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Dear Founding Members

the truth is i cannot do this alone


And neither can you. So together, with 100 Founding Members we will launch the Black Sheep Community.

In this life we all had our Black Sheep Experience where our ideas were unheard; remained underestimated. And this has consequences. Personally. Emotionally. But the true meaning is at that moment in time your audience wasn’t ready, and the idea might bear brilliance still.  Combining, evolving and connecting those qualities we can build a great innovative community. And that is my aim.

Founding the Black Sheep Community is a moment of change.

Be that change!

You are invited

This is what you’ll find:

  • Thought Leadership
  • Fulfilment
  • Impact
  • Connection
  • Change

Becoming a Founding Member will bring the above, AND the boost of knowing that you made this possible for others too.

Why collaborate now?

We need to connect on great ideas and amplify wisdom on our planet urgently. So either with your organisation, or as a private person, be part of the beginning of this movement.

This is a great moment. Founding Members benefit:


  • 60% discount on all courses
  • tickets the Black Sheep DAY included
  • Connect with the other Founding Members
  • Make a difference with this decision today

Let’s create this movement

the Black Sheep DAY

SATURDAY 29-02-2020


Place: In de villa

Time: 1600 – 2000 hrs

  • Real Life event with other Founding Members
  • Foods, fires and champagne
  • Special keynotes and Minke Tromp

Guest speakers


The Loneliness of Idealism

Ray Dommanschet

Entrepeneur, filantropist in sustainability


Framing the Black Sheep Experience

Minke Tromp

Philosopher, founder of the Bureau for Applied Philosophy


The drive to the pinnacle of impact

Nicole Edelenbos 

Entrepeneur, Executive and Founder of Future Female Leaders


Becoming a Founding Member

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We need to connect on great ideas and amplify wisdom on our planet urgently

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