Are you the Black Sheep of your family, or your office? Good! That probably means you are meant to be a Thought Leader

Future Thought Leaders are Forward Thinkers

and often misunderstood, turned down or neglected

With their ideas, questions and expertise they can break through unconventional work and thought patterns. Their different vision has the potential to inspire people to make a change in their lives. But first they must have the courage to speak their heart. Future Thought Leaders often feel like black sheep or scape goats. They were misunderstood, turned down and ignored by so many people that they lost faith in themselves and humanity. Let’s turn the tables around, and let Future Thought Leaders realise they have a gift. Those peculiar ideas are meant to change to world. Because we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them (Albert Einstein).

The Black Sheep Community

Connecting Future Thought Leaders

A haven for thought leaders. That’s the Black Sheep Community. An online inspiration-platform to hear, be heard or engage in a dialogue with other Forward Thinkers or Innovative Doers. You’ll feel inspired and learn what it truly means to be a thinker AND live a meaningful life. It doesn’t need to be either-or! It’s the tribe to cultivate your mind, live fully and make the world more beautiful.


Eventually it all comes down to that, doesn’t it? To cultivate wisdom, practical wisdom. It requires not just experience. We need skill-full reflections on real life, logic and openness. And we won’t get there without the thinkers. We are needed too!


This is the key. To connect. How we relate determines for such a great deal how we feel. And feeling different and essentially alone doesn’t help. Connection allows to hear and be heard, to know you belong and to admit you have something to offer.


The question isn’t wether you have impact. The question is: does it make sense? Does your impact ‘fit’ your talents and wisdom? This gap needs to be closed and you cannot do it alone. We, human beings, need to connect wisdom and impact in our worlds.



The Black Sheep problem is in my veins, as - thank God - is the full inspiration to LIVE. Therefor as a philosopher I always aspire to apply insights. Thoughts, lessons and knowledge should be put to practice to the real world, to real life!
As a business consultant I’ve experienced many times the value of great questions and careful and deep #thinkingtime. With the Black Sheep Community I want to transpose that value to all Forward Thinkers around the globe. Because we need wisdom not to be isolated, but to be connected to impact.

So, I am totally thrilled to exert this experience and inspiration for the connection of disconnected Forward Thinkers in the Black Sheep Community. Does this resonate in you? Please opt-in below and answer our questionnaire on ‘how to build this for you’. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


Why join our Community ?

To Think Forward means to be special. That’s why daily life won’t give you this: like-minded people living to have meaningful impact. We feel so strongly our need for wisdom, that’s why it’s free. You are needed. Invited. And welcome.

Add more meaning

The paradox of success easily causes meaningless results. This tragedy can be written by us. Let us exchange ideas and connect and support each other so we add wisdom to the world and meaning to our lifes.


Sometimes you need examples and stories of others to find your way. Or videos that shed a new light on problems. Engage in a dialogue to re-ignite the inspiration of your purpose.

Find answers

What are your stepping stones? What is your ‘why’? What are just actions in difficult situations? How to turn fear and outrage into spokesmen of your heart? What’s the measure of  your greatness?

Leadership Coaching

More on our community you will find leadership coaching courses.
Forward thinking and leadership give rise to wisdom and understanding how to change the world one thought at the time.

Gain Self-Awareness

A thought-leader is self-aware and knows his or hers strengths and weaknesses. In order to inspire others you must understand yourself as a human being and be skillful in making meaningful connections. This course will build your strength on every level.

Develop Practical Wisdom

Wisdom vs. Intelligence is the distinction that bears the difference between naked knowledge and mastery. By forward thinking yet, every answer causes loads of new questions calling for this ‘phronesis’. The Practical Wisdom Course brings excellence by brilliant actions.

Powerful Presence

The fear of being left out will be transformed into a special, strong and meaningful presence in this course. You will become more connective and respected at the same time. It will enlarge the impact of your calling and make your life a lot easier and more fun.

Thought Leadership

Master your Mindset is a beginning. Design your own life too. The scale of significance of your vision is so much bigger. Way beyond thought leadership content marketing, in order to actually realise it, your vision needs the refinement and deepening here.

Free courses

Leadership coaching works different for Forward Thinkers. Flexible Thinking and Thought Patterns of Black Sheep create the need to outsmart your own biases.

The unforgettable StoryTelling Tale (free course)

Forward Thinking means a lot of lost messages, unheard nuances and wasted effort in conversations. It doesn’t have to be that way. Not per sé that needs to slowly cool down your motivations. This free course will help you to create magic in all your communications and find your way to impact with your Ideas.

Purpose (free course)

What is my purpose? How to find it? Where is your ikigai? AKA as sweetspot? Committing to thought leadership also means a lot of adversity. Hence the immense importance of connecting to your purpose. Here you’ll find it.

Connective Powers of Criticism (free course)

You are probably told to be a critic, but can’t help yourself due to your skills, insights and knowledge. This course brings techniques to win people and situation for you, in stead of losing them. You’ll learn to do right by your knowledge and intuition, evolving from an avoided attic-like critic, to a respected mind and person much appreciated.

Impressive Writing Workshop (free course)

Forward Thinking deserves painstaking written expressions. Impressive Writing is the link between ideas and the real world, serving an audience worthy of your ideas. The Impressive Writing Workshop will help you become a calm, strong and wise communicator.

What they think

I think

Finally someone who teaches thinking instead of answers




I think

I like the idea and from what I understand is that it has the ability to not only inspire people but that it has the ability to connect as well. Nice…


I think

Considering myself as a ‘incarnation’ of a black sheep, makes that I rather use the word ‘diversity’ than ‘inclusion’. Embrace the difference to bring change and solutions.


Nicole Edelenbos
I think

I love it, Minke!



Heuveling – van Beek

I think

This is great, because good things can block great things!



van den Muijsenberg

I think

I’m very pleased that this possibility is developing.


I think

This has been missing.


Neelie Kroes

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