invisible.

Setting a goal increases your self-confidence

Many people deprive themselves of their life benefits because of self-doubt and lack of self-confidence. They become insecure for various reasons. however, if you learn to realize, formulate, and achieve goals quickly, you will gain a lot of positive qualities. It is very useful to write down all your achievements in a diary, make graphs and fill out tables.

Looking at this data, you will not doubt yourself and will feel important and strong. Fixing your plans and victories allows you to analyze actions and, if necessary, restructure the strategy. The support of a specialist motivates you to believe in yourself and significantly raises your self-esteem. A confident person knows what they want and will never give up on their goals. Your merits will definitely be noted by others, and this is a strong reason for self-belief and healthy self-esteem.

Purpose gives inspiration

If feel lost and aren’t sure what your goals are, do not succumb to apathy and depression. You need to find something that inspires you and fills with vitality. setting a goal will help you live and work in peace. When a person moves to the coveted final reward, they get pleasure already in the process; they are constantly in a high-profile creative mood, it is pleasant to communicate with them.

People with a purpose live a happy life

Without purpose, it is difficult to be satisfied with your life. Work on yourself and see that you can achieve anything in life; you have enough strength. When a person moves towards their goal, they do not notice the negatives and are completely satisfied with their own life.

When a person knows what they want, the impossible is possible for them. Start setting goals, and you can believe in your unlimited possibilities. It is very important to make the right plan, to act clearly, and not to lose faith in the brilliant result.